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Ep55- News and Soarin’ Trivia!


In Highly Suspect Headlines we discover Walt and Roy Disney are added to Enchanted Firework Spectacular, if Disney really doubles price of Galactic Starcruiser experience, if the D23 Livestream will cost money, and if Danny DeVito was confirmed to play Philoctetes in upcoming live action remake of Hercules. Wired video featuring Danny Devito: Trivia topic is Soarin’. We mentioned the youtube channel Living in Diz. You can check them out here: You can also hear our interview with Cory and Jill on Episode 16. Check out the website for transcripts! Tell your friends for whom transcripts might be helpful! __________________________________________






Cold Open

Justin: [00:00:00] So Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party. What would be the big draw for you?

Autumn: Oh, I honestly mainly it’s just,, Magic Kingdom at night.

Justin: Magic kingdom at night is pretty cool.

Autumn: Yeah, no, just everything about magic kingdom at night cooler, less people, the lights certainly some of the entertainment Halloween is cool. Mm-hmm yeah, those would be my big draws.

Justin: Yeah. I, I agree. Magic Kingdom at night is awesome. And

Would you dress up, for the event?

Autumn: Yes. This would be something I, and I am not into dressing up at all for anything ever.

Justin: No,

Autumn: It’s very uncomfortable for me.

Justin: Okay.

Autumn: I’m very uncomfortable doing that always.

Justin: So what do you think you would be for Mickey’s Halloween party? What would you dress up at?

Autumn: I would probably dress up as one of the villains.

Justin: Ooh.

Autumn: That I, that I like,

Justin: Which villain?

Autumn: Probably try to be Hades or Ursula. Those are my three favorite villains.

Justin: Can I be one of your henchmen? Yeah, that would be great.

Autumn: Yeah.

Justin: All right.

Autumn: That’d be awesome.Justin: Done.

Justin: [00:00:00] Welcome back. And welcome new friends to the easy digit podcast.

Autumn: Hey everyone.

Justin: I’m Justin, a hyper nerd travel planner and a behavior analyst

Autumn: and I’m Autumn, a new-ish Disney enthusiast. . and a clinical social worker

Justin: newish. Now you’re newish. Okay.

Autumn: Newish. Yep.

Justin: Here on Easy Diz It, we try to have some fun talking about Disney entertainment and the Disney parks. We do news. We do trivia and we share the feedback that we get from our listeners. That’s you you’re listening. So you are a listener. We love to share those ideas out. We love to share our own. And really with the focus on staying happy and healthy in the parks. So is that right? Autumn. Am I accurate

Autumn: there? I think that’s accurate. That’s what we do. We really like to, we like to talk about Disney. We certainly have a lens that I think is part of our personality and our professions.

Mm-hmm , which is why we, we mentioned that. But really like to talk about how to make Disney. How to make travel to Disney, fun. How to make it mindful,

Justin: maybe a little bit easier, maybe how to Diz it a little bit easier, easier,

Autumn: a little [00:01:00] ease into your Diz yeah. And that that’s where we’re about.

Justin: Yeah. All right, autumn. So how are you doing

Autumn: in this moment?

Justin: In this moment right now? How’s it going?

Autumn: It’s good. I feel very sore. Mm-hmm. And accomplished.

Justin: All right. You did a lot of stuff today. You moved a lot of stuff around. I saw you while I was a lot of stuff sitting in a Chaiz lounge, sipping a margarita. I saw you moving around a lot today, so. God bless you.

Autumn: Yeah, we did our daughters with thank you, Lala and Papa. Mm-hmm what our daughter calls my parents.

And so, so Justin and I were able to get some grunt house things done. That was very physical. Yes. So I love that because I love to feel accomplished. Yeah. And I love to move. So it’s like, oh, I get to work out too, which I don’t always regularly get to do. So it’s nice. But I am I am a little sore now.

Justin: Yeah. It was very UN Disney and it is a very UN Disney day. So I’m mad about it. So let’s instance. So let’s do a podcast. [00:02:00] all right. So would you like to hop right in with some of the news?

Autumn: I would like to start with trivia,

Justin: you know, it’s funny. I was thinking about this today. and I was thinking, you know what trivia.

Because we’ve gone back and forth with this mm-hmm and I’m mostly against it, but I think trivia actually might be better to lead with. Ooh, because it’s a bit more evergreen than news and they always, you know, it’s important for some, for podcasts to be listenable to at a later point, because it’s not something that, you know, you have to listen to every week.

So I don’t know what maybe, maybe we let’s do trivia again and then I’d love for the listeners out there. What do you think, do you think we should be doing news first or trivia first? all right on. Let’s start with trivia.

Autumn: Yeah, that’s great. so this theme is you’re gonna just be like, wow. Wow.

Today couldn’t have been any crazier because the theme is actually Soarin and we literally, just yeah. I didn’t tell Justin no watch Living in Diz yeah. Who we love, you should check them out. Do a lot of live streaming.

Justin: It’s a YouTube live streaming channel. Thank you. Yep. Living in Diz with a Z.

Autumn: Yeah. So we were ju we were just watching it [00:03:00] together. It’s kind of like a relax after doing the physical labor of the day mm-hmm and, and Soarin was on. And I’m like,

Justin: get the Disney vibe.

Autumn: Anything don’t say anything, but it it’s perfect. I think it’s perfect. So Soarin’ is the theme today,

Justin: so, all right, let’s talk about Soarin’.

Autumn: Take a moment, pull up all your Soarin factoids.

Justin: Got ’em all.

Autumn: all right, you ready? For the first one?

Justin: The Taj Maha is CGI

Autumn: Thanks. Living in Diz. All right. Number one, Soarin’ first opened in Disney, California Adventure in 2001.

Justin: That’s correct.

Autumn: It didn’t make its appearance in Epcot until what year?

Justin: You said 2001 for DCA. Mm-hmm


Autumn: Oh, I gotta give that to you. 2005.

Justin: Oh 2005.

Autumn: That very, very good. Yeah. This was the 50th anniversary of Disneyland.

Justin: Got it.

Autumn: They had opened it up over in Disney world.

Justin: Yeah, I was there in 2006 and it was new. So that’s why I was thinking yeah. Was new. It was, well, you said it was open in [00:04:00] 2005, so yeah.

Autumn: Oh, that’s exciting. Yep. Yep. You wrote it new, new, yeah.

Justin: yeah. Before that, because now it’s it’s so across Soarin” over the world or Soarin across the world. Yeah. It used to be based on the, the Disney, California landscape. .

Autumn: Mm. Okay. Ready? Yes. Next question. Number two. The theme of, so mm-hmm, switched from Soarin over California to Soarin around the world.

Justin: yeah, that’s true.

Autumn: What year did this change happen? I’ll give you hint was in the two thousands.

Justin: yeah. Ooh, this is tough. I’ll say first that people. At first, they switched it over to Disney world, which makes sense. But then they switched it over at DCA. And boy, you wanna make some Californians angry? You take away their don’t change. They’re soaring over California.

Yeah, that made them pretty mad and now they bring it back every once in a while. I’m pretty sure that’s the case. Okay. It wasn’t stalling there. Let’s say 2012.

Autumn: Very close. Okay. No cigar in 2016, [00:05:00] 2016 change.

Justin: Okay.

Autumn: So recent, more recently than I thought.

Justin: Yeah. You wouldn’t know by looking at that CGI CGI Taj Mahal come on.

Autumn: It’s beautiful. But it is, yeah. The Taj Mahal is one of the very clearly CGI. Yeah. And a lot of the other ones are not. Yeah. So hopefully they’ll change that.

Justin: Well, they’re not going to, I think in, we were just talking about it while we were watching it. I, I don’t think like the amount of tourists at the Taj Mahal at any given time, I think would preclude it from getting that like clean shot that they want.

Easy Diz Bot: Well, I can’t say anything about the presence of tourists being a factor, but in 2006, the Indian government did restrict the airspace in a 7.4 kilometer radius surround the TA Mahal, unless Disney were able to receive special permissions. This would prevent them from filming with helicopters.

Autumn: Mm. Right. Ready it for number

Justin: three, I am ready for number three.

Autumn: Okay. The idea. For Soarin’ mm-hmm

Justin: it was my idea. Actually.

Autumn: It was your [00:06:00] idea. Justin, Lopes’s idea.

Justin: Yes.

Autumn: The idea for Soarin’ was first proposed in 1996. Oh. But it didn’t open until 2001. During this time, the concept of Soarin’ was known as.

Justin: Oh, what, what was it called?

Well, like the working concept title. Oh I felt like I know this. Yeah. I might know it or I might have known it at one point. I think the word hang glider or the concept of glider is in there somewhere like gliding adventure or hang gliders around the world. Something kind of like that.

Yeah, I’m gonna just say, yeah, hang gliding, adventure,

Autumn: hang, gliding adventure incorrect. It, the concept was actually known as ultra flight

Justin: ultra flight. Okay. okay.

Autumn: So yeah. Fun facts.

Justin: That’s pretty good. Ultra flight.

Autumn: That’s right before they had like a full name for it. The idea was. This is what the imagineers would’ve called.

Justin: We’re working on ultra flight right now, ultra. So I would say that

Autumn: I love that name flight of, [00:07:00] I think it’s better than Soarin right.

Justin: so I guess you could say like Flight of Passage also utilizes ultra flight technology.

Autumn: yes.

Justin: Which I gotta tell you. I did not know the first time I rode that ride mm-hmm I had no idea that I was suspended in a large theater, like, just like Soarin

Autumn: oh yeah.

Justin: I thought the screen was just in front of me. I had no idea. And I think, well, because it has a floor, it has a ceiling and has walls. You’re just,

Autumn: it just drop off. Doesn’t the floor drop.

Justin: The floor does not drop off.

Autumn: Oh, I thought it does in Flight a Passage,

Justin: i, I mean, I’ll double check next time, but I’m pretty sure it does not.

You stay in your little thing. Oh, okay. But this last time I rode it, knowing that it we’re in a massive theater, I looked to the left. And I saw it. I saw like that I was in this enormous theater and it kind

Autumn: the whole like full likes fully.

Justin: Yeah. I could see the other, you know, cartridges facing the screen, the people cartridges, whatever.

Yeah. Wow. Facing the screen. So it took me out of it for a second, but once you get back to the screen and then the, the actual screen that I had this time, it wasn’t as central as last time. So the lensing was a little bit more pronounced.

Autumn: Yeah. [00:08:00] Middle seats are the best for Flight of Passage and for Soarin and absolutely.

Yeah. That makes. All right. You ready for the last one?

Justin: Let’s go.

Autumn: The area where sore is located in EPCO mm-hmm was previously home to what show? Hmm. Now this is new. I have no idea. I’ve never heard of this

Justin: before, right? Okay. So basically where is Soarin’ and what was there first? Yes. So we’re in Epcot, as you said, and we’re in future world, right?

Mm. The pavilion that we are in is the Land pavilion. Mm. , which is interesting, cuz Soarin takes place in the sky.

Autumn: Mm.

Justin: So you’d think it’d be the sky pavilion.

Autumn: It’s not,

Justin: it’s not, it’s not the sky. There’s not it’s the sky annex of the land pavilion. okay. So we’re in the land pavilion and you’re asking me what show you’re and you’re you’re saying the word show, which I find interesting.

It’s a sh you’re telling me it’s a show I’m telling you. well, in the land pavilion, we have Living with the Land, which is a great ride. Everyone [00:09:00] loves. Mm. And we also have a restaurant that’s unique in that it rotates.

Autumn: Mm. Yeah. We have to check this out. We haven’t been,

Justin: yeah. The garden, the Garden Grill.

You can also find chip and Dale there in there’s rotating restaurant.

Autumn: Is it garden grill or California grill?

Justin: It’s a garden grill. California grill is on top of the Contemporary. Ah, yes. Another great grill location. . All right. So we’ve got a show that was in The Land pavilion. you really think all I could, it just keeps coming back in my head.

Veggie veggie fruit fruit, cuz this is, this was like a show at the end. It was at the end of the living at the land run.

Autumn: That’s why you’re not wrong. Yes, you are correct about what you’re thinking. Hmm. But what was the name of the show?

Justin: I don’t know. The, oh, oh, the name of the veggie veggie Pruit show.

No, no, no. Oh, because that was what, that’s the. I can’t even remember the name of that actually, but it’s like bunch of fruits and vegetables, singing and stuff. Yeah.

Autumn: So fruits and vegetables are,

Justin: The the grocery Calvicade the grocery Cade. What do we

Autumn: call fruits [00:10:00] and vegetables

Justin: there. Produce the produce production.

Think bigger. God. Give it to me. I don’t got it. I do not have it.

Autumn: Food Rocks food. The, of the show. Oh, that is, I dunno about this. I wanna know what it is.

Justin: Tell me about it. Well, I don’t know actually about Food Rocks, unless that’s where veggie fruit fruit comes from, but I’m, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

I think veggie veggie fruit fruit is the song that comes from the end of living with the land, but I may be wrong. Oh, I may be wrong. I,

Autumn: well, we’ll have to check. I have never I’m like food rocks. I have no idea. Yeah. Throw it to our research department previously. Yeah.

Easy Diz Bot: Kitchen cabaret was the name of the show featuring veggie veggie fruit fruit kitchen cabaret was replaced by food rocks in 1994. As far as I can tell kitchen cabaret or veggie veggie fruit fruit was never part of the living with the land attraction.


Where food rocks was. So I wonder. What that was why it left.


Justin: Probably. Cause it was not entertaining.

Autumn: yeah, it was, it had been there for a while. [00:11:00] Well food. So I went a few different places cuz I was thinking, living with the land. So I’m like, is this like food rocks? Are they like yeah. You know, or is it like food rocks. Woo. And we’re like living with the land and we’re thankful for food.

Mm-hmm and there’s a show about. yeah, I think farming,

Justin: I don’t know. Yeah. I think Epcot, you know, in its conception was supposed to be largely educational and some people like that, but I think a lot of the feedback they got was we don’t want to learn Ana theme park or we don’t want to know that we’re learning, you know, so they’ve over the years and I think what was cool in the seventies and eighties is, is not so cool anymore.

And yeah. Things get replaced. Mm-hmm mm-hmm

Autumn: . So that’s it. So you answered the four, Soarin questions I did for A Stumps J show

Justin: that worked out really well.

Autumn: Had you like that? We haven’t done Soarin or EPCOT a lot, honestly, for trivia.

Justin: How do you feel about Soarin you just watched the video on Soarin? Is that something you think you can ride?

Autumn: That’s cool. I think I’m, I’m more positive and optimistic about riding it now, after seeing I’ve seen the video, I, I had no idea really what it was.

Justin: There was a good tip for you [00:12:00] if there’s some rides and well, I think the thing was with this one is you didn’t, we didn’t watch that one. like, I’m like, Autum, it’s fine.

It’s a real chill ride. You’re gonna be fine on this. There’s no ups and downs, but when we’re in line, we were watching the, the advisory video with, with, with Gronk.

Autumn: And then there are a few things too. And the first time I was pregnant yeah. And there was like two signs that were like, you really? If you’re like, I have any emotion sensitivity.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah.

Autumn: And I’m like, oh yeah, Nope. yeah, yeah, Nope. I’ve done. But I did. I was in line for it for a lot of the thing. Then I was like, you know what? This isn’t gonna be worth it if. No,

Justin: and I think this is good. Cuz we talked about you not wanting to ride Flight of Passage last time you should ride. So before you ride flight a passage.

Yes, definitely. All right. So, oh, speaking of bronc, what the news? Well, before we get to news, speaking of Gronk last episode, we talked about watching the Emperors New Groove and we watched the emperor’s new groove. We watched about two thirds

Autumn: of the emperor’s new groove. I fell asleep and I think so Justin,

Justin: I gave up on it.

Autumn: I was just tired. Yeah. I wasn’t, I wasn’t like, I, [00:13:00] I didn’t find it not interesting. I was, I was exhausted. I

Justin: liked it kind of, it’s very silly slapstick. There’s a lot of like cartoon noises in it. Yes. Like whoomp whoomp all that stuff, you know? Yeah. It was what I. David spade is in it. I didn’t hate the fact that David spade was in it.

I thought he was fine in it. Mm-hmm I loved Gronk. It was silly. It was like a silly nineties cartoon to me, like a Saturday morning cartoon. That was long. Yeah. And will I go back and finish it? I’m not sure. I’m not sure,

Autumn: actually I will. I need to just know I need to, there’s been years and I’ve seen like, yeah, I’ve gotten to like that part in the movie and I just, yeah, something happens.

So I do, I do wanna finish it.

Justin: All right.

Autumn: So I wanna, this is a side. This is, this is my brain having a thing. Mm-hmm . So you talked about. . I can’t remember the actor’s name, but who does the, the interlude for Soarin he also, for those of you listening likely to be millennials that were into the books, a series of unfortunate events by Leminy Snickets.

So the same author in the [00:14:00] movies that were done on. Is the same author who plays, who plays Leminy Snickets in, in his I’m sorry. I keep calling

Justin: him Gronk. It’s Kronk. It is Kronk. It’s Kronk. And then the actor’s name. I looked it up is Patrick Warburton.

Autumn: That’s what it is.

Justin: So you’re saying he’s, he’s a very movie.

Yeah, he’s got a very distinct voice. He was Seinfeld he’s what you said, he’s the He’s the narrator for Leminy Snickets.

Autumn: SNS. Yeah. He plays he, well, yeah, he plays Leminy Snickets and, but anyway, series,

Justin: he plays Leminy Snickets. I thought Jim Carey.

Autumn: No, he, no, Jim Carey doesn’t play Leminy Snickets is the author. Oh.

Justin: And the author

Autumn: narrates.

Got it. An author narrates it. Yeah. Any who is. One of still to this day. And it was like, again, this is like middle high school, similar to Harry Potter, like written for, but one of my, my favorite books in book series ever beautifully written, I would love, love, love, love, love for Disney to get some rights to that.

I would, that would, I would be on a plane. Yeah. Tomorrow to, to have a Series of Unfortunate Events [00:15:00] come to life. Oh, like my favorite time. Oh, that would be nice. That would be cool. So I’m gonna put that out there. Dis good Disney listen up. And if you were into a series of Unfortunate events of unfortunate Events, please I would love to hear from you.

I wanna connect

Justin: I do. All right. So while people are firing up their emails to see send a message to Easy Diz It podcast, to connect with Autumn over Leminy Snickets I’m gonna talk about highly suspect headlines and what highly suspect headlines are. They, but they are not, well, what they are is how we do news on the Easy Diz It podcast.

So yeah, we’re gonna do news, but instead of just shooting out these headlines,

Autumn: being boring,

Justin: being boring, like the Wall Street Journal I’m gonna give autumn some headlines and some of them are going to be true verifiable facts, and some of them are gonna be outright lies and Autumn’s gonna have to figure out which one is which, and I encourage you to do the same.

Autumn: Yeah. It’s fun. Play along. [00:16:00]

Justin: but you, I mean, you don’t have to, we’re not gonna make you,

Autumn: we’re not gonna make you, but I, you are gonna be a better person. Yeah. And you’re gonna feel better.

Justin: You’re gotta have a better day.

Autumn: You’re got like a little bit of a grudge mood right now. I understand it. Yeah. But just try it.

You might just, you might make you smile.

Justin: Just play along. All right. Headline number one. Mm. Walt and Roy Disney added to Enchanted firework. Spectacular. Ex spectacular. Read that. Yeah. Walt andf Roy Disney added to the enchanted firework, spectacular. The enchanted firework show.

Autumn: It’s added that’s new to what they have changed it already.

I wanna say it’s true.

Justin: This is true. Yeah. Ah, so this, it came out as kind of like a rumor of speculation a couple weeks ago, cuz someone actually got some footage from the Contemporary of, and they saw on the projection on the castle of Walt and Roy. Yeah. And, but no it’s been added it’s part of the show now and it’s nice.

They do like they, they, I, I it’s on YouTube. You can check it. [00:17:00] He talk, you know, Walt says a couple things talks about, you know, what Disneyland is and all that stuff. And then Roy comes on talking, dedicate like pieces of his dedication to Walt in 1971. Oh, wow. And then Mickey comes up and talks a little bit too, of course, but it’s cool because like that’s what the 50th anniversaries, you know, So supposed to be about that’s right?

Like the founding of Disney world. Right. We haven’t got much of that. It’s been very absent and a lot of people have said that, you know, like even day one, October 1st, they expected more Walt in the park and there really wasn’t anything, you know, there was nothing. And so, yeah, it’s, it’s interesting. Do you have any inclination?

Do, do you have any idea why this might be

Autumn: my only guess would be fear of. How that would be perceived, right? Like their thought process is constantly what is going to get people here. Yeah. And I think there might have been fear of like, oh, if we make it too much, that then like, this is gonna be a very select group of people that really would wanna hear from Walt like, but like the parks, but they’re, they’re not necessarily, [00:18:00] they’re a lot of people might be kind of disconnected from wanting to know.

I don’t know, emergent stories

Justin: yeah, no, that’s that makes sense.

Autumn: But I, I agree and I agree, like, there is, there’s like, you know, certain treats and things like that, but I, I, I also feel like there was just some general, like, I don’t know, more genuine. 50th celebration events happening. Yeah, it doesn’t seem,

Justin: I’m not saying you need to have like a hundred foot audio animatronic, Walt Disney shaking everyone’s hand.

That would be right, but there’s gotta be something you gotta, you gotta throw diehard fans, something here and there. Yeah.

Autumn: You, because there are a lot of ’em. I mean, there’s a lot, there’s enough.

Justin: But there’s, you know the people speculate here and there, and there have been some indications that the Walt Disney company is stepping away from Walt Disney a little bit.

And there’s some, you know, like I guess what in July 17th the anniversary of the opening of Disneyland, they usually play his opening speech every year mm-hmm and this year they didn’t. Right. There’s been rumors. I, you know, oh, that is weird about, and I think there are rumors based on maybe [00:19:00] some surveys that came out, maybe with typos, but that Walt Disney world might be looking to change its name to just Disney world, because that’s what everyone calls it, Disney world kind of getting away from the Walt Disney thing.

So I, I wonder why that is. I mean, alright. So Walt Disney was born in 1901. Right. Yes. He’s a white man that was born in 1901

Autumn: he’s a product of 1901. I don’t know much about his biography and

Justin: we don’t have to know that, you know, and I know there’s like a lot of speculation and there’s a lot, people have said a lot of terrible things about Walt Disney.

That aren’t true, but there’s also been a lot of idolization idol, idealization hundred percent of Walt Disney. That’s mm-hmm unfounded, you know? So he’s a white dude that was born in 1901. He’s going there are going to, if we could replay his life. Right now mm-hmm , there would be some real problematic things in there.

Autumn: Absolutely.

Justin: And I wonder if it’s maybe just Disney understanding that, you know, maybe some things could come out. We want to hedge against this a little bit, you know? Right. I, I don’t know.

Autumn: Well, and over celebration of someone that they might very well know. Right. Might have [00:20:00] done things today that were, that were hurtful.

Yeah. So I mean, distasteful at the least,

Justin: and, and, and the company, it has to be mindful of its image. You know what I mean?

Autumn: Yeah.

Justin: But at the same time, I mean, they have statues of Walt in Disney world.

Autumn: Yeah.

Justin: You know, and it’s not like we’re getting away from Walt Disney at all. It’s just maybe the, the forward facing stuff that they’re trying to show to people who are just learning about Disney.

Now isn’t going to be Walt centric. Mm. You know, I mean,

Autumn: where can, this is interesting. I would love if you are listening and you’ve heard anything about this. I’d love to talk, but too, I just wonder where else we could get more information on that, cuz that is surprising to me. What’s surprising that they would remove to that level, like say possibly getting rid of Walt in the name because that’s,

Justin: I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

I think that was a rumor based on a but, or maybe not, maybe not. I mean, it was reported on the Disney Dish podcast and they’re usually pretty good. They are, but, you know, rumors happen to, you know,

Autumn: right. Okay. Wow.

Justin: So, yeah, we’ll see what happens. And like, I mean, I, [00:21:00] I love Walt I think what he did was pretty amazing.

I think what Roy did is pretty amazing.

Autumn: He there’s so much behind that him, you know, they’re making a movie, making it happen is unbelievable.

Justin: They’re making a movie for Disney plus about the creation of Disneyland. Oh, yeah. So that’ll be good. I can’t wait for that to come out. That’s it’s no, I couldn’t get a release

Autumn: land, definitely Walt. Disney World, the more I hear and learn was really was Roy because he, he died several years before, so like

Justin: Disney dreamed it up. Roy made it happen.

Autumn: Right. Right.

Justin: All right. Ready for the next headline?

Autumn: Yes.

Justin: Disney nearly doubles the price of galactic star cruiser experience.

Autumn: doubles, nearly doubles,

Justin: Disney, nearly doubles the price of galactic star cruiser experience.

Autumn: Would you Jack it up now? It just opened in, am I correct? This past March?

Justin: Mm-hmm that’s right. Good.

Autumn: No, that’s false.

Justin: It is false. This is a highly suspect headline, but can I tell you something? Yeah, this is a [00:22:00] real, highly suspect head. This is from that culprit the most loathed oh my gosh. The most loathed news. I don’t even want to, I can’t even call it news, but Inside The Magic, this website, this click by website,

Autumn: that is always incorrect information.

Justin: That is a headline. From this website, oh, Disney nearly doubles the price of Galactic Star Cruiser experience. And what they do is they post these headlines that are pretty much lies, but there there’s like a grain of truth. And if you look at the words a slightly different way, you see that it is a true headline.

Autumn: Right? Right.

Justin: So you, okay. So before we get started, so this is not true Disney, they did. They did release dates up to September, 2023. Prices are about the same right. Prices are about the same. Okay. So if you wanna book one of those, Hey, I’ll book it for you.

Autumn: Exactly.

Justin: That aside up to September of 2023, and the prices are about the same. Let’s just get that out of the way. This is, this is a false headline, but if you look at it closely, there’s no comment in the headline, but Disney nearly doubles the price. [00:23:00] If you put an indefinite article here, which they somehow left out, they did double, nearly double the price of a Galactic Star Cruiser experience.

Autumn: So did they say a, or they didn’t say

Justin: no, they didn’t say a. Because they’re liars cuz they’re filthy liars.

Autumn: Oh,

Justin: so , there is an experience on the star cruiser called the Captain’s Table. And the deal was before for 30 bucks you get like extra courses. Plus you get to sit with the Captain it’s in the middle of everything

Autumn: I’m doing it, absolutely.

Justin: Absolutely. It’s a great deal. At $30, they increase the price of this experience. To $50, in my opinion, still a very good deal.

Autumn: Yeah.

Justin: Still a very good deal. Yep. Or at least it’s still reasonable to me in the, in the grand scheme of things. If I’m getting extra food and I get to sit with a captain fine, I’ll pay an extra $50 for the people in my party.

Autumn: Yeah.

Justin: And so, but yeah, so that’s the experience. And let me tell you something, I mean, everyone, go ahead, grab you pull over to the side of the road. If you’re driving. Pull out your calculator wrap. Okay.[00:24:00]

going from, I’m imagining you doing this going from 30 to 50. Is not nearly doubling. Okay. No, no. We’re talking about a 66% increase, right? We’re talking about a two third increase, right? 66% is not nearly 100%, right? It is not. It is two thirds of 100%. Right. That’s infuriating to me. They’re they’re Ugh.

Autumn: I can tell why they do it though. If you look at yeah, no,

Justin: Cause it’s sensationalism. Yeah. Cause it’s sensationalism. Oh, nearly doubles. Inside the Magic I’m if there’s one goal that this podcast has, is to take down Inside the Magic.

Autumn: Oh man. Fighting words,

Justin: taking ’em down.

Autumn: All right. All right. I think we should move on. Let’s move forward.

Justin: Well, I can go another 20 minutes on Inside the Magic.

Autumn: we’re gonna move on.

Justin: All right. Headline number three. Can I just back up and just say one more thing. I just wanna make it real clear that Disney did not double the price. They did not increase substantially the price of the Galactic Star Cruiser experience.

Not at all. Thank you. All [00:25:00] right. Next headline. D 23 live stream will cost $99 for access to a limited lineup of panels and events. So while you’re thinking about that just a little background, the D 23 is a convention that is held every other year and they have it’s, you know, for Disney enthusiasts and they have lots of panels from Marvel national geographic.

The parks discussion. Usually a lot of news is released.

Autumn: Read it one more time, please?

Justin: Sure. So the D 23 live stream will cost $99 for access to a limited lineup of panels and events.

Autumn: Normally this, I, I thought this is a private, like, you pay a lot of money to go.

Justin: It does cost a good amount of money to get into.

Autumn: Cause I, cause this would, this is a part of dizzy that I, I think I’d be interested in go in going to at some point. Yeah. Yeah. You can be like, just response to me. Costs money. You need to make

Justin: more money. Yeah. Well it costs money. It’s not that expensive, but it’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money for like a weekend, you know?

Autumn: Well, let’s say this is true.

Justin: This is false. Oh, they’re live streaming for free. You could [00:26:00] check this out. Isn’t that? Cool.

Autumn: that’s awesome. So it’s like, I can be there.

Justin: We can. Well, we can, yeah, we can watch a limited selection of lineup.

Autumn: So September in one year Tom Hiddleston the actor that plays Loki they, he was there.

He was there. Ah, but he wasn’t planning to come out and do a thing and they’re like, no, we want you to go out and we want you to you’re Loki like you’re not going in to go out. As you have just be Loki you need to like go out and character it, I think. And I always talk clip of this and I was like, I can’t miss this again.

Justin: So, so this year it’s September 9th through 11th.

Autumn: Oh. So we can watch that.

Justin: Yeah, we can definitely watch this. And I think we should, they’re gonna have their legends award ceremony where they like honor people that have, you know, made contributions or that are like big inside the Disney company. And now also related, you know, the brands that they’ve absorbed, you know, as well.

Oh, this year’s honorees include. Kristen Bell Chadwick, Bozeman. Um,

Autumn: Thank you. What’s amazing.

Justin: Yeah. And some other people, I, I don’t know, but are probably pretty cool. Oh, Josh GAD. Josh GAD is also getting it.. [00:27:00] Good for Josh GAD.

Autumn: Do we know what the cost of D 23 is? I

Justin: don’t know. I

Autumn: don’t know.

Is it available? Is this isn’t something that’s just for like what’s the word, like, you know how the white house has like correspondence to this, like you and I couldn’t go wanted to, no, we

Justin: go, it’s a convention to D 23 is a fan club. You join D 23, you join the fan club, which we are. We’re like, you can join for free.

You can join the fan club for free and we are that free level. And then you can pay more, but then they also have a convention every other year. And does

Autumn: it take place in Disney?

Justin: It’s in Anaheim.

Autumn: Oh, it’s in California. Yeah. All the time. Never in Florida.

Justin: That’s right.

Autumn: Oh, interesting.

Justin: Yep. That’s right.

What else they got here talking pets with the vets of national geographic. They have a Bob burger’s panel at 12:00 PM. Wow. Well, these are all Pacific times.

Saturday, September 10th at 3:00 PM. Eastern Bob burger’s panel. That’s gonna be good. That won’t be good at 5:00 PM. They got Marvel comic celebrating 60 years of the amazing Spider-Man. Ooh. Right. And so what I think the real gold, where the real gold is gonna be the one I’m we, we should set an alarm to make sure we watch is [00:28:00] on Sunday.

Oh, which is when sometimes we record on Saturday or Friday, but I think we should record late on Sunday because at.

10 30 Pacific or one 30 Eastern. Mm. It’s a boundless future Disney parks, experiences and products. So this is where the, this is where the news is gonna come out. Oh yeah. Join Disney Park’s experiences and products. Chairman Josh D’maro for a look at Disney’s boundless future with announcements and updates on the magic happening around the world in parks, on the high seas at home and beyond wait and beyond.

Like, what is besides the

Autumn: no beyond? I mean, they have a lot of parks.

Justin: Yeah. But beyond the parks that seas. Oh. And home what’s beyond that, the, the tundra I guess the Tundra attendees will get a behind the scenes. Look at the big dreams of Disney Imagineers. Every Disney fan will be, want to be part of this special presentation, full of exciting news and surprises.

Autumn: Cool. Yeah. So this is, this is upcoming. [00:29:00] Yeah.

Justin: So we’ll be there for that. Wow. We’ll be there.

Autumn: Wow. Ooh, that is exciting. I want there to be some news about Encanto and Turning Red

Justin: I almost had an Encanto headline for you, but it was another Inside the Magic one and they tricked me again. Oh, they saying that Encanto is going to be released again, you know, it’s getting released to one they’re one theater, just one theater in California’s playing it.

El Capitain oh, that’s not news inside the magic. Oh, Are you ready for the last one?

Autumn: We’re about to get some nasty mail bag next week.

Justin: oh, we got Inside the Magic stans out there. No, that’s the thing. No one likes this website. Yeah. Everyone’s frustrated because they click on the link. They think they’re getting some juicy news and they’re getting ads and nothing and fluff it’s

Autumn: happened to me.

I’ve done that.

Justin: right. Ready for this last headline.

Autumn: Ready.

Justin: Danny DeVito confirmed to play. Oh, I’m so bad at this name. Philoctetes his character flock fit flock, TDS, Philip TIS, Danny DeVito, [00:30:00] confirmed to play Philoctetes in up in upcoming live action. Remake of Hercules. Yeah.

Autumn: You’re not allowed to do this to me.

read it one more time.

Justin: Do I have to say his name? Philoctetes?

Autumn: no, just say Phil. They call him

Justin: film. Okay. Danny DeVito confirmed to play Phil an upcoming live action. Remake of Hercules.

What’s the truth in this situation. Now I know. Is there any, what is the truth? I mean, we talked about this before. We want Danny DeVito to be, be playing Phil. He should play Phil. He’s a little dude. He’s a little dude. He looks like Phil , you know,

Autumn: I want it to be true, but I’m like

Justin: this, this, I think we can both say, we both want this to be true, Autumn

Autumn: okay.

Justin: Everyone wants this to be true. There isn’t a Hercules or Danny DeVito fan in the world that doesn’t want this to be true.

Autumn: Oh, [00:31:00] we know there’s a live action. It’s coming out. Danny DeVito is still acting. He’s still.

I mean, he is more than just possible.

Justin: He’s a popular actor. He’s he’s gonna be in the haunted Mansion movie. He’s on Disney’s payroll.

Autumn: this is true. Do we have a date for the live

Justin: action? Did you wait? Did you say this is true? Like,

Autumn: no, no, no.

Justin: You were saying the fact that he’s on the payroll. No, I don’t have one. It’s in 2023. It’s 20, 23, 23. Oh yeah. I think March, I can’t tell you off the top of my head. I think it’s March 2023.

Autumn: I’m just gonna, I, I don’t, I think it’s false, but I’m gonna go with you.

Justin: You’re saying that that it’s been confirmed I’m sorry, autumn. This is not true.

Autumn: Yeah.

Justin: This is not true. I hate to break your heart, but you know how you want it to be true. I want it to be true. You know, who else wants this to be true?

Autumn: Danny DeVito?

Justin: Danny DeVito wants this to be true. No. Yeah. And we have a little bit of video evidence here.

We have a little bit of [00:32:00] video evidence, so, okay. Wired. Does these interviews with celebrities where they have them answer common Googled questions about themselves. So I’ll link this in the show notes. It’s really good.

Autumn: That’s great. That’s great.

Justin: And, and one of them asked if Danny DeVito is gonna play , Phil tid, Phil tidies in the upcoming live action. Hercules remake. Yeah. And this is his response. Are you ready for it? I gotta, I gotta boot it up for

Autumn: I’m excited.

Justin: I’m gonna turn it towards you. I’m not about to put on Hercules while we clean the carpets. And I think

the mic should pick this up.

Danny DeVito: … google me. Will Danny DeVito will Danny DeVito be in the live action Hercules? I am the live action Hercules. What you talking about? Philoctetes?. If they don’t put me in that they don’t have a air on their

Danny DeVito: Okay. Next call.

Autumn: Thank God.

Justin: They don’t have a hair on their

Justin: You see his face. Like, I think he’s surprised himself with saying that like, is that an expression?

Autumn: [00:33:00] I think Danny DeVito and I are. kindred spirits. Yeah, I used to have, I can share this. I used to have a very sweet and a very artistically talented student that I worked with, who was very passionate about Danny, Danny DeVito, and would do these amazing adaptations of Danny DeVito as like different characters, physical beings.

And. I just . It’s perfect. I think I have one of them still. I’m excited that he’s this excited and I feel like that’s a good sign. Like, I feel like if when actors show like excitement are like, yeah, I’m up for this, like that opens. Yeah, AOR, if not already, he’s already in with Disney.

Justin: He should be. Who else are you gonna cast? Gonna be embarrassing.

Autumn: I be, it would be

Justin: Maybe Josh GAD and, but Josh GAD would probably say like, no, you need Danny DeVito in this.

Autumn: Yeah, I hope so. Well, like, he’s great. But, and also just for me, like, I don’t like the the continuity, like I hope whoever. voice Hades can be Hades.

Justin: I [00:34:00] don’t, no, we don’t need him. That’s John his great voice. John Wood. What’s what is his name? John Wood wood. He’s from Rhode Island. He’s actually from my hometown of Warwick Rhode island. Stop it. He is. Yeah. And so many artists from Rhode Island. What’s his name? Is it John Wood?

Let’s look this up.

Doesn’t sound right.

James Woods. So James Woods. Yeah. He’s from a hometown of Warwick Rhode Island. And I thought he was fine, but heard he was a jerk, heard he was a real jerk. He used to play poker at Fox woods and a couple people there said he was a jerk. I used to play poker at Fox woods, not at James Woods tables, not at those limits.

And saying that no one really liked him. So, I don’t know. I don’t know about James Woods.

Autumn: Interesting. Well, definitely. I mean, more than that though, we need Phil. We need the Muses hopefully some of the original voices, I have an idea of who people that they might pick to play the muses and, and one of them,

Justin: Beyonce?

Autumn: One of them is gonna be Lizzo because I

Justin: oh, Lizzo!

Autumn: That was like an early


You don’t think so?

Justin: Lizzo above Beyonce. A hundred percent. So I was listening to another podcast. I was gonna do it. [00:35:00] I was listening to

The princess diaries podcast. I was listening to the princess diaries podcast. Yes. And they were talking about Princess and the frog today. And they were saying that, so this is just from them. I’m just hearing this from them, that Beyonce, they wanted Beyonce to do Tianna’s character. Yes. But she refused it.

Autumn: Remember that

Justin: because she didn’t want to have to audition. Was that, that was probably a trivia that might have been a trivia at some point.

Autumn: Yeah. I don’t know if that was trivia, but I remember I, when I was looking into that, there was a few people that were, that were cast

Justin: and it’s like, no, I’m not auditioning for it. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, so you know what Beyonce she was. I love you and everything, Beyonce, but I think we need to give Lizzo a shot here.

Autumn: Lizzo would be. Yeah. Well, and there’s there’s I mean, there’s five Muses. So it doesn’t mean Beyonce couldn’t

Justin: Miss Lizzo is all of them, lizzo is all of them

Autumn: I would love Alicia keys to be one of them.

Justin: No, she’s not a muse alicia keys doesn’t have muse vibes.

Autumn: How does that mean? her voice, but the muse are beautiful and they sing. I mean, that’s

Justin: yeah. I don’t know you don’t, I don’t think Lizzo can share a [00:36:00] screen with Alicia keys. It’s a hot take. I’m not taking it back. I’m sorry. Lizzo will not share screen with Alicia Keys

Autumn: I don’t think that’s true.

Justin: Well, it’s completely unfounded, so

Autumn: we need to get you. We need to get you on the podcast if you’re listening.

Justin: Yeah. We’ll have them both on let’s work this out.

Autumn: So I need to, can you play that again? And also how long ago was this?

Justin: This is new. This is August 24th. This is new.

Autumn: And like, I wanna, and I also love if they added, like, I wanna hear about like the process for him being in the first one. Like, I’d love to just hear however many 90. I mean, that’s like what? 25 years ago,

Justin: so many.

Autumn: They gotta bring him back.

Justin: All right. So that ties up highly suspect headline.

Autumn: I’ll also say if you have not seen the original animation Hercules, please do yourself a favor and go. Right now or soon and watch it.

Justin: All right. Go. That’s. So autumn said, and go ahead. And why don’t you let us know how you liked it @easydizit on [00:37:00] Instagram all right. So now it’s time for mailbag. Let’s open up the mailbag and today we have an Instagram message from Jessica. We know Jessica. She’s got a question for you Autumn

Oh, You ready for the question? All right. I’ve got a couple kids visiting this weekend. I wanna watch a new Disney movie with them outside. Does autumn have any suggestions? I’m just gonna stop it right here. Because one thing there’s two people on this podcast.

One of ’em is a Disney expert, basically

Easy Diz Bot: While I’m not one to squabble over semantics. An expert is a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of, or skill in a particular area. While Justin’s knowledge may approach comprehensible, comprehensive is a stretch. Additionally, I was unable to ascertain in what sphere he possesses a modicum of authority.

Autumn: that does mean that an expert has, has taste on good children, Disney movies.

Justin: And the other one is a new to Disney enthusiast. and you’re gonna direct your [00:38:00] question at the new to Disney enthusiast.

Autumn: Thank you, Jessica. I appreciate your intelligence.

Justin: No. Okay.

Autumn: You’re asking the right person.

Justin: Okay.

so She, she goes on to say, I’d like to offer them three choices. That’s great. It’s great to offer kids choices gives ’em a sense of control.

Autumn: It does.

Justin: Um,

But ideally I want to also watch all three so you can give ’em the choice order, I guess. That’s cool. In quote she goes on to say we’ve watched Dunston checks in, in the last three visits, make it stop.

So I guess something without a, a primate.

Autumn: Okay.

Justin: Ideally yeah. What do you think? I have a feeling, I know what your first recommendation is gonna be.

Autumn: My first recommendation is gonna be Turning Red.

Justin: Oh, okay.

Autumn: My first record, because that’s new. I don’t know that they’ve seen it. But I would say watch that.

It’s great.

Justin: It is cool

Autumn: for all ages. I love that movie.

Justin: Yeah.

Autumn: I need more of it.

Number two would be Hercules.

Justin: It’s gonna be Hercules. Naturally.

Autumn: Hercules is always gonna be on that. And you know, I’ve really gotten into Star [00:39:00] Wars more and more recently.

Justin: Yeah. You have you watched,

Autumn: I would say watch any of the three that you haven’t.

I don’t know where you’ve been, but if you’ve watched seven and you didn’t watch eight, go there. If you have the new,

Justin: so you’re recommending the new trilogy

Autumn: yeah, you got kids. Yeah. I think that’s gonna, that’s gonna be a little more relevant to what they know. Yeah, though. It doesn’t make sense to start with the old ones.

Justin: Strong female lead too. That’s cool.

Autumn: Very strong female leads. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Justin: Okay. So that’s it. You, you can watch episode seven, you can watch turning red or you can watch Hercules. They’re all great. They’re all great.

Autumn: And I will say again, Hercule, the thing that I love about Hercules was Magor Megora mm-hmm sorry, is that, so she is a, a princess.

But her who she is and her role and her background is very different and very not quote, typical princess. And I really like that. And this was like in the nineties when like all the other princesses were, were very princessy and I, I liked that her experiences and her background [00:40:00] was different. Mm-hmm so that’s another, I think there’s a lot of empowerment in that.

Justin: Awesome.

Autumn: So those would be, those would be my three. Also side note. Yeah. Talking about strong female leads, Justin and I surprisingly, we went to go see a movie the other night. That was a non Disney movie. Mm-hmm just to like shake things up. But what I loved a lot of things about it. We went and saw Bullet Train, not for kids.

Justin: No,

Autumn: definitely rated R movie.

Justin: Yeah.

Autumn: But very good. Was that all of, all of the lead. Characters in, it really were female, all of the ones that, that were in power and leading and in charge, all of them

Justin: really? I thought there was a bunch of dudes hitting each other on a train.

Autumn: So that, yes, in that I like, feel like that was done purposely, right?

Justin: Oh,

Autumn: like the ending,

Justin: but the people in charge…

Autumn: The handler, no, it was all the who’s the other person I’m thinking of. There was three.

Justin: Yeah, no, but there’s three women, the poison driving the, the poisoner assassin, the venom [00:41:00] assassin. Yeah. You’re right. Yes.

Autumn: That’s it yeah.

Justin: There was

Autumn: that drove the whole thing. They was the three most powerful. Right. And then, yeah, what you had is like kind of these men baffling, which

Justin: punching each other,

Autumn: but literally, and I thought that was great. yeah.

Justin: Huh. Excellent observation.

Autumn: I thought it was great. And, and. and I think too, showing women in portraying them in different lights.

Yeah. Is great. Anyway, so that’s another movie to check out. If you wanna watch something non Disney

I hope I answered your question, Jessica. There are a lot of great movies, those three out at the top of my list right now.

Justin: All right. Well, that finishes

Autumn: up here. that’s great. Well, we hope that you all enjoyed this we’ve got more for you coming up, stay tuned. We’ll have some more information on D 23 in the coming weeks

Justin: and uh, oh yeah, two weeks. We’re definitely doing a D 23 show.

Autumn: So thanks for joining us as always. 


Easy Diz Bot: [00:00:00] You know, I can give Justin a hard time sometimes. And honestly, he is an insufferable Boob. But What I can say about the fleshy meat bag is that he is dedicated to his travel clients. I’ve witnessed him diligently researching options and optimizing vacation variables. He’s no artificial intelligence, but he’s quite thorough in his research and enduringly helpful to his clients.

I still don’t understand what Autumn sees in him, but it’s clear to me why his clients return and refer him to their friends and family. If you are interested in booking a Disney universal or cruise vacation, anytime soon, you could do worse then to contact Justin at

don’t forget to check out our Instagram @easydizit. All right, until next time friends easy diz it.

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