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Ep54- Magicband+ and Taika Waititi with Danny K


In Highly Suspect Headlines find out if Tiana is getting a new Magicband+, if a luxury purse brand is going with a Llama motif, Bluey’s Dad will fart on Disney+, and if Thor Love and Thunder will be released on Disney+

In trivia, Autumn stumps Just with some good ol’ fashion Country Bear Jamboree content!

In our main segment we talk about Direct Taika Waititi, who recently directed Thor Love and Thunder. We talk a bit about his body of work, why we like him, and what we think about him directing and upcoming Star Wars movie.

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Cold Open

Justin: [00:00:00] So autumn, what do you think of She Hulk Attorney at Law?

Autumn: I, I haven’t seen it.

Justin: I don’t know. You haven’t seen she Hulk yet?

Autumn: No.

Justin: Oh, why haven’t you watched She Hulk?

Autumn: I don’t you’ve mentioned it once or twice. Yeah, but I just had, it’s been like, oh, She Hulk

Justin: it’s a new Marvel series on Disney plus.

Autumn: Yeah, haven’t checked it out.

Justin: So you don’t love it.

Autumn: I don’t know, I might love it. I have to TBD 

News Trivia Mailbag

Justin: [00:00:00] Welcome back and welcome new friends to the Easy Diz It podcast. I’m Justin, a hyper nerd travel planner and a behavior analyst.

Autumn: And I’m Autumn, a relatively new Disney, enthusiast as well as a clinical social worker.

Justin: Yeah, I was thinking it’s been like a year now. Are you, you usually say you’re a new Disney enthusiast.

Are you? I say said relatively you switch to relatively. I’ve had to. So maybe for the next 12 months, you’re relatively. And then after that, we’ll see where, what happens.

Autumn: We’ll see, we’ll see how it goes. We’ll see. We’ll see how certain decisions Disney makes impacts my enthusiasm

Justin: well, here on Easy Diz It, we try to have some fun talking about uh, Disney entertainment as well as the Disney parks.

A lot of the Disney parks, but we do both mm-hmm we do news, we do trivia and we share out feedback that we receive from our listeners. Yeah. We love to share ideas on staying happy and healthy in the parks. Yes. That’s our shtick.

Autumn: That’s really our focus in our, in our backgrounds. Why like, Hey, why do they bother mentioning their, their professions?

[00:01:00] Because those impact the way that we give ideas and the way that we think. And when we’re talking about being happy and healthy in a park, sometimes our professional backgrounds impact that impact the things we share.

Justin: Well said autumn, well said

So we’re a little late this week. We’re we’re not gonna be so rigid. I think with the Monday morning thing, you know, life, we wanna put out an episode every week. That’s our goal. Yeah. Sometimes it’ll be Tuesday. Sometimes it’ll be Monday. And I feel like it gives, it’s funny. I look at the numbers and sometimes when we don’t put one out until Tuesday

Autumn: People are waiting.

Justin: Yeah. So people actually, maybe they missed last week’s episode, so they check it out. Our numbers actually go up on Monday. So maybe this is just something I do. You don’t know, maybe we switch it up. Maybe we put it out on Wednesdays. We’re not gonna tell you we’re gonna keep you on your toes.

Autumn: Yeah. Yeah.

And again, and the reason for that is like, you know

Justin: Life,

Autumn: we love this and, and it’s it’s, I mean, we work hard to put in. everything that’s in each episode, but we also are a family and in light of us, like keeping. Real and honest, like that’s a lot of the, the [00:02:00] ideas and support we give through this podcast is that sometimes for us, like life happens and, and we have to adjust

Justin: too.

So, and we don’t want to like put record a podcast exhausted on Sunday night. No if it’s nobody wants to, if it’s not gonna be good. So here we are. Well rested on Tuesday afternoon. Yeah. Ready to go. Ready for the best podcast. Possible.

Autumn: Ready? Getting ready to head back to work also. Yeah,

Justin: there’s that. Today on the show. We have an interview with Danny K he’s coming back for the third time. He’s basically the Tom Hanks of the Easy Diz It podcast. He

Autumn: did you hear that? Did you hear that Dan

Justin: he’s now tied, I think with Dave for or, oh, and actually Ben Wagner has been on three times two because I, his interview into two segments.

So we have three repeat interviewees fighting for the title of Tom Hanks of the Easy Diz It podcast. So we’re gonna be talking about Taika Waititi. Yes. He’s the one who did the recent Thor movie. And we’re just talking about his body of work. And Dan encouraged me to check out some more of his stuff.

He’s he’s great.

Autumn: He’s and I would like if you [00:03:00] saw Love and Thunder please let us know what you thought of it. Yeah. I thought

Justin: it was great. Yeah. I’d love to hear that as well. I’m interested to see what he’s gonna do at the Star Wars universe. That’s gonna be

Autumn: Me too. That’s gonna be interesting. What I found from the films I’ve seen of him so far is it’s and this is like, this could go very badly, very quickly his style mm-hmm like, I think a lot of people might try to do it and it would be bad mm-hmm but he has this beautiful blend of being able to be ridiculous.

Mm-hmm and deep. Yeah. And, and, and just like the way that that’s able to be intertwined. That’s a gift. Yeah. Like most people, I love that fail at what I think he, his his approach.

Justin: Cause I don’t want just deep without like you need some levity, right?

Autumn: You do. And, and that’s life, you know? I mean, forget it.

If things were just heavy all the time.

Justin: right. All right. So you wanna get into. . Yes. all right. Let’s talk about news. Let’s talk about news and there might even be some Thor news in the news.

Autumn: There’s some Thor [00:04:00] news.

Justin: We’re not gonna start. There’re gonna start.

Autumn: I hope the kind of Thor news I’m excited about.

Justin: Like he’s single . All right. So let’s get started with some magic band plus news. Ready? Ah, yep. All right. Headline. Highly suspect headlines. So these aren’t just news headlines. These are highly suspect headlines, right? Some of these could be false. Mm-hmm and I I’ll tell you right now, at least one of these is false.

some of these are outright lies

Autumn: oh, all right. I’m paying attention to that.

Justin: At least one is wrong.

Autumn: Thank you for that clue.

Justin: And what Autumn has to do is say it’s like a game. And she gets a point if she guesses, if this is true or false mm-hmm and if she guesses incorrectly, yes. Yeah.

Autumn: So yeah, it is definitely a game. I wanna clarify everyone. no, it’s definitely a game and, and yeah, and I have to. The hot pot’s on me. I have to figure it

Justin: out. That’s right. You are, you are a a piece of tender sirloin being dipped into a hot pot at this

Autumn: moment. Yes, that’s what I’m thinking about.

You’re a hot pot. All right, I’m ready. All right. I’m ready, chef.

Justin: Thank you. Chef. [00:05:00] New magic band plus designs include Ramon and Evangeline, ah,

Autumn: would be mean this would be mean to tease. I really wanted the magic band plus mm-hmm and I looked at getting one mm-hmm for our trip three weeks ago and they were out this one wasn’t the Ramone band, but they were out of the Tiana. It had Tiana on it. They were out of the magic band plus no, but there was a magic band that had Tiana remember?

Justin: Yeah, it was a magic being two.

Autumn: Oh, it was two. I APO see these updates. It’s hard. I apologize. So that was a magic being two that I wanted to get. We have. outdated magic bands, but they work. That’s fine. They still work. all right. Can you read it one more time?

Justin: Sure. New magic band plus designs include Ramon and Evangeline.

So this is from Princess and the frog. Those who are listening it is Ramon is the, the enchanted, the the, the love struck Firefly. Mm. And Evangeline is his love

Autumn: beautiful star. Mm. [00:06:00] I want it to be true. I’m gonna say it’s false. And I just would like to say before I that’s my final answer. Mm-hmm I would like to say, I think it’s because I think they’re great.

I don’t know if those characters are even still that movie in general is. popular enough to have them. All right.

Justin: So I will, it is a hot property, and this is part of the reason why they’re developing, you know, Splash Mountain into Tiana Bayou Adventure. Oh, that is true. We just saw more Tiana merch. Oh, that’s right.

Oh my God. What am I saying for a food and wine? So it is still a, a pretty popular

Autumn: yeah, it’s more popular that think it is, I guess. I’m I should apologize.

Justin: I mean, it’s, it’s pretty popular. It’s it’s I don’t think it’s frozen, you know, but it’s still pretty popular. Yeah. Anyway you are correct.

This is false. I made this up and you’re right. I did it because I was like, yeah, she would like this. So maybe she’ll say true. Yes. Yep. so, but there aren’t, they did release like six new designs though. Is,

Autumn: Is any part of Tiana on them

Justin: no, ma’am there are two guardians of the Galaxy bands which look pretty cool.

One of ’em has Groot on them. Two [00:07:00] Avengers bands and then two Main Street Electrical Parade bands.

Autumn: Oh, that’s cool.

Justin: Which those look cool. And one of the purses, one of the Dooney and Bourke purses that you liked at that Dooney and Bourke challenge that we did a couple weeks back yes. Was an last week’s episode.

I think we’d go really good with it.

Autumn: Oh, I was just gonna say, I, that was, if I was to get any of the purses that. We did the challenge with that. Yeah. That would’ve been the one. Yeah, I think it’s a, maybe the Winnie, the poo

Justin: Main Street Electrical Parade is just classic. Disney magic. You know, when you’re a kid and you see these like glowing floating things coming down the street, it’s, it’s nuts.

Autumn: I have to see that I haven’t experienced it.

Justin: Yeah. It’s only at Disneyland right now, but maybe they’ll bring it to Disney World they’re gonna bring some late time parade

Autumn: something at night. That would be so great. And just to switch up the fireworks. Yeah, they’re cool. They’re are we good? They’re cool.

They’d be cooler if you had ’em like a little less frequently.

Justin: That’s true. That’s maybe true.

Autumn: Speaking of which do you have any updates on Tiana splash mountain?

Justin: No updates on Tiana. Sorry. Okay. I got nothing in her. I will say that D 23 is next month. [00:08:00] It’s coming up pretty quick. Maybe we’ll hear something then that’s okay. Yeah. So these fast, the magic band pluses, you know, they’ve been around for a while.

They’ve been around since 2013 magic bands. Yeah,

Autumn: not magic band pluses.

Justin: No, I’m sorry. Magic. Magic bands have been around since 2013. That sounds great. Since coming up on 10 years now. Yeah.

Autumn: I like them, I think for like what you’re doing in Disney. They make sense to me. Yeah. Like I get, I get why they became a thing.

I hope they stay, they

Justin: almost went away. I know. So Bob Iger back in, it was like 2016. He wanted to make a shift towards like the mobile app, cuz everyone has a phone and they all have RFID readers in them now. So he wanted to shift it more towards that. But it’s definitely going back that other way with this new, there are new products, you know, the magic band pluses, you know?

Autumn: Yeah. Maybe people are getting more. Into them, but you’re just, I it’s like you’re moving so much. It’s I’d have to take something out of a thing. Yeah. With kit, like anytime I have to, like, even today we dropped Justin offer an eye appointment. It was [00:09:00] like, oh, I gotta go home. Cuz it’s hot. I gotta put the groceries in.

But that obviously means I gotta take Wyn out of the car seat and then walk in and then I have to immediately go back and put her, put the groceries. I put it back in. So like any less, especially with kids. Less steps,

Justin: the magic band for getting in the parks and, and lightning lanes definitely makes sense.

Autumn: You get separated from your party. Are you purposely? And like, you’re like, oh, I wanna get something eat. I mean, it just, boom. Yeah. Yeah.

Justin: And that was kind of the point. It was to reduce some of these pain points, like when you’re taking out your wallet and things like that, to make that a little bit easier.

Yeah. And they were so excited about it, you know, much they spent on developing this it’s part of the, the, my magic plus system. You know, how much they spent on this?

Autumn: No

Justin: A billion dollars. That’s the cost of this Galaxy’s Edge.

Autumn: They spent, they spent that on magic bands

Justin: yeah. On developing magic bands.

So of course of five years, 2008 to 2013, they worked on these and they didn’t even really fully implement it the way they wanted to, you know,

Autumn: no until late till after.

Justin: Well, even it, it just didn’t like, you know, when we were in line for Rock and Roller Coaster and it said, [00:10:00] you know, autumn playing Bethany, Connecticut.

Yes. Like it knew where we were, you know? Yes. It was like a poster or when we were on small world and it said, bye, Sandy. They kind of wanted that everywhere, but it’s really just in a few places.

Autumn: Right, right.

Justin: Yeah. We have our magic bands. I hate we’ll just, I’ll say one more thing about magic bands. We got ours back in 2019, so they’re three years old and I noticed on our last trip while they did open doors, the long range battery is no longer working.

So it didn’t pull our photo pass videos and, and photos from most of the rides. Just seven dwarfs was the only one that worked.

Autumn: Oh. That it pulled it from.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah.

Autumn: That that’s, I mean, that’s a long, that’s a long time and I feel like most people are probably getting there’s a three year gap. Yeah.

Justin: Well, they’re getting the new, designing the new ones.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

Autumn: Or if you have young kids like us, we have a toddler. She loves jewelry. They’re bracelets.

Justin: That’s true. She calls her as a bra Mickey bracelet bracelet. All right. Ready for the next headline headline number two. I’m ready. All right. New Disney Dooney and Bourke bags, feature [00:11:00] Llamas

Autumn: Incorrect

Justin: you mean a false is a false headline.

False. This is a true headline.

Autumn: Oh

Justin: yeah. Do you know what the Lama’s from?

Autumn: The Emperor’s New Groove?

Justin: The Emperor’s New Groove

Autumn: Thats an old movie. That’s the only movie I can think of with a Lama.

Justin: Yeah, 2000. It came out.

Autumn: They’re bringing that back now almost 20 years later. Well, you know,

Justin: has that had, well, last year they put it back in theaters.

I think we even talked about it and then forgot about it instantly, but they brought it back into theaters last year, 2021.

Autumn: I knew it was bad. People really liked it when it came out.

Justin: That’s well, it didn’t do well. It didn’t do well, but in 2021, when they re-released, it, it only cleared like $300,000. Not a lot of money.

Autumn: No. $300,000. Yeah. That’s barely a house. Nothing. That’s oh, wow. No, that’s that’s

Justin: I didn’t see it anywhere when it came out. I didn’t see that. I didn’t know. It was, you. But interesting. Yeah, it came out in 2000, it made 170 million worldwide, so like 80 90 in the us and about that in worldwide. But [00:12:00] that’s like for comparison, that’s like the worst sense.

The eighties in terms of animation. Mm. In terms of the gross, but it has 86% on rotten tomatoes.

Autumn: Yeah. PE, so. That’s the thing, like every, like everyone, I know that’s seen that movie. Yeah. Like people feel strong and it might have been like a lot of also a lot of people didn’t see it, but other people that saw it, it has a strong, maybe it’s like me and Hercules Hercules didn’t do well.

But I think like the people that love Hercules are like, this is highly underrated. This is a great movie.

Justin: Yeah. So, so should we watch, should we watch The Emperors New Groove

Autumn: sure. I’ve never seen it. I’ve always. Several times I’ve gone to watch it and I’ve never seen all of it through. So there’s like a lot of it.

I know I get, or I can reference scenes, but I do need to sit down and see it all together.

Justin: I just know David spade is in it. David spade. I’m not a huge fan of David spade without Chris Farley. Yeah. Like I like, what are they? Yeah, he’s I, he’s just not funny without Chris Farley.

Autumn: RIP Farley [00:13:00]

Justin: so we get in this Dooney and Bourke bag?

Autumn: Do you have a picture of it? I see. I can send this to you. Hold on. Oh, there it is. Yeah. Kuzco It does have a funky that’s right. Has a really good funky like title song.

Justin: Yeah. Well that title song was actually nominated for an academy award.

Autumn: Yeah, that was, I remember that the music

Justin: Didn’t win. This is okay. You know, sting is on that soundtrack too.

Autumn: Sting is? Yeah, no, this is a cute bag. I might get this bag. That’s cute. Okay. Number three. Yes.

Justin: Headline number three. Mm-hmm Bluey episode based on far. Being held from release on Disney plus

Autumn: Stop it.

Justin: Read it again. Bluey episode based on farting far farting, farting.

Autumn: Okay. A farting like maybe that gap.

Justin: I don’t know how to say that word.

I guess. Farting. How do you say farting on a podcast? Farting. Farting. Okay. So blue episode, based on farting being held from release on Disney plus

Autumn: Disney, I mean they they’ve, they have racier [00:14:00] things.

I don’t know. I feel like they probably have already farted in that episode. Like that’s a thing they would talk about. They would like have a comment that would haven’t.

Justin: I haven’t heard them bring up farting yet.

Autumn: Oh, maybe not it’s something.

Justin: I think it right. Farting. I’m I’m thinking too hard about it. Is it farting?


Autumn: farting, farting, not, I, you hear it that way. It doesn’t sound like, cuz I think normally people say fart

Justin: fart. They’re talking about farts farts. That sounds better. Farts

Autumn: say farting too. We’ll say it’s true.

Justin: This is false. This is false. Yeah. I it didn’t completely make this up though. There is an episode about far fart.

Apparently Bandit farted and Chili, the mother holds like a, a court kind of situation to determine if it’s true that he farted. Oh. And they call it fluffing. Apparently it’s fluffing fluffing . But anyway, the grain of truth here is that it actually, this did not meet Disney Junior broadcast standards and practices, so they didn’t air this broadcast.

[00:15:00] Oh. So now they, they put Bluey on Disney Jr. As well. It, they didn’t air this. Not, they weren’t sure if it was gonna come to Disney or plus or not. And they said, yeah, it’s coming to Disney plus. Yeah,

Autumn: I, I should have gone, but, and like, that’s the very, like, they’re definitely.

Justin: Disney is careful.

Autumn: I don’t know why they’re careful, but farting.

Justin: Like I wonder if you’re gonna see Chris Hemsworth’s butt when they release Thor, you know.

Autumn: Why would you not I’m Disney plus because you subscribe to that and you can put locks on it, which leads into our next headline actually. But I wanna see Chris Hemsworth butt. So here we go.

Justin: Well it’s well, that might weigh into this next headline.

headline. Number four. Disney will not release Thor, love and thunder on Disney plus.

Autumn: No, they couldn’t do that. Why would they not do that?

Justin: You’re so mad about this.

Autumn: Why? But this doesn’t make sense. This, wait, this is their movie. They’re already made a butt ton of money on it.

Justin: Maybe it’s the butt. Maybe it’s the butt.

Maybe it’s a butt pun. Maybe it’s, you know how, like some of these [00:16:00] stars are getting mad about not getting paid. but

Autumn: it came out on theater first. It was a theatrical release. It was, it’s been out for a bit now. Mm-hmm I, it didn’t make sense why they wouldn’t does Taika does like the, is there something like where the, because it’s a different director?

No, they all have different.

Justin: I write highly suspect headlines, not highly suspect, full articles.

Autumn: I wanna say it’s false, but something’s telling me. I don’t know. Like, I don’t know why they wouldn’t release. They all the other movies in, in they’re connected in some way. Yeah. So I feel like then you would. . So if you have Disney plus you’d be missing a whole movie. Yeah. Cause it is a universe like yeah. There’s connection.

Justin: Not all the Marvel movies are on Disney plus, but you’re right. A lot of them, well of them. Yeah. And there’s some like the ones that like Sony released and things

Autumn: like that. That’s right. Because of [00:17:00] licensing. Yeah. I guess I gotta say my guts, something told me that that might be true.

Justin: Are you going with true on this one?

Autumn: Yeah

Justin: this one’s false. It’s coming to Disney plus, but you should be relieved cause it is coming to Disney plus.

Autumn: Yes, . It’s so good. It is good. This was really good. This was really good.

Justin: You know, when it’s coming to Disney plus. end of September. Ooh. The beginning of September, September 8th, which is about seven weeks from its theatrical release.

Yeah. Chris Hemsworth actually released this info. He tweeted it. They, you know, having the stars tweet it, which I think is smart.

Autumn: Oh, that’s interesting. Yeah. Yeah. Can you do a Chris Hemsworth accent?

I can’t,

Justin: you can’t do that. I can’t do. Oh, I, I can do a bandit. Yeah. was

Autumn: there Australian, Australian.

Justin: Oh, well he’s an Australian cattle dog.

I can do an Australian cattle dog. I can’t do. I’m doing Australian cattle dog. I can’t do an Australian hunk. So yeah, so the, so September 8th, do you know what? September 8th is? Everyone knows what? September 8th is it’s Disney plus day.

Autumn: [00:18:00] Oh, is it? Yeah.

Justin: What does that mean? Well, it’s, it’s a special day for Disney plus subscribers

Autumn: oh, well, Disney plus came out in 20 or 21, right?

Justin: Yeah. They had this last year,

Autumn: it’s been out for two years.

Justin: They had this last year, they usually release a few things, you know like the, a new series and new

Autumn: new shows,

Justin: the new shows. And then they actually had some perks going on in the parks for people too.

Autumn: That’s right.

Justin: Here’s a cool perk. You get in a half hour early, if you’re a Disney plus subscriber

Autumn: so it’s like a, in addition to like, if you stay on site.

Justin: Yeah. So if you stay in site, you’re getting in an an hour early. If you’re offsite, you get in just a half hour early, if you’re Disney plus, that’s a good that’s cool.

Autumn: I see what they’re doing there. That was smart. That’s cool. They knew it from the beginning. They were gonna do like

Justin: that’s that’s if I wasn’t a Disney plus subscriber and I was just down there, I would pay the $9 a month, whatever it is.

Autumn: So can you talk, cuz we talk a lot about, I buy the idea of rope dropping and when to be there.

So how would this hour ahead impact rope

Justin: dropping? [00:19:00] Oh, it’s huge. It’s huge because you can experience like depending on which park you go to. Two or three headliners in that in, in a half hour, sometimes, sometimes like at Hollywood studios, you can ride Rise of the Resistance, cuz that actually opens before the rest of the park.

If early, right? If the park opens at eight 30 early entries at eight rise of the resistance can be open at 7:40-7:45.

Autumn: Right? So you get there, then

Justin: ride that

Autumn: cause you can be there at 7: 30.

Justin: Run to Slinky Dog, you could be in line for Slinky Dog before the ride opens.

Autumn: That’s easy. I think that’s easily four rides.

If you’re there for an hour, maybe it depends how many people do it when you, you drop. You can, I feel like easily do three rides. Can rope drop and walk on.

Justin: And this is September 8th. So crowd level’s gonna be pretty low. This is one of the lowest weeks

Autumn: they’re dropping off in the next two weeks.

Justin: Yeah. It’s already been dropping off. August has been pretty good in, September’s gonna be really nice crowd Justin

Autumn: This is a plan, Justin and I really like we would really like to go on September at some point.

Justin: Oh yeah. It’d be beautiful. Or, or, you know, but no, we can’t. because we work in schools.[00:20:00] So

Autumn: one day,

Justin: yeah, one day.

All right. So that’s all I got to say about Disney plus and Chris Hemsworth, those all the highly headlines suspect headlines, they were very good headlines. Thank you for, for bringing that up. I, I agree. I did a great job.

Autumn: They were the best, the brightest, the biggest the biggest headlines, very bigly.

We had big headlines. All right, Justin. So I have four for you today. Four trivias, four trivias. What do we call this segment? a stumps J which is where I. Autumn tried to stump my husband, Justin.

Justin: She hasn’t done yet.

Autumn: He’s sitting right across from me. Mm-hmm with trivia related to all things, Disney, Disneyland, Disney world, universal Disney plus Disney channel, et cetera.

You name it? Mm-hmm I do it

Justin: A vain and fruitless endeavor, I must say. Yeah.

Autumn: That’s why he gets these all right all the time. Yep. And sometimes I’ve been moving more into doing themes with these. So having it having all [00:21:00] four trivia. Four to five trivias. Sometimes I throw in a fifth relate, but not all the time, but I’ve been, I like that idea.

So I’ve been moving into that. That’s not how we started though.

Justin: You know, I like themes.

Autumn: You do, you, you might say you like theme parks.

Justin: So is the theme today, Tiaka Waititi

Autumn: it is not. I thought about it. I have to do more work for that. That’s not, I didn’t have the time. The theme for this week the. the only Country Bears.

right. Ready?

Justin: One. I’ve been pretty deep in the country. Bear I had to I’ve made like five Liver Lips. McGrowl Reels and YouTube shorts and Tik-Toks in the the last week.

Autumn: Two of ’em went a bit viral. You should please

Justin: did pretty good

Autumn: @ at easydizit It on Instagram. Y’all you’ll listen and go, go check them out.

Justin: Yeah. Check us out there.

Autumn: All right. So my first question for you is speaking of who is Liver Lips, McGrowl

Justin: what’d you mean? He’s, he’s

Autumn: Who is he, tell [00:22:00] us

Justin: He’s a country. He’s a country bear. Mm-hmm he plays a guitar. He’s got big liver lips. He impersonates Elvis from time to time. He does he likes to whittle he’s he’s a country bear.

Autumn: He’s a country bear. Perfect. Correct.

Justin: Wait, that was a trivia question?

Autumn: Yeah. Who is he? Tell us who he is.

Justin: Okay. Soft ball

Autumn: well, we gotta, we gotta start at some place. All right. Ready for number two, li number two, who is Liver Lips mcGrowl voiced by.

Justin: Wow. I have no idea. I’m going, oh, I have no idea. I’m gonna it’s Danny Haskins

Autumn: incorrect. That was that just a name you made

Justin: Mel Blanc, Mel Blanc no Nope. That’s all I got.

Autumn: I don’t know who, I don’t think I know who this is. Jimmy Stoneman, Jimmy Stoneman. I was close. Does his dude does his voice on

That was really close. Yes. . All right. Are you ready for number three? Yes. Number three. Okay. Number three. So believe it or not back in 2002, a film came out about the Country bears.

Justin: [00:23:00] I do believe that because I have seen that.

Autumn: Oh, you have seen that? I have seen, I would love to check it out.

So it was popular. It came out.

Justin: It did very poorly. No one likes this movie,

Autumn: well, okay. So I guess we have to, cause it can be so it’s hard because like a movie cannot gross a lot of money Uhhuh, but it might also still be popular. Maybe you don’t think both of, like, I don’t know if those are, what is that possibly

Justin: like, will you call ’em like a cult classic, like not make a ton of money, but does very well and people keep watching it.

Yes. Yeah. Yeah. This isn’t one of those either. No, this is no one likes movie.

Autumn: oh,

Justin: well, okay.

Autumn: So anyway, so movie came out based on. The experience of the country bear kind of sorta. Yeah, it was the third film. Okay. Based off of a Disney tra attraction.

So this was the third film based off of there’s a Disney attraction first. Yeah. And then they made a film off of it up in 2002. got it. No period. At this point it was a third film to be based off of this was in 2002. Yeah. Got it. Okay. What are the other two mm-hmm [00:24:00] films that were based off of attraction?

Justin: So this is way before jungle cruise. So we can’t do jungle cruise. But oh, prior to the Caribbean came out, I wanna say in like 99 or 2001. So one of ’em has gotta be parts of the Caribbean.

Autumn: No, let me rephrase it. The country bears film was the third film to be made based off of a Disney attraction.

Yeah. What were the other two? Is

Justin: it pirate to the Caribbean is not one of them was no. Okay. So that must have been after 2002. I might be off on my timeline there

Autumn: because the pirates was more like

Justin: that was a movie based on the attraction

Autumn: 2007, maybe.

Justin: Okay. All right. I mean, you’ve got Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy,

Autumn: but that movie was made first and then they, no, no oh, no, you’re right.

You’re right. No, I’m sorry. That was sorry. Mention

Justin: 1971 in Disney world. Yeah,

I’m sorry. No is that not on the list either? It’s not [00:25:00] on the list. Okay. So that must have been after. Okay. Wow. These are tough. Okay. There’s nothing for small world Peter pan. Was a movie before it was an attraction.

Autumn: Think of Hollywood studios.

There’s a hint.

Justin: I don’t need hints. Oh, oh, Hollywood tower terror featuring Steve Guttenburg

Autumn: there you go. What do you know what the other one was? I’ll give you half of my no, no, no, no. I got this.

What year was tower of terror? The movie,

Justin: I think like 2000 or 1999. It was went straight to TV.

Autumn: Yeah. I never, I didn’t see.

Justin: you, did you watched him with me? I made Steve Guttenberg jokes the entire time you laughed at every one of ’em. It was very good.

Autumn: I believe that. Yeah. I maybe 10 more seconds. There’s timer on this eight. Oh, that’s called 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Ah, mission of Mars. [00:26:00] It was Mission to Mars and Tower of Terror.

Justin: So wait a no mission.

Oh yeah, it did. It did. Mission of Mars is 2000 and the the ride was like 2003. That’s right. But it wasn’t based on it, it shared a name, but it wasn’t actually based on the IP. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually based on the based off of Disney

Autumn: attraction. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mission to Mars. Tower of terror.

Justin: No, the movie came out in 2000 and the ride came out in 2003. Oh, okay. Oh, I’m sorry. Mission to Mars. Not Mission Space,

Autumn: correct.

Justin: Mission to Mars. Got it. Which is a defunct attraction. No longer defunct

Autumn: anywhere?

Justin: Yeah. No that one’s gone. Yeah. And I think that replaced mission to the moon, which is like the original tomorrow land attraction.

Autumn: Okay. Oh, that’s sad.

Easy Diz Bot: Justin allow me to clarify some of the details you have muddled. Mission to Mars was an attraction located in Tomorrowland at Disneyland and at Walt Disney World’s magic Kingdom it originally opened as rocket to the moon at Disneyland in [00:27:00] 1955 and as flight to the moon in Walt Disney world on Christmas Eve, 1971, it was retooled to the Mars version in 1975.

It then closed down in 1992 and 1993, respectively The attraction simulated taking guests on a space trip to the moon or Mars.


All right. I didn’t do too well there.

Autumn: That’s a tough that’s that’s a tough question. It’s

Justin: crazy. Are that’s like, yeah, you gotta think about before Haunted Mansion movie, which is yeah.

Autumn: Yeah. Time wise. That’s an old, that’s old, only, only Disney nerds. but know that. All right. You ready? For the last one?

The Country Bear Jamborie features. How many audio animatronic bear.

Justin: So this is kind of tricky because there are, there are multiple animatronics of the same character. So I’m not quite sure if you want, like the number of characters or you want the actual number of audio animatronics. I can’t answer either one of them precisely, but [00:28:00] one’s gonna be bigger than

Autumn: how many total bears are in the show?

Justin: How many bears? Mm.

There’s three there three and then one and then five.

Autumn: And then, and this was interesting. I was like surprised at the number.

Justin: I’d say 13. I want to, thirteen’s my final answer.

Autumn: Thirteen’s your final. Incorrect. It’s 15. Isn’t it? Not a bad guess. It’s 18, 18. There’s 18 bears,

Justin: individual bears or animatronic?

Autumn: Individual bears, individual bear, animatronics. They’re all animatronics.

Justin: Yeah, but like they appear in different places.

Autumn: 18 audio animatronic, like the total show has the actual devices, individual bears devices, different bears. Okay. Different bearings,

Justin: but probably 13 characters.

Autumn: No eight

Justin: okay. Okay.

Autumn: 18.

Justin: All right. All right. So I was right. 18. So basically I was


I get so,

Autumn: so what’d you think of the country bear jam theme trivia.

Justin: They were great. They were great. Thank you.

Autumn: Yeah, it was cool. I was curious. I was like, yeah, [00:29:00] like about the number. In the history there with the movie, which I have not seen.

Justin: Yeah. It’s, it’s not good, but you bear,

like this kid wants to save the this kid bear wants to save the the theater they’re like gonna, the theater’s gonna get destroyed. And the kid has to like revive the Country Bears brings it back.

Autumn: Oh, that’s how he saves the theater. Okay.

Justin: Yeah. I, I don’t remember it really that, well, I think I fell asleep during this one as well. I’ll watch it again.

Autumn: I’ll have to check it out. Maybe Wynn will like it. Yeah.

Justin: We watched it in like 2019 before going.

Autumn: Oh, man. I don’t remember.

Justin: Yeah, there was very un memorable.

Autumn: I don’t remember life before the pandemic though. Either it’s gone. Bye-bye

Justin: byebye. all right. So that is our, we did, our news did our news and we did our trivia. Yeah. And now let’s do the part of the show where we open up the mail bag, mail bag.

Autumn: What do we have?

Justin: We have an iTunes review

Autumn: yay. Yeah. Thank you.

Justin: Yeah, a special, thanks to Adrian G for this iTunes review.

Thanks, Adriane. And actually I know [00:30:00] Adriane G she is a she is a fellow travel agent with Unlocking the Magic Travel. Oh. I didn’t have to pay her for this review though. Usually I do pay for my reviews. She did this one for free, which was very nice. But yeah, definitely check out Adrian G on on Instagram.

She’s @yourdisneycoach and I, I just love the name. Yeah, that’s great. Cause I love that philosophy. Like I’m gonna help you through this process, you know, that’s kind of what both of us do, you know? Yeah. That’s in our professional work too, you know, like I was a parent trainer.

I’m not here to tell you how to be a parent. I’m trying to, I’m here to, to help you with this particular. Or challenging situation that you’re in right now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And you as like a, a as a social worker therapist

Autumn: yeah. Not, I can’t tell you what to do, cam, it’s all you, but I’m here to support and and give you some tools.

Yes. Give you some tools.

Justin: And I love the coach model for that, because I think people are more accepting to be helped when it’s that kind of model. Instead of just being told what to do like here, in terms of, you know, Disney planning here are the best restaurants go. You know, I think what what Adriane’s doing here is more of [00:31:00] like, here are my thoughts.

Tell me what you think and we’ll work together. Yes. Anyway, and oh, and the other piece of it is like, it’s an empowering piece. It’s like, you can do this. Mm-hmm , you know this is confusing, but you can do this, right. This,

Autumn: when you do something for someone that takes. a bit of like confidence in their ability to at some point feel like, yeah, I got this.

Yeah. I always would say, especially when I was working with families in their homes, like my goal is to work myself out of a job and that’s real. Right. Yeah. And that’s really, that’s the point

Justin: so she, she post this great content. There’s one here. It says parenting at Disney may look a bit different than everyday parenting and that’s okay.

And she says in the text, so basically don’t worry about other parents judging you. Right? Right. You might not always be as consistent on vacation as you are at home. And God forbid, you know, you give into a tantrum and like, like fine, you know, and this is like, this is golden advice, honestly.

Yeah. Because. You know, these tantrums, you know, when a kid has a tantrum, they’re trying to communicate something, right. [00:32:00] Which generally means that they’re, they don’t have the ability or the tolerance skill to communicate it appropriately. Right. That’s gonna take some time to develop, to develop, and you’re not gonna do it.

In the queue for Thunder Mountain Railroad it don’t do it. Yeah. It’s not gonna happen.

Autumn: No, they’re gonna have it, even if they are not 85% of the time, really great, which is pretty high for kids. Yeah. Even adults, 80% of the time was very, very high. And, and certainly if it’s something that, you know, children learn these things at different stages, you know, that maybe there is some more work, you know, that in practice that, that you both need that you can kind of maybe come up with a more tentative.

for when you do travel, you know, so some, some modified some modified version.

Justin: Yeah. There are some episodes you can go back and listen to for some advice on, we’ve got a lot on that. Yeah. Avoiding and handling tantrums inside Disney world. And I think we should revisit that.

Autumn: I, I, yeah. And there’s so many different questions and angles you can ask mm-hmm and we talk about different approach.

Justin: We have a better microphone now, so

Autumn: mainly most important.


Justin: Anyway, I think we’re supposed to be talking about this review. I just started talking about how great her Instagram is, which it is. You should check it out @yourdisneycoach on Instagram, but she wrote us a really nice review too. Uh, Says definitely worth listening to do you agree with that Autumn?

Autumn: I would say we’re definitely a little worth, worth listening to, I think we give, I think we’re a little bit, at least bit entertaining. And I think we, I think we give some helpful information.

Justin: You should write a review for us on iTunes. Autumn, could you put that in an iTune? we give some information, so it says definitely worth listening to such a fun, helpful Disney podcast.

Totally here for it. Keep putting them out there guys. And I,

Autumn: I think we all that’s awesome. Yeah. I, I like that last sentence. We really [00:34:00] appreciate that. Sometimes we’re like do we, should we, are people like secretly hoping that we stop?

Justin: wouldn’t that be great if like the listeners, the weekly listeners we do have are really just listening to see if like, this is

Autumn: They’re still doing this?

Justin: They’re gonna call it. They’re gonna call it this week.

Autumn: This is it. We’re we’re ending. Yeah.

Justin: No, we’re not gonna stop.

Autumn: Not yet.

Justin: Can’t stop. Won’t stop. All right. So stick around for interview with about the director Tiaka Waititi. Yeah. It’s. It was a. Fun interview fun. Good stuff.

Autumn: Good stuff. Yeah. I think that would be great.

And Justin, I think it might be good. Do you wanna highlight some of, I don’t know, some of the upcoming things in the next few months, people you’ll be meeting interviews, trips, things like that. Just to put it out there. So people have some, some things to On the Easy Diz forecast on the,

Justin: you want the easy dis cast?

Okay. So I am working on laying out our genie plus experience. Mm-hmm I wanna break that down because it was at least to be interesting. I don’t know how helpful it will be, but I think it it’s interesting to see like how it was used, what we were able [00:35:00] to do, what some of the limitations were. Yeah. I’d like to do that.

We have some guests you know, that some pretty exciting guests. Yeah. Some pretty exciting guests that have agreed to do the interview. Haven’t recorded anything yet. So who knows? We’ll just keep it.

Autumn: Yeah, we’ll just say very exciting guests,

Justin: very exciting. You know, guests, possibility situations.

Autumn: Justin will be taking a trip in the fall to Orlando.

Justin: Oh yeah, that’s right. I’m going in November, not in the fall. I’m going in the first week of November. I’m to Universal Orlando. So I have been reading the Unofficial Guide to Universal or Orlando, which is pretty good. There’s a lot of overlap there with the Unofficial Disney guide, which I also have.

I’m big, big fan of these books. Yeah, but yeah, so I’m reading through Universal Orlando. I’m excited to cause it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I’ve never done the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, so that’s gonna be awesome.

Autumn: I’m jelly

Justin: and yeah, that’s gonna be great. So there will be more Universal content in the coming weeks as well.

For sure.

Autumn: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And we’ll keep you posted. Also, there are things that are more in the works and we’ll we’ll keep you posted, but I think sometimes it’s [00:36:00] nice to hear what we’re working on so people can can know to tune in.

Justin: Yeah, that’s a great idea.

Autumn: So as always, thank you all. I think you’re gonna love the interview with Dan that’s coming up and stay tuned.

We’ll be here with you next week. And again, we’ll be talking a little bit more about genie plus. All right. Bye everyone

Taika Waititi with Dan


Justin: All right. Welcome back, Danny K I was saying this the other day, I may have started this podcast, at least in part, so I can talk to Dan on the internet. And this, this will be I believe his third appearance so he is quickly becoming the Tom Hanks of the Easy Diz It podcast.

Yeah. Welcome Dan. Thanks for coming back again.

Dan: What a compliment. That guy was fantastic in the Elvis movie.

Justin: Well, I didn’t see the Elvis movie. Did you see

Dan: I haven’t, I haven’t either. I just thought I’d throw it out there. Actually heard that him playing whatever his name Elvis’s Colonel. Yeah. Like that he was like one of the weirder parts and we know it’s a Baz Luhrmann flick. So there’s probably something to it, but to hear Tom Hanks is off putting, cause he’s like one of the most charming actors on planet earth is like, what the

Justin: i, I think I heard a review and they, I guess the guy was a creep. Like his agent was a creep and he leaned pretty hard into the creep

Dan: Oh, well, I guess if you got, if you gotta lean to the creep, you [00:01:00] might as well pick Tom Hanks to do it.

Justin: yeah. Didn’t he like live in a box for three months when he did uh, he put himself in a box and didn’t eat anything except grass for three months when he did that island movie. So. Yeah, cast away. He just, he only talked to volleyball and that’s his, that’s his method. So I wonder what he did for his Elvis movie.

Dan: I didn’t think that Tom Hanks was a method actor

Justin: Oh yeah. Oh, he’s famous for living in boxes and talking. I,

Dan: did. Did he, did he go back to the eighth grade for when he was in big and pretend he was 13 years old again?

Justin: he did. He hung out with a lot of middle schoolers for that production. Yeah.

Dan: what a nightmare? Middle schoolers are the worst people.

Justin: You know, every, like every time I look at my middle school yearbook picture, I realize that that is the truth. It’s like, well, I was, I was a terrible person. Everyone on this page was a terrible person. We were all having a bad time.

Dan: Right. And it’s, and it’s weird, [00:02:00] right? Cause like you don’t realize what a jerk you are when you’re like 11, 12, 13 years old, but you know, absolutely

Dan: . Right. But you think you’re like hot . And it’s like, man, I don’t know how my parents put up with me. I was such a

Justin: yes. Yeah. I had my mullet and my, my

Dan: oh man.

Justin: Yeah.

Dan: Well, those are.

Justin: Well, I would’ve been real cool. They weren’t, they weren’t in style when I had it. So

Dan: Oh, that’s too bad. That’s the nightmare.

Justin: I didn’t even know I had it one per one day. Someone told me I had a mullet. I’m like, what’s a mullet.

Dan: You didn’t know you had a mullet.

Justin: I didn’t know how to mullet. No one told me.

Dan: Do you have a rat tail?

Justin: I did have a rat tail prior to the mullet.

That was first grade. I had a rat tail. Yeah. A beaded rat tail. That

Dan: oh my Lord.

Justin: Yeah. Icontinue I’ve, I’ve always been this cool.

Dan: On the same trend, your whole life. Cool. Cool. Cool.

Justin: So I thought, I’d say, you know what? I just, so we saw We saw [00:03:00] Thor Love and Thunder Autumn and I in the theater. And I really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was

Dan: I loved it.

Justin: you enjoyed it too. And I’m like, you know what? I gotta talk to Dan about this. And I gotta talk to Dan about Taika Waititi who directed the movie.

Dan: mm-hmm

Justin: And you said, yeah, I know that guy. I like that guy.

Dan: So he’s like, he’s one of my absolute favorites. He’s I mean, and he’s like so hot right now, and I know that they’ve got there’s been some backlash, right. If you were reading into that at all, did you

Justin: No, not so much. No. Tell me about this.

Dan: you didn’t see any of the backlash.

So like you know, cuz like so Taika as you know, plays Korg or he’s the voice ofKorg

Justin: Yes, the large stone gentleman.

Dan: yeah, so him and Tessa Thompson, the Valkerie are supposed to be gay characters.

So like, people are upset that there’s gay characters in the thing, but it’s like, guess what? There’s gay people. like, why are you upset? But it’s like the same thing.

Justin: [00:04:00] It’s it’s like people that are upset that that gay characters are in the movie or that they’re played by ostensibly

Dan: no, no. That they’re in the movie. Like they’re like, so, yeah, so that was one of the things like I saw a tweet. Yeah. Like, like toxic fandom where a guy was like, Taika is going out of his way to ignore heteronormative ideas. And it was like, who the, who cares like that bothers you that much. But I thought, I mean, I don’t, and we do spoilers on this, right.

Correct me if

Justin: spoilers are fine. Spoilers are fine. Yeah.

Dan: So I thought that was one of the funny scenes cuz Korg is talking about how they procreate and he’s like, you, you find another. Male Korg hold hands over a lava pit until you know, a, a new Korg comes out right.

Justin: One month later.

Dan: And right. It, so they show him with his boyfriend or whatever, and he’s like, I found him, man, his name is Dwayne.

And he had the big, like the Freddie Mercury mustache. And that made that made me wonder if that was like, [00:05:00] not a dig, but like at The Rock. Right.

Justin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: a rock person. His name’s Dwayne,

Justin: Sure.

Dan: you, you know what I’m saying? So maybe it was like a, a subtle reference to him. You know what I mean? I wish I thought was funny, but like I said, it it’s like 69% RO tomatoes and that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but critics didn’t like it.

I thought it was hysterical. The goats, the gigantic goats and the noise that they made.

Justin: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: That was so funny. Like, yeah. I, I don’t understand. I, I, I understand the backlash, but I don’t underst. Like these, the hill that these people are willing to die on, you know, to make it seem like it’s a

Dan: movie.

Justin: Yeah. So let’s go to the goats for a second, because all right. So the, the goats make like an irritating screaming noise, right? And then it it’s repeated throughout the movie as, and this is, this is a comic device, right? Like this is a, this is like a form of a callback. Would you say.

Dan: I, yeah, definitely.

Justin: Okay. And so, but [00:06:00] I was primed differently.

I, I think, I don’t know who I heard. I was listening probably to another podcast and they said that the goats were annoying. So I went into this movie waiting for like annoying goats. And I feel like that kind of ruined it a little bit for me, but I didn’t find them annoying and I chuckled every time they screamed.

Dan: Mm-hmm and when they crash into that planet, the small planet, like they think it’s, they think it’s like further away than it really

is. And then the noise they make when they crash into the planet. It was so funny. Like, and I think like it’s one of those things where cuz I think Taika is brilliant. Right?

So he’s also kind of realizing he likes to poke the bear for lack of a better term. You know, the bear. Go ahead. What were we gonna say?

Justin: no. Yeah. I sense that I sense that in his, in in this movie 100%, which I love it when people poke the bear. But I also know, and like one of the reasons I, one of the things I’d like to talk about today is he’s slated to make a Star Wars movie. So we got this bear poking director who likes these like [00:07:00] quasi farcical movies, or, you know, like there’s a little bit of like naked gun.

I feel in these movies, you know

Dan: yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely a little bit. I mean, I wouldn’t say that Thor is Leslie Nielson or anything, or Dreben you know what I mean? But they, they use, I think there’s a great balance. For cuz someone’s like, oh, Thor is so ridiculous. I can’t take him seriously. And it’s like, well, he’s like, he’s a Norse, God, you know, they play him off as a space viking or an alien or whatever it may be, which is fine.

But it’s like, you know just like I like to let, and I think we talked about this. I like to let a movie wash over me. I don’t, I wanna try and go in without any preconceived notions.

Justin: mm-hmm mm-hmm

Dan: hard. Cause I always watched the trailers and like now they got, they’re doing San Diego ComicCon and they got like a poster for Ant man and the quantum mania.

So they got, you know his daughter, Cassie Lang is gonna be like a wasp type character. And then they had the guy’s gonna be playing Kang in the conqueror, in the back of the [00:08:00] poster.

Justin: Oh,

Dan: yeah, yeah. Yeah. So people are like going nuts. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So people are

Justin: know about that.

Dan: Yeah. So it’s, and I’m like, I’m trying, I’m not trying to avoid.

It’s like, you know, getting ready for this. I’m charging my phone, I’m flipping through social media and like, they got the, the new trailer for She Hulk and at the very end of the trailer, and I’m getting like goose Dare Devil hops, hops on the rooftop and you don’t get to see his face and Dare Devil is like one of my favorites.

I, I love

Justin: oh,

Dan: He’s yeah. So I’m.

Justin: was he played by Ben Aflac? Was that Aflac? Is that a.

Dan: No, he was,

Justin: But he’s no longer. He, they, they cuz they had him in, in the Spider-Man right. Was, but it was a

different actor.

Dan: I, I think his name’s Charlie something. Charlie Cox.

Justin: Charlie, not Ben FL Cox. Yes.

Dan: Yeah. The Ben Aflac, Derek devil movie is absolute dog

Dan: . It’s so bad, but what does the name was great as Kingpin Michael [00:09:00] Clarke Duncan do you remember that?

The first Daredevil with,

Justin: I didn’t see it. I didn’t see

Dan: AF. Oh, so the Ben Aflac Daredevil has his ex-wife I can’t think of her name. She was alias Jennifer Garner

Justin: okay.

Dan: And then the Irish actor, he played Bullseye and I can’t think of his name, but it’ll probably come to me. What was he in? Oh, he was just played the Penguin and bat me what’s his,

Justin: Oh, I don’t know. I’m gonna reel you back into I gotta, we we’re five steps removed from Thor. Now I gotta reel you back in.

Dan: I know, I can’t help myself

Justin: I can’t keep And I’m I got ADHD, man. So this is like,

Dan: do you really?

Justin: Oh yeah.

Dan: I did not know that

Justin: Yeah. And it’s the weekend

Dan: too

that, but like,

Justin: it’s the

Dan: not a hyper person. You’re not a

hyper person .


Justin: uh, Primarily inattentive subtype. Yeah.

Dan: Oh, got it.


Justin: I’m

Dan: Yeah. I don’t know. I.

Justin: I do get hyper though. In social situations, I get hyper

Dan: Okay. Like when you go to the soup stock or whatever, it’s.

Justin: Yeah. [00:10:00] When I go to soup stock, I just

Justin: well parties, man. Part, like if I host a party, I like, I get real hyper and it’s it’s, it’s exhausting. It’s exhausting. Yeah. But anyway enough about my mental health so, okay, so Tiaka Waititi, he’s got like this style, right? And it’s. He could be silly. Right. I think.

And, and that’s, I think he did this with Thor, right? A Autumn saw Christopher Hemsworth without a lot of clothes in this movie. So I think that might have something to do with the fact that she went back and watched the old Thor movies. And so I’m watching him with her I’m, you know, seeing him and his, I, I forgot how different his character was in those older movies.

Like the 2011 or he was a very serious dower

Dan: And, and Kenneth Branagh directed that. And he’s a great, he’s a great actor. He’s directed movies before, but usually it was like Shakespearean. So it was almost kind of like a Shakespeare and like you could. Say that any story is [00:11:00] Shakespearean kind of sorta cuz he did it all. You know what I mean?

But the idea of like, you know, the father’s involved and then his brother is a piece of . That’s trying to kill him and do all this stuff behind the scenes. So it made sense, but he doesn’t, he’s not as funny as Taika and I think that that’s, what’s really made these last two movies. So good. Like Thor, the dark world was like it’s, it’s, it’s a mess.

As far as I’m concern. I’m not sure the last time that you watched it. But like the ether, cause that was when they were still trying to put together the infinity gauntlet and the stones.

Justin: right,

Dan: So the ether that was in Thor was supposed to be the reality gym, but like, it didn’t make any sense to me.

Justin: I didn’t make it through this one, actually. So autumn did watch it, but I, I didn’t make it through it entirely, but I did realize that this is one I haven’t seen yet. And,

Dan: Mm-hmm

Justin: So I’d probably go back and watch that one, but would you say he’s more of that same kind of dour character? Like, like the straight man

Dan: Yeah, they try to, they try to make him funny. And Chris Hemsworth is funny. And I [00:12:00] think that’s one of the things that Taika kind of leans on that this guy has great comedic timing. Cuz that was another bit that I loved from the movie. When Mjölnir comes back when mighty Thor comes in and Natalie Portman.

And he’s so happy to see the hammer, but then come to find out that they’re both like somewhat sentient and the big storm breaker comes in and it’s like staring at him and he just goes, what, what, what I do.

Justin: Those interactions were some of my favorite parts of the movie, just his like jealous relationship with Molinier and, and Stormbreaker, it was just great.

Dan: Yeah. And it’s, and it’s SI and it’s super silly, but that’s like, Taika’s style kind of like like you were saying, and, you know, you touched upon him doing his Star Wars movie,

Justin: Mm, what’s gonna happen there. Like, because I feel like, like comic book fans, I, and I don’t know tons about this, but I feel like you well, and you have different camps anytime there’s fandom, but I see. I just see, like there’s more openness in the comic book room than [00:13:00] the Star Wars room. I, I don’t know. I, it star wars people strike me as very rigid in their ideology.

Dan: Well, so like what’s his name? Rian Johnson. He made the best. He made the best of that most recent trilogy, in my opinion last Jedi, cause he told an original story which made Star Wars guys lose their minds.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Even friends of mine who like we share a same level of Star Wars, fandom were like, it was the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

I was like, it’s the best one easily. Cuz whatever the last, the third one was like, I, I think the test for me for a movie is rewatch ability. How many times? Like, oh yeah, you know what? I’d like to see that again, like Pulp Fiction I’ve seen, I can’t even tell you how many times. But like star wars movies specifically.

So everyone hated Rian Johnson because he took a chance and went kind of, you know, you don’t have to be a [00:14:00] member of the Skywalker family to be a great Jedi that was kind of the point that he made. So if Taika writes the screenplay, which most likely he will or at least have a hand in it, I’m not sure where it’s gonna pick up or where it’s gonna take off or who the characters are necessarily gonna be.

But that’s what. I guess it’s kind of fascinating, but it’s like, once again, one of those things where I’m just gonna wait for it to come out and then I’ll gonna go see it and enjoy it based upon a new Taika Star Wars

Justin: Yeah. Yeah. And, and I know you will, but I, it does seem to me that like Star Wars fans and not all star wars fans, but a lot of like what you get from reading things on the internet is they kind of wanna see the same movie. They wanna watch the same star wars movie even with the um, so that there’s this galactic star cruiser, right?

Dan: Right.

Justin: the, the two day Larping experience, basically in Disney world.

Dan: Okay.

Justin: and even people talking about the commercials that came out and admittedly, they were, there were some like poorly produced commercials, maybe [00:15:00] commercials produced by people who don’t know anything about star wars, but they complained about, you know, this doesn’t, this doesn’t look like this.

Isn’t the gritty star wars that we love. And. They’re so tied to like this aesthetic of what they think a Star Wars movie should be, that maybe they’re not thinking like this is a luxury cruise liner built 400 years before the battle of Yavin like right at the height of the Old Republic. Like it actually should be fancy as crap and look a little bit different than what you’re used to seeing in Star Wars.

But so, but it’s not star wars. No, that’s it doesn’t feel like star wars, you know?

Dan: So they wanted to stay in the Millennium Falcon right. is what yeah.

Justin: Yeah.

Dan: And, you know, maybe so. And that’s the thing though, too, right? Like it’s, it’s always tweaking, especially if it’s something that you’re trying to sell to the masses. So yeah. You get to stay on the, whatever the galactic starcruiser or whatever it may be.

Justin: yes.

Dan: And so it’s like, you know, they do those like focus group groups or send you an email and it’s like, [00:16:00] tell us what you like about this. And like, we want to live in Han Solo’s house. And it’s like, you know what I mean? And it’s, and I, and I get it. I, I get it. But like, I think we’ve said this, I know I say this to my friends, all times, fans ruin everything.


Justin: We can. Yeah.

Dan: like, you know, like people. That’s why like celebrities or like musicians, I think of specifically are like, you know are terrified of their fans cuz like they see them as this, like something that’s not hu almost like beyond human. Do you know what I mean? Like, like I’ll, I’ll use the Beatles as a for instance, like just like all the stuff that they created, you know, Paul McCartney’s kind of the, the last beetle, cuz Ringo’s not doing as far as I know.

Justin: Now he’s he’s come out and said it as like, stop, stop sending me emails. No more. I’m done.

Dan: Right. But it’s like I would, who would not kill to see Ringo and McCartney and then, you know Dave Grohl and some [00:17:00] other guy, you know but like fans have a tendency to ruin everything. They like you you’ll hear a lot of like, you know, toxic fans. This movie ruined my childhood and it.

Well, how the

Dan: did that happen? Like how did it ruin your childhood? You’re an adult, you know, like, did they go back in time ? No, they didn’t. They it’s a movie came out and you didn’t even have to go see it if you didn’t want to. You know what I mean?

Like grow the

Dan: off.

Justin: Yeah. And I, I think any like expansion of a universe is fine, there’s this meme type image on the internet. It’s like, think of Star Wars as a restaurant, you go in you order what you like off the menu, you don’t eat what you don’t like, and you don’t complain to the chef.

It’s, you know, like don’t watch that movie.

Dan: Right. And it’s like, and it’s an interesting analogy, cuz like in the middle of your Star Wars meal and you try to send it back and it’s just like, oh yeah. Well guess what, we’re gonna spit in your [00:18:00] Star Wars before we send it back to you. Okay. And we’re gonna heat it up on the microwave and you get the plate’s gonna be hot and go

Dan: yourself.

no. So like you were trying to compare the comic books to the Star Wars,

Justin: yeah, yeah, yeah,

Dan: so like, comic books have been around, you know, it’s a, for instance, Superman, like the, the thirties, you know, late thirties. So we’re dealing with like almost 90 years of storytelling and characters and people that you can introduce into this world.

So, like you just said like 400 years before the battle of Yavin. Right? So like in this, in the Luke Skywalker, the Skywalker, you know, realm you’ve got the well, I won’t say the original trilogy, but like, you know what’s the first one thet of the clones and then the thing. So you got those three and then you got the original trilogy.

So it’s like, it’s. The timing. So there’s supposed to, he’s supposed to be 18, right? Luke’s supposed to be 18 in new hope. [00:19:00] So there’s just this finite amount of time that, you know, you can work with. So then when you’re like all of a sudden you’re telling these stories and all these characters, like within months or a couple of years, and it’s supposed to take place and it’s just like, fine.

No, no, it’s. Like I loved Kenobi. I thought Kenobi was

Justin: yeah, yeah, yeah. I love Kenobi.

Dan: So Ewan McGregor is perfect. You know what I’m

Justin: I think he,

Dan: Obiwan Kenobi.

Justin: I saw him turn into Alec Guinness, you know, like I think he was, he did like, it was a seamless kind of transition, you know? And I, I know he put a lot of work into it and it wasn’t obvious to me what he was doing until I read about it. And I’m like, holy crap.

Yeah, he is. I, when going back and watching the original trilogy, he, he did a really good job with that.

Dan: Yeah, he and cause he is a great actor. He doesn’t take you out of it. I, they made Darth Vader as scary as he’s ever been.

Justin: mm-hmm

Dan: I love those last you know, saber fights[00:20:00]

Justin: mm-hmm

Dan: and you know, but once again, it ruins the cannon. If you’re gonna like, get into that, that level. Cause it’s like the, the first time they meet in the movies, is there two old men having a saber fight and they haven’t seen each other in years.

Do you know what I mean? So now it’s like, Obiwan Kenobi has met Leia you know, he’s, he can see Luke you know, he’s fighting Vader and it’s like, even though this, you know, 10 years, it’s still, that’s not a lot of time. When you think about how

Justin: but do you think, I mean, it still, it still lines up though, right? Like that’s how Leia knew who he was. And I mean, Luke knew about old Ben Kenobi. He knew there was a hermit,

Dan: Right that crazy ol’ hermit, but it’s, it’s just to me, like, when I’m thinking about it, when I’m watching it, the fight that they have, you know, where it’s like the janky, like,

Justin: Yes. Yeah. Yep.

Dan: And you know, they’re a thousand [00:21:00] years old. It makes it seem like they haven’t seen each other in 40 years.

Do you know what I.

Justin: Yeah, I

Dan: So now it’s like, it’s like, you just saw him on vacation like a couple of months ago. Do you know what I mean?

Justin: 10 years. Maybe.

Dan: Yeah. So like 10 years, like the old and the older you get, you realize how 10 years isn’t a lot of time, you know what I mean? So, but like once again, like kind of what I’m trying to say is you have to just put it aside and just enjoy it for what it’s

Justin: Yeah. I

Dan: and that’s. But, I mean, I’m a massive type of fans. Like bring it all the way back around What We Do in the Shadows his

Justin: So good.

Dan: And I love it. I like it more than the show and my friends get mad at me. And I love Matt Barry to death,

Justin: Yeah. Yeah, same.

Dan: the movie was so, and that’s just mys of humor, like dry, British humor, fly to the Concords.

Cuz I know that he was buddies with them. He directed a couple episodes and I think he wrote some of the stuff.

Justin: So What We Do in the Shadows is a like documentary style comedy, you know, film that Taika [00:22:00] directed about vampires. And then there’s also a series following the same concept. And I think both are quite good. Both are great. Good.

Dan: they’re both, and they’re both in their own. Right. But like I said, I love the movie. But yeah, it’s a Mo it’s like Spinal Tap with vampires and Spinal. Tap’s one of my favorite movies and like, it’s all like comedy directors, favorite movie, like. What’s it called Zoolander Ben Stiller. Like they, everyone refers back to that as like the, the ultimate it’s the funniest movie they’ve ever seen before.

And Taika is the same way. But Taika always tells stories with heart and that’s why I like him so much. So like

Justin: It’s such a good balance between that like silly, stupid thing, but also meaningful, emotional, real human experience stuff.

Dan: Did you see, I, I think we talked about it last, maybe we. Boy, his first, his first movie that was kind of like semi biographical.

Justin: I didn’t, no, I didn’t.

Dan: So it’s about a young boy growing up in New Zealand whose father’s kind of not around and it takes place in the eighties and [00:23:00] then Taika plays the father. So he just got out of prison and he’s there with like his boys and it’s, it’s touching.

And you know, you realize that he kind of doesn’t have any reverence for his father cuz his father wasn’t around his father was kind of a piece of .

Justin: Mm-hmm

Dan: But it’s just, he tells this like heartwarming story. That’s also like funny.

You know what I mean? So it’s it’s tone or like Hunt for the Wilderpeople fantastic.

Justin: Yeah, I there’s a few I wanna see. So Boy is definitely on the list and then Jojo Rabbit as well.

Dan: yes, that’s heartbreaking. Yeah.

Justin: So yeah, those so, and then Jojo rabbit, he plays Hitler. He plays an , a boy’s imaginary Hitler,

Dan: Well, so yeah, the, the kid in the movie, he’s you know, he’s growing up you know, in Nazi Germany and he’s like in the Hitler youth camps. And so he has this idealized version of Hitler that’s played by Taika. And so whether you know this or not, Taika’s mother is Jewish.

Justin: Yeah.

Dan: [00:24:00] So one of the things, one of the things that they work with in his is as he starts to realize that the Nazis are wrong, this kid the, his idealized version of Hitler starts to like get in chinks in the armor. You know what I mean? So it’s changing every time he shows up because there’s a, a little Jewish girl that, because his mother is secretly working for the resistance.

Justin: was that a spoiler? Wait, don’t spoil this one. Don’t spoil this one.

Dan: I didn’t say anything.

Justin: okay. Good.

Dan: It’s, it’s great. It’s really good. Some people are like, he made Hitler funny and it was like, yeah, cuz he’s taking the piss out of him.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah,

Dan: not trying to make him like soften your idea of Hitler.

Justin: Yeah. I was just watching something about him and he’s like, I started to do research on Hitler. I, I looked at, put some books in my car on Amazon, but I didn’t wanna spend any money on that. And then I decided I didn’t wanna research Hitler and I was kind of just gonna make fun of him. like, that’s probably the right approach.

Dan: we know, [00:25:00] we know everything we need to know about hill piece of

Justin: Yeah.

Dan: is.

Justin: And he made a good point too. It’s like, well, it like, it wasn’t like the Hitler he was playing was like the Hitler and a young boy’s imagination who probably won’t have a very accurate and historical account of Hitler himself. Even if he did live in, you know, Germany, contemporaneously,

Dan: Yeah. It’s yeah, it’s a really, and I think it’s on HBO max, so it’s, you know, I, I’m not sure you’re flying down to Bush gardens.

Justin: Driving, driving.

Dan: Woo. So yeah, you don’t wanna put that. A TV as you’re driving’s drive right off her bridge.

Justin: so, so what did, what’s your prediction? Oh, one more thing about Taika. And so did you hear he, he asked Natalie Portman because she was in Thor Love and Thunder as well. He’s like, would you ever consider being in a star movie

Dan: I did. And she was like, sure. Right. Didn’t she say something like that? She was, she was on board.

Justin: I think she mentioned she was in a, she had been in a Star Wars movie previously.

Dan: I [00:26:00] like did I think I tried to watch Revenge and Sith recently and like the whole idea of her just dying because she was sad . It’s just like, she’s, she’s dying of a broken heart. It’s like, she’s got two babies. Just be alive.

Justin: yeah,

Dan: care of the, love, your babies. So what your husband’s a loser.

Justin: I don’t know what the writer, Lucas, whoever was thinking with that, that was, that was too much.

Dan: Yeah, it was like on

Justin: Women are stronger than that. Like I, is he, is he married? Does he know any women? Has he ever seen childbirth?

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I, I have no idea.

And you know, what’s her name? Laura Dern was good as kind of the and was it Last Jedi? I,

Justin: Yeah, we, she, the captain

Dan: And she flew the ship. I thought it was so cool when she flew the ship at light speed into the destroyer and just exploded everything.

Like you’d never seen that before.

Justin: because it’s impossible. Because it’s impossible. can’t, you [00:27:00] can’t do that, but you can’t, you can’t, when you’re in light speed, you can’t interact physically with other objects. So they broke star wars physics for that, for that scene. And if you think about it, like, but there’s some like things that maybe kind of explain it, but you could just make like drone ships do that, that go into lights, put a hyper engine on any pilotless droid and just blast it into.

Dan: But then where, but then nobody dies.

Justin: Yeah,

Dan: that.

Justin: it, it totally broke physics. One, one person tried to explain it or said, this is maybe it’s so horrendous that it’s kind of like, there are intergalactic treaties against doing it. And that’s why we’ve never seen it before.

Dan: Mm-hmm

Justin: But I don’t know.

Dan: I just, like I said, it, it wasn’t Interstellar, you know, where they’re trying to get into theoretical physics and string theory and

Justin: right.

Dan: be. So I just like, I just believed that. And for listen, somebody said that that the, the Millennium Falcon [00:28:00] could make the Kele run in less than 12 Parsecs

okay. And that’s a unit of measure. It’s not a, it’s not a speed.

Justin: this is true. And then they fixed it in the Hondo and, and. But, and I’ve heard someone complain about that too. Like, you don’t need to fix everything. We don’t need to know what Chewbacca’s grandmother really meant when she

Dan: Right. And then the life debt, whatever the life debt was. But I mean, I wanna see what Chewbacca’s grandmother looks like. She’s wearing glasses, she’s got gray hair, you know, she’s Nanna, gun belt.

Justin: It’s an apron gun belt.

Dan: she’s got an apron gun belt in her B caster, and you know, she’s, she’s drinking whiskey in a big tree on KHI

Justin: See, so this is something I feel like we might see in a Ty away TD movie. And I’m I’m here for it. I’m excited about it.

Dan: Yes. Without a doubt, a wearing glasses is probably one of the funniest things and like the old lady glasses with like the necklace, you know,

Justin: Yes.

Dan: chew, [00:29:00] chew.

Justin: I can’t wait. I can’t wait. Yes. So that’s all I get to say about Taika Waititi. Have you, have you got anything?

Dan: I mean, like I said, his movies before he made Thor are fantastic, his Non-Marvel movies are out of this world. I think he’s like, he’s, he’s a really, he’s a brilliant creative person. I love his sense of humor. Um, And he also, like I said, he has heart and those stories that he tells, cuz he realizes like that’s the core, even a good, like a decent comedy, like Kingpins, not to like totally deviate, but there’s a heart to that story where they’re trying to save, you know, the Amish farm through bowling and then they ultimately save, you know, Munsen, and the the girlfriends, you know, they make, ’em realize that they’re living a life and they get to like, you know what I

Justin: That’s a Taika Waititi movie kingpin?

Dan: No, no, no, no, no, no. That’s Farely brothers. Like I said, I was getting way, but like I was saying, like the movies that I love, there’s always that [00:30:00] at its core, you know what I mean? You care about the characters and you realize that Ernie Munson is a piece of

Dan: , but he’s hilarious.

Justin: Yeah, that’s great. But, and, and I think that’s how you can tell something is funny when it’s next to something that isn’t funny. Right. Let me think about foils and characters. And I think maybe that’s what Taika did with Thor. I think he kind of plays against like the 2017 Thor is kind of a foil for the 2011.

Thor, and it’s kind of, the jokes hit a little differently when you, you don’t always quite expect it to come from like this serious space viking you know it, and when he does something silly, it’s just, it’s funnier, you know?

Dan: Ragnorok was it on the other day. And it’s the scene where he is talking to Dr. Strange, and then he’s fi helping him find Oden. And so he finds him and then before he goes to leave, he goes, don’t forget your umbrella. And he does, he calls his umbrella and you hear it crashing through all the walls and the distance.

And just to look on Dr. Strange’s [00:31:00] face is like,

Justin: That was a perfect scene. That is a perfect scene. They and well played by both of them. They’re both they’re they they’re so funny and they don’t say anything, you know, just waiting for that umbrella. Yeah.

Dan: It’s it’s. Yeah. Great. Great. And like, and that’s the thing, like a lot of the reasons why, like the Sony Marvel movies weren’t as good cuz they try to like make it not a comic book movie. Whereas I feel like Taika dives into it. Like he was using a lot of like the Jack Kirby color and the art and the way that his designs look when they’re on the planet, where they find Hulk and Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Goldblum is so funny.

But like,

Justin: I see that with the colors too much more vibrant and popping. Yeah.

Dan: yeah. And so like if like, there’s this one Jack Kirby, they call him the king. Right? Cause they talk about the way that he drew comics and he changed the whole game.

Justin: Mm.

Dan: But like, he was really into space stories. And like, I used to think his art was kind of simplistic and boring [00:32:00] when I was reading comics as a kid, but I follow like Kirby art on Instagram and they’ll post like panels.

And he was incredible, like, like so incredible. And I feel like Taika uses that to also kind of, you know, his palette when he is creating these movies. He uses real comics as a, you know, idea, I guess.

Justin: I do, I love the aesthetic of the last two. Thor movies. I it’s, it’s interesting. It is a interesting and vibrant universe. Yeah. And I think if, if, and one more, I’ll say one more thing about Taika if anyone can bring back Jar Jar Binx, it’s gonna be Tyco ITD.

Dan: Wouldn’t wouldn’t that? So make him a bad

Justin: yeah. there you go.

Dan: Like Simon peg had a thing where he was talking about toxic fandom and he came on, he hated jar jar binks and he didn’t realize like what a hard time, the actor that portrayed jar jar binks [00:33:00] had after that

Justin: I believe

Dan: just due to the backlash. Cause he was just, he was excited to be in the star wars movie.

You know what I mean? And then to have everyone universally hate. This guy is like, you don’t realize there’s a human being, that’s playing this person. You know what I mean? And they got feelings and it’s hard to kind of shake off millions of people. Don’t like you,

Justin: Yeah. Yeah. Like really? Don’t like you a lot.

Dan: yeah. And it’s, and it’s, it’s like, wow.

So I would love that, that a redemptive Jar Jar Binks story. I am there. He’s a, he’s a Jedi

Justin: I in 2025, Taika Waititi T Natalie Portman, Simon. Peg you said

Dan: Yeah.

Justin: Binks It’s just called Binks

Dan: see I’m on board.

Justin: All right, Dan, thank you so much for taking the time to come by today and, and talk. I, I hope to have you back again soon. Gonna keep the streak up.

Dan: Yeah. Saf e journey on your Vay-cay and [00:34:00] I hope you have a great time at the old Busch Gardens

Justin: thank you so much, Dan take care.

Dan: All right later, bud.


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