Podcast Episode

E53- We did it! 4 Park Challenge and Monorail Crawl Trip Report


First we recapped our recent Disney World trip featuring the 4 park challenge, the Dooney and Bourke challenge, and Justin self congratulating for passing for adult in his comportment. That is, Justin was able to combine a little of what he learned about conflict resolution from Autumn with a verbal diffusion strategy he uses himself with some of his clients. Upshot, the day wasn’t ruined! We talk about the exhausting four park challenge then our great day on the monorail crawl.

Then, in the Highly Suspect Headlines (Warning, some below may be false!)

New Haunted mansion Dooney and Bourke released

  • Characters included on the print are:
  • Constance Hatchaway
  • Madame Leota
  • Hitchhiking Ghosts
  • The Hatbox Ghost
  • The Caretaker and his dog

Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation features original song by Weird Al

  • Rotten Tomato score 88
  • Scarif Beach Party

Splash Mountain Characters Removed from Mickey’s “Boo-To-You” Halloween Parade

New Genie++, allows guests to schedule Lightning Lanes instead of picking next available.







Justin: Welcome back friends to the easy diz it podcast, a podcast, all about Disney travel, planning, and entertainment through the lens of mindfulness and behavioral health.

I’m Justin, a hyper nerd travel planner and a behavioral analyst,

Autumn: and I’m autumn, a new Disney enthusiast as well as a clinical social worker.

Justin: And we just got back from our trip, our adult only trip to Walt Disney world. It was quite eventful. We did it. Yeah. And so we’re gonna talk about that and I don’t know, and should we talk about that first or should we get into news trivia headlines?

Autumn: I think we could talk a little bit about the trip. All right. It was a big trip. See? Yeah. What it’s a lot we experience.

Justin: And if you go back a couple episodes, you’ll hear, you know, what our goals for this trip were or what our values were. But I think to recap, what were they spend time?

Autumn: Spend time together.

Justin: Did we spend time together?

Autumn: Yes.

Justin: I think we did uh, to get content for the podcast and for Instagram

Autumn: and I gotta say I killed that part. yeah, I did very well. Yeah.

Justin: We got like 15 gigabytes of [00:01:00] video and pictures. We got a lot, we got a lot and then was to experience Disney World in a different way, and do you think we did that?

Autumn: Definitely the four parks doing four parks in one day, doing the Dooney and Bourke challenge. That was different. That was different. Those were, yeah, those were two big things.

Justin: It’s never been a goal for me to go into a shopping location.

Autumn: Never.

Justin: So that was different for me, never we had to find all the different places to, to get the Dooney and Bourke products, but then also that’s so on, we showed up on Friday, we went to Disney Springs, right?

Autumn: Mm-hmm

Justin: Saturday, we did the four parks, all four parks in one day. On Sunday, we did a long restful morning with we went to Whispering Canyon for breakfast, got the skillets there. And then we did it wasn’t super restful. It was pretty restful. We did resort hopping on the monorail. Yeah. So there was a lot of sitting involved, but there was also hopping as well.

Autumn: This is like 10,000 steps, which is like a very good movement day and regular life, but yeah, so it was slow for Disney. And that was great.

Justin: So. Alright, so [00:02:00] let’s talk about what do I want. So we definitely had some conflict on this vacation and I had to hone, I had to go back to what episode 11.

Autumn: Justin had some conflict on this.

Justin: Justin had some real conflict.

Autumn: Autumn was fine. I really

Easy Diz Bot: To hear Autumn eloquently. Describe both conflict prevention and resolution. Listen to episode 12 and 13. Justin should probably go back and listen again as well.


All right, so let’s talk about the conflict. Yeah. And so I had to use some of the strategies that we talked about on, I forget the name of the episode, but here was the situation. Alright. I wanna go on every single ride at Disney World. I don’t want to do it by myself. Autumn. Tell what are your feelings are about rides at Disney world?

Autumn: I, I rides are all right. I do like very low key rides. Mm-hmm like child rides. Mm-hmm I don’t do really spiny or super motion like rides. I just, they don’t, they just don’t. I just don’t it’s not a pleasant. I don’t [00:03:00] enjoy the experience. It during or after, so. Okay. So, and Justin knows this

Justin: and I know this, but I’m always trying to like convince her.

Autumn: Always trying to push

Justin: verbally, you know, when we talk about things like, oh, you could do that. Do you want to do this? Stuff like that. Well, because this is information I need in terms of planning. So anyway, we rope drop which means we went to the very, very front of the line and got there very early to go on Flight a Passage.

Yes. And, you know, lining up. I, I didn’t know if she was gonna go on this. I thought maybe she would. And when they asked us how many you very quickly just want one

Autumn: yeah.

Justin: Autumn was not riding this ride. I tried. Gently to convince her, but I gave up, you know, like, you know what, maybe she shouldn’t ride Flight a Passage, just let it go.

Mm-hmm .

Uh, But it, it was a bit of a thorn in my side, but whatever, you know, like we’re on vacation. Yeah. Right. I’m not gonna let this ruin my vacation. and then, so we did that and then we did Kilimanjaro Safari which was great.

I’ll do that all day,

right? And then we were lining up for

Autumn: for Dinosaur.

Justin: No, for finding [00:04:00] Nemo. Oh, and I asked you about Dinosaur. Oh. And you’re like, Nope. like you weren’t gonna do Dinosaur and I wanted you to ride Dinosaurs so bad, cuz it’s such a good ride.

Autumn: Mm-hmm

Justin: It’s not a roller coaster. There’s no screens. I wanted you to ride this ride so bad. So when you said Nope, or like you can ride it yourself or whatever, you said, my blood boiled, I almost left the line. I almost left you in the park. I was so angry.

Autumn: Yeah. I saw

Justin: I was so angry. I saw. And you, you saw me fume right?

Autumn: Mm-hmm

Justin: and, and I think I said something really briefly, like. I don’t know I was curt. Right. I was curt. I said like a few words

Autumn: It was very apparent. You were gonna just not say anything cause you were really upset and you, and you knew that maybe that it was a lot of upset.

Justin: So did I do it right? If I was very, very upset, was I, was I right to, to shut up real quick? .

Autumn: Yeah.

Justin: Yeah. Cause I couldn’t take space. Right. I thought about taking space, but I thought that

Autumn: You couldn’t go anywhere. Yeah. You, we were stuck in line.

Justin: Yeah. I mean, I would have, it was for Nemo. It would’ve been [00:05:00] fine. I could’ve came and walked back, but I didn’t wanna make a scene either and I didn’t wanna hurt your feelings, but also I wanted to throw you in the water.

Yeah. So what would, should I have done at this. What, what are some of the strategies that we talked about before, before having a conflict? What, what do you think I do?

Autumn: One of the first things is we talk about in the, in the previous episode is, is like taking space. Mm-hmm sometimes that’s not saying anything, sometimes that’s physical space, sometimes it’s whatever it might be for you.

But you did that.

Justin: I did that.

Autumn: I feel like I respected that because here’s the other thing. Sometimes someone can go and do the thing to take space and then somebody else can go and yeah. Not pick up on that or still be very upset, which sometimes I can do too.

Justin: You let me be quiet too. You didn’t keep P poking me.

Autumn: Yep. Yep. I’m, you know, we’ll move forward and we’ll have another happy a moment. And I was okay with that.

Justin: So I’m sitting there seething I’m seething, and I’m trying to I’m seething, but trying to not look like I’m seething

[00:06:00] yeah.

Autumn: Yeah. You looked down at your phone and then you did, you started, I think you started a conversation about something else with me,

Justin: something else. Okay. So before I could get to that before I could get words out of my throat. Gritted through my teeth.

Autumn: Yes.

Justin: I did something that you recommended on that previous episode.

Autumn: Oh.

Justin: And that was to try and take the perspective of the other person.

Autumn: Ah,

Justin: so I kind of imagined like I’m sitting on my phone or just looking down at the ground seething mm-hmm and then I imagined being autumn sitting next to a seething, Justin

Autumn: mm-hmm

Justin: and me knowing, well, he’s seething because I don’t want to go on a ride. And I imagined how that might make me feel. I’m like, well, that’s gonna make me feel terrible.

Autumn: Hmm.

Justin: And we’re at Disney World. We’re supposed to be having fun together. Mm. And my goal was not to make you feel terrible.

Autumn: right.

Justin: So I realized that I think that helped me like choke it down a little bit and just get over it.

And I did, I did my little mantra thing. She’s not going on rides. She’s not going on rides. She’s not going on rides in my head until it wasn’t a big deal [00:07:00] anymore. And then I, I just started talking about something else and it was awkward for that first couple seconds cuz I was just seething. But, and I think after that it was fine right.

Autumn: Oh, I know. I see. And all that. So much of that’s internal. I, I saw the be parts of the behavior, but that only tells you yeah, a little, a little bit of what’s going on with somebody.

Justin: It would’ve been pretty weird if I, if I did that all externally, no in line, but, but that that’s all right, Autumn and now I’m going to do my mantra. I like, I’m going to diffuse this verbal behavior. She’s not going on. rides She’s not going on. rides (singing)

Autumn: I appreciate that’s that’s a great, I like that. That’s a great idea. Yeah. I didn’t know, but I, I appreciate you sharing that because that’s also helpful for me to know that that’s what you have done or trying to do in a moment.

Mm-hmm because I also feel bad mm-hmm right. And that perspective was like, oh, I feel really like, I do just wanna go on this ride. Make you happy and have a fun time. I’m not doing it just cuz like,

Justin: [00:08:00] right.

Autumn: I’m not, I’m not ever saying no to something because I’m just trying to make anything miserable or something I not happy.

Justin: Right. Right. Exactly. Exactly. But see, in the moment. . I do want you to feel bad. I’m being honest here. Yes. I’m mad at you. And when you’re mad at someone, you like want them to suffer as well. Yes. Yeah. So there’s this part of me and that’s, what’s gonna prevent me from getting past it is the part that wants you to suffer.

Autumn: Mm-hmm

Justin: the part that wants say, Justin just turned to her and like cuss her out. Yes. You know, and like, what are the, some of the things I could have said, oh, this is Ava, all these things that we, we say that you shouldn’t say, yeah, this is an expensive vacation. You’re wasting my time. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah. And what, and I would’ve been successful in, in probably hurting your feeling. And ruined the day.

Autumn: Right.

Justin: We would’ve ruined the day.

Autumn: Yeah. I wouldn’t have gone on any. I would’ve been like, I’m just gonna go back.

Justin: Yeah. So I think the point of this story is I was very, very close to acting like a child and ruining the day, but I didn’t so kudos to me for not being as for not being a seven year old man.

Autumn: So, oh man. [00:09:00] That’s I like that. Well, no, I really, I appreciate you sharing that. I mean, and again, I, I mean, I, I truly have times that I’m upset with Justin. I don’t think, yeah. I, I really enjoyed this show. I don’t think I got really, I don’t think I get upset with Justin. You would have.

Justin: Oh, if I said some of things, I was gonna say

Autumn: See you, you spared me from that upset.

Justin: I, I spared myself from that. from that mess.

Autumn: That’s true.

Justin: And it turned out to be like a pretty excellent day. I thought, you know,

Autumn: we had a great day,

Justin: we were exhausted, but there were some real fun moments.

Autumn: Yeah. Um, We were so sweaty, man. That’s what I, I, to go back and think about it.

Justin: Mm-hmm

Autumn: I just like, as you’re talking, I’m just like, I just, I just remember I’m I constantly being wet. Yeah. So,

Justin: so we hit Epcot third and I think that’s really, when the heat caught up to me it was like four, four o’clock and we were kind of hungry but honestly, after eating some food and drinking a couple beers,

Autumn: that was good.

I didn’t realize I had that because when we were on [00:10:00] Hollywood studios, they really started was like, I. Ooh, not feeling well. But I got like really dizzy and I was like, Justin, I, I need to eat something and I need to sit down.

And I, I think I might have to sit out for some rides for a little bit.

Justin: We got we made its magic kingdom. We got there before the crowds really started to develop for the fireworks. So we were actually able to ride some rides. Yeah. Which was great.

Autumn: It was beautiful. We had like some, it was still daylight. Yeah. And then before, you know, it evening, but definitely cleared out. Like when we were coming in, you could tell it was a lot of people that were leaving and, or setting up. From the last time we went, it was pretty like, I don’t, it was like really difficult to walk through main street.

And when we went in this time, maybe it was a time of day. We were, I was able to pretty much just walk through without like, oh my goodness. Like I can’t see. And I’m dodging around people. So I think we went in at the right time.

Justin: What was your favorite experience at Magic Kingdom? Ooh,

Autumn: Ooh. I’m, I’m just, I’m recalling all the things that we got to do.

I’m gonna say. , [00:11:00] you know, I really appreciate, well, of course doing the Haunted Mansion is great. Mm-hmm because we love that ride, but I really enjoyed the Jungle Cruises and I didn’t really enjoy that ride. The first time I did it, we had a really funny skipper and we were right in the front and it was like black.

Yeah. It was like pitch black out, which was cool because it’s also like a bit of a different ride. So that’s like the memorable. That’s what?

Justin: That was my favorite part of Magic Kingdom too. Jonah Skipper, Jonah, Jonah. Fantastic. Yeah. Excellent timing and

Autumn: beautiful timing.

Justin: Yeah. And I agree. Jungle cruise was cool at night. Yeah, it was really cool. I think there’s like a spotlight and it kind of limits. What you can look at. And everyone’s kind of looking at the same thing because of the spotlight. So I don’t know, maybe that has something to do with it. Yeah. But I thought it was great.

Autumn: No, I, I love that.

I love that. What else? People, mover was always fun. Mm-hmm

Justin: what was your favorite thing at Epcot? What was your favorite thing that you ate at

Autumn: Epcot? Oh yeah. Epcot was eat. It was just eating and drinking yeah. Ooh, well, drinks was the shimmering sips. I, we watched [00:12:00] so many of vlogger videos. Thank you.

All who helped us decide what things we wanted to go for? And that was so well reviewed and it lived up. It’s a flight of four different mimosa. Oh my goodness. I had three. Out of the fourth. I had like a sip of the fourth, but then Justin help me with the fourth. So I, no, it was fourth. Three was at whisper and canyon.

Oh, you’re right.

Justin: You had two different Momosa flights

Autumn: flights. I had full flights cause it was vacation so that was great. And then food was probably probably a mix between thefeijoada in Brazil and the. paneer in India.

Justin: Oh yeah. The pane in India was super good. Super good. I,

Autumn: I am excited to go back to EPCOT and try some more foods we had.

We did like, you know, four or five countries. Yeah. You know, in a short, in a short period of time. And I was also like very hungry. So I also feel like. There’s probably some flavor I miss, because I was just, I, you know, I was hungry, you know, so I, I but the [00:13:00] food, well, everything we had was there wasn’t anything where I was like, eh, no,

Justin: I liked the beer braised beef in Belgium.

I thought that was really good. That was, I wasn’t even planning on getting that. It’s just the, there was no line we had just got there. I had a beer in me and I’m like, you know what, or I was getting a beer and I’m like, you know what? That sounds good. And it was very good.

Autumn: It was great. So on top of the shimmering, I do you remember the name of that ale?

Oh, sour, but there was a sour ale in Belgium and Justin was like, yeah, it was delirium. Yep. Oh, who? That was so good. That was good. That was so good. And I’m not a beer, but you do like sours. I do like sours. Yeah. This was delicious. I would say if you like beer and you like sours, I, I would love to raise this to this drink, to everybody’s attention.

Yeah. I think it’s

Justin: called delirium. Fruits, you knew you’d remember. Yeah. I don’t remember.

Easy Diz Bot: Autumn. I believe you are referring to delirium red, a strong fruit beer with a deep dark red color and a light pink compact and lacing head. It has [00:14:00] a soft fruit Tooma with hints of almond and mildly sour cherries. A nice balance between sweet and sour. An excellent dessert beer. If only I had the taste buds and corporeal nature to share a glass.

Autumn: we do have the little F Cutt choice. They give you nice. Like it’s a full little pamphlet yeah. So you can like flip through. So when we first got to EPCOT that’s what we did.

We’re like, okay. Let’s let’s like fold over the pages of the, the few things that we wanna get before we have to make it to Magic Kingdom.

Justin: All right. So what was your favorite thing at Hollywood studios?

Autumn: Oh, You wanna guess

Justin: rise of the resistance?

Autumn: Yes, it was. Yeah. So if you are listening and you haven’t been on this ride and you’re thinking about the ride, I’m gonna tell you that it’s like 5,000 times more, just more like grander and more of an experience than is like shown than I I had anticipated.

I thought it was kind of like maybe a tiny pre-show and then the ride through and, oh my goodness. It’s a. It’s a whole [00:15:00] thing. Yeah. It’s an it’s, it’s a whole thing. I don’t wanna say more than that, but it’s more than what you think it

Justin: is. It’s funny that you loved it so much. And when this is the second time I wrote it, I wrote it in Disneyland.

Mm-hmm and I wrote it twice in Disneyland. So you’ve written it three times in total and I, and only one of the three times did I ride it while it was fully operational? And what we’ve got in Disney world was like double B mode. The gun room was in B mode. And Kylo Renn was in B mode.

So if you know you, when I’m saying, you know what I’m saying, you don’t, it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about it. But basically. It was like a lesser version of the ride, but you loved it. And if you’ve never seen it before, it doesn’t matter.

Autumn: I cannot believe that was a lesser version of anything.

Justin: A lesser version of this ride is still pretty amazing.


Autumn: That’s I cannot, yeah, I can’t imagine what the like. There’s more. But it was, it was just, the ride was smooth. It was my, I think one of my favorite parts was actually when you walk in and you’re like in the room with. With all the storm troopers, the storm trooper rim. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. That’s like, there’s just something like haunting, beautifully haunting about that.

Yeah. And then when [00:16:00] you go under the, AT-ATs, there’s a point and I mean, they’re, they’re like AT-ATs, they’re giant. Yes. Like that was like, oh, oh my gosh. And then there’s a part where there is some simulation. I won’t say too much about it, but. and that was like, whoa, , you know, I that was much cooler and I was like much more in it than I thought I would be.

Yeah. Which I think helped. I don’t know. It was just, it was just really cool. It was very cool. Yeah. That was and

Justin: smooth. It was smooth ride. Is that trackless smooth situation?

Autumn: We, well, I’ll say I don’t, I don’t know if, yeah, I’m just gonna say it. Um, We did Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway, which was new to both of us.

We hadn’t done right. Love the opening of it. Yeah. There’s definitely some cool things in there where you’re like, whoa. And it was, it was a cool ride, but it was, and when I left it, I was. It was cool. The lighting was cool, but it’s very fast in terms of like what you’re seeing and going through. It’s, it’s hard to kind of like, like, you know, the general premise, but [00:17:00] it’s hard to like keep up with it as you’re going through the ride.

And the second thing I would say is that for, for me, I felt like it was a bit jerky and, and I know some of that’s like purposeful, but it was like rise of the resistance is the same kind of ride, but it’s, but it’s smooth. And I just felt like I got like some neck whiplash in Mickey Minnie’s and I. Like, I don’t know.

I’m kind of like, eh, about it. Yeah, no, I agree. Which I’m a little sad. I, I didn’t think I thought it might be the other way around.

Justin: Yeah, no, I agree. I agree. What was your favorite thing about animal kingdom? Ooh,

Autumn: I’m just scanning the day. I mean, probably.

oh, two things. I’m gonna give you two things. So this, the Kilimanjaro Safari, the animals that we got to see in the views that we had, just the time of day that we went on yeah. Were like, unbelievable. Yeah. Like we were very close. The animals were like, we could just see so many of them. There [00:18:00] was like giraffes that were like walking towards us.

Yeah, it was, we, we just got like, that was just like an epic ride. So that, I’m really thankful for that. and there was also some Kenyan musicians that were outside of, was it Harambe mm-hmm yeah, they’re in borane yeah. They’re Harambe. Yep. Which was awesome. And they had some people, you know, folks that were there.

So they were, they were playing it’s a band. But we’re also like teaching and doing some African dance, which was really fun. So I got some great video of it and then I hopped in myself. Yeah.

Justin: And I got some video of you dancing.

Autumn: Yeah. you did very good, which I didn’t realize.

Justin: You’re very good. You’re a talented dancer.

Autumn: Thank you. That was really, that was really fun. I’d love to, like, I could have totally appreciated more things like that. Yeah. Throughout the day.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah. I liked there. Oh, I liked riding Expedition Everest, like back to back with no line single writer. Like I think I wrote it twice. You did while you were eating a sandwich.

Yes. .

Autumn: You’re like, I’m done. I’m like Justin, there’s no way. And you’re like, I’m done. I’m like, I’m [00:19:00] walking to, you’re like I’m already in line again. okay.

Justin: I get to ride it in the front and the back. So that was nice.

Autumn: That’s wild yeah, that was nice. And we got some really cool shots cuz both of us actually have Everest, which was great.

I got some while I was waiting for him. And then when he came out yeah.

Justin: All right. Wow. That was a


Autumn: good the resorts. Well, we did just to touch on that, the resorts were awesome.

It was the first time I had been in, in any of them. Yeah. yeah. And, and they were all the deluxe ones, so it was cool. So I got to spend a little time in Contemporary and Polynesian. Yeah. We checked out wilderness cause

Justin: that’s where we stayed. Of course. Yeah. We got to check out all four of the deluxe resorts the magic kingdom resorts.

Autumn: Yeah, that was cool. And to spend time on the monorail, cause I didn’t really get, I, we just did one monorail trip in when I went the first time

Justin: and we went to a lounge at every one too. So at Polynesian we were able to get into trader Sam’s. Yes, we Yoshi and

Autumn: yes, Sonya

Justin: That was a lot of fun.

That was, I didn much fun. Get a lot of footage inside there because we were kind of having a great conversation with, with Yoshi and Sonya. So so what that’s, I, I feel like the conversation was a better get,

Autumn: Absolutely, but we’ll just say [00:20:00] it is really cool. And I think for both of. Whoa. This is an experience.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll say. Like, it’s check it out. It’s a, it’s a fun, it’s an

Justin: event. If you love kitsche and you, and you’ve got a good sense of humor and you don’t have the top button of your shirt buttoned at all times, you should check out Trader Sams.

All right. So, so yeah, we went from the Polynesian after Trader Sams over to the Grand Floridian. Yeah.

How about the grand Floridian?

Autumn: Okay. So have again, right. Have seen videos. Yeah. This is grand and I mean that in, in every sense of that word. Yeah. And I am not. I, I appreciate elegance and beauty and all of that, but wasn’t someone who was like, oh, I’m gonna like, love the Grand Floridian. But yeah, the, it was, it brought me to tears.

Like the, the, the grandness in the elegance of it was just, yeah. Was just next level. I, you just, was it like beautiful, [00:21:00] like wanted to cry. Check it out, even if you’re like, oh, I’m not have just have the experience. It is just check out. It’s gorgeous.

Justin: It’s I wasn’t ready for it either. I definitely wasn’t ready for it, but I think we got some great video of that lobby and the restaurants, the Enchanted Rose was really cool.

It was really cool. There were some people at the bar that were also doing the bar crawl, but they were much more advanced than we were. Yeah, I think. We we opted because we did, we shared a drink, a big drink at traders. So we got something non-alcoholic enchanted roses, but we got the truffle fries, which were quite good.

Autumn: Very good. And I got the I’m sorry, it was rose Rosemary. I’m forgetting the name of the drink. Yeah. It’s Rosemary something on the enchanted Rose’s menu. Yeah. Very good. Yeah. And you get this beautiful sprig Rosemary that’s like in it too

Justin: goes right in your nose when you drink. It’s so good.

Justin: And the fries were quite good.

They were actually, so there was truffle oil as well as [00:22:00] topped with truffle, which I’m like, oh, that’s interesting. It’s definitely like Chinese truffle. It’s not Italian tr. it’s, it’s kind of like more rubbery and it doesn’t smell as much. Like I picked it up. I’m like that doesn’t really smell like truffle.

So it’s like, it’s still good though. Like if you’re gonna pile a bunch of it on top of French fries, it’s fine. That it’s mild. Right. But they were quite good. And yeah. Then we, we moved right along to the Contemporary.

Autumn: Yes. That was Steakhouse 71 that we ate at,

Justin: Which I didn’t know was on the first floor. So it took us a little while to find.

Autumn: it did. Cuz we realized like when you’re coming in to check in, you probably would come in from the first floor mm-hmm . But if you’re taking the monorail in you’re on the second or third floor, really?

Justin: Yeah. Fourth.

Autumn: Yeah. And, and you don’t, you can’t really tell it doesn’t seem like, you know, you’re up that high.

So that, that was fun, but there’s some beautiful contemporary artwork. And the restaurant there, we we each got a dish was just yeah. Was really good. And we met another really cool. Yeah, who goes frequently? I can’t remember [00:23:00] his name,

Justin: but he says, well, he was a DVC member. He was getting some to-go stuff, but yeah, got the bacon and eggs, which is, you know, everyone recommends the bacon and eggs and it’s a piece of more pork belly braised in like maple.

Yeah. With a poached egg on some grits. It was quite good. Yeah. I’m just saying I’ve been doing maple braised, pork belly for a while now. I’m glad Disney’s finally catching up to me. yeah, but yeah, no, that was good too classy. I, I had a gin martini there. I was feeling pretty classy.

Autumn: Oh, I think I just had water and I got. Really great. So it’s just like a, you know, a Caesar salad mm-hmm but they it’s all served on like half the heads. It’s not like chopped up.

You’re like, yeah. Which is nice.

Justin: They were like mini wedges

Autumn: like a fresher crispness throughout. And the dressing wall is really good. Like that was a homemade Caesar dressing. Oh yeah, for sure. For sure.

Justin: Made told me, well, I, maybe they made it in the restaurant maybe the chef makes it at home and brings it in. Yeah.

Uh, So yeah, that was cool. And then we headed back, we took the to Magic Kingdom. We walked over to magic kingdom, which was fun and took the boat back to our hotel where we were staying Wilderness. [00:24:00] And we went to Gyser point

Autumn: and well in Fort wilderness really was just beautiful. It was our room.

Justin: Gorgeous. It was very nice. Yeah, we got, we were requested 5,007 and it was view was

Autumn: gorgeous. You looked down on this wooden bridge with these Cypress trees wallowing down mm-hmm and then this gorgeous view of the pool mm-hmm mm-hmm the pool had this really cool slide in it.

Justin: We spent a good amount of time in pool. We went Friday and Sunday in the pool. But Geyser Point you get the burger there.

Autumn: Yeah, that was very good. That was actually cooked the way they had asked me, which was medium. The fries were like double fried, which were really good.

Justin: They were with crispy good fries.

Autumn: And there was like a very, I black, not black. Maybe it was a Blackberry, but it was like a crunchy Berry Mulberry

Justin: sauce. Yeah. Mulberry Jam I think with bacon, I think it was Mulberry.


Autumn: There was crunch. It [00:25:00] was very good. And it was awesome. We got to see the light parade. Yes. Going through.

So we actually were coming back from Magic Kingdom. So we got to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks all the way on our way back to wilderness finished off.

Justin: We hung out once the boat docks.

Autumn: Yeah. We hung out on the dock and watched the rest, finished the fireworks. And then we were walking over to Geyser and then the light show had started.

So that was. That was awesome. So there’s another great reason to stay at wilderness. You can vote over for magic kingdom. See the fireworks, see the light show. The

Justin: boat was really cool. I, we didn’t wait that long for the boat about like three times. The only time we really waited cuz people there’s a lot of complaints about world and is transportation that first day on the way to Disney Springs?

Yes. We almost missed like our reservation, but I mean, we

Autumn: pushed it back. Oh, like 40 minute, 45

Justin: minutes we waited. Yeah. Yeah. For Disney Springs, but midday Disney Springs bus you’re kind wait in most resorts. So overall it wasn’t that bad. No. No. Yeah. So that’s it. That was in a quick nutshell, that was our trip.

Autumn: And, and I’ll say it too. I would be remiss to not bring it up. That [00:26:00] when we were in Hollywood studios, we went Oogas Cantina. And, oh my gosh. If you are going to Disney, you need to go Oogas Cantina. This is this is the most immersive themed yes.

Thing you will experience in Disney world. I out of anything.

Justin: Yeah. I think don’t disagree with that. I can’t disagree with that. I think that’s, that’s probably correct.

Autumn: I mean, you

Justin: just, you’re 360, a hundred percent. I,

Autumn: yeah, I, you, so please, please. Can I say that, go, go and experience it. Can I say something that breaks the version?

It was awesome. And I, I didn’t wanna leave

Justin: a little bit. This is the only bar I’ve ever been. Where there are toddler high chairs at the bar there were two of them. Does that break the immersion?

Autumn: Because that yes and no. Then you can get that at a bar. Like that’s not,

Justin: I dunno if that’s a space might allow children.

Yeah. I guess that’s right. You

Autumn: know yeah, I don’t think that that was, there were, there were two babies. One was at bar. One was at the, is at the, the table next to us. We

Justin: got the charcuterie at Oogas which was [00:27:00] delightfully wacky

Autumn: delight and like really good, but like different and beautiful and like just plated, very pretty and expensive, like but it was really, it was really good.

It was wacky. And I got this awesome bubbling drink. Yes. And I can’t remember what it was best.

Bespin Fizz

Bespin Fizz. But the Chacuterie was great. I started to feel much better after I had it too.

Justin: Yeah, we needed food. All right. So that was our trip. In a nutshell,

so would you say I’ve sold you on the, would you say I’ve sold you on like the adult, adult Disney adult Disney weekend trip?

Autumn: Yeah. Or even that weekend trip. I’m cool. too, but

Justin: yes. So I think it is a viable option for anyone out there who wants to go to Disney World. Maybe doesn’t wanna bring the kids, but also maybe doesn’t wanna spend a week away from their kids at Disney World. Yes. I think the, the weekend getaway trip is fun and it lets you splurge on a little bit nicer of a hotel.

Cause you’re only going for a couple days. So yeah, if you’re interested in doing one of those, why don’t you shoot me an email and I could book that for you and give you some pointers. Yeah, [00:28:00]

Autumn: and again, and you can do that, do a short trip and not be crazy like us. And do and do the, the four park challenge.

You could just pick a one or two parks yeah. Next. I

Justin: would really doing, just wanna do like Magic Kingdom, but maybe ride every ride at Magic Kingdom. I think that would be fun. Yeah, you

Autumn: could do that. I can do that. I, I don’t need to do, I don’t need to do that.

Justin: All right on. So we’ve been talking a lot about this trip.

Are you ready to get into the meat of the podcast? What everyone comes here for let’s get into the meet is the news trivia headlines, alright. So the way we do news on the easy diz it podcast is we do highly suspect headlines. This is true. We haven’t done this in a couple weeks.

What a highly suspect headline is, is I read Autumn headline. It may be true. It may be false Autumn. Has to use all her media literacy skills to determine is Justin being a Pulitzer quality journalist here or is he the Inquirer? Is he the New York Post??

Autumn: My Justin BS radar.

Justin: Yes. Also. That’s what it is. The wifey BS radar.

All right, so I’m gonna start. Are you [00:29:00] ready? I’m ready. All right. First one new haunted mansion, Dooney and Bourke bags released.

Autumn: Ooh. So they, they have done haunted mansion. a new.


Justin: This is true just today. This

Autumn: was released. Oh yeah. I was like, I haven’t heard anything yet

Justin: today on August 15th. So the, you know what it looks like. Yeah. The characters included and I’m gonna actually have an email ready to go, cuz this might be my second. I have an email ready to go to here and check your email and okay.

I’ll read a description here. So the characters included on the print are Constance Hatchaway. She’s the bride. The murder, ESP bride, Madam Leo was the floating head hitchhiking ghosts who are ghosts, who hitchhike? I don’t think I need to explain who these people are. The hat about the hat box ghost and the caretaker and their dog.

And it’s, they’re kind of like stylized cartoons overlapping.

Autumn: I just wanna read this, this quick little thing that Justin said, it says attention foolish [00:30:00] mortals, the brand new 2022 haunted mansion Dooney and Bourke collection has materialized

The collection was released at Disney parks and on shop Disney Monday, August 15th. So just released today. Yes. So I see it. Oh, that’s grand. That’s kind of cool. so this was, this is different because the first one they did was just like, it was like the, the wallpaper yeah. On the inside of the stretching room. Yeah. Which is cool. It’s cool. More subtle. Yeah. More subtle, but, okay. They’re doing a different theme here.

Justin: This is like full cartoon explosion. This is

Autumn: full cartoon explosion. Yeah. Yep. Alright. all right. This is exciting.

Justin: All right, you ready for the next headline? Yes, highly suspect headline, highly suspect. . Lego star wars, summer vacation features original song by weird Al yank. Weird Al Yankovik I know who knew. I know this weird, not weird Al Jones. a weird Al Smith,

Autumn: an original song by him. It’s possible. He would do a Lego song.

Justin: It’s possible [00:31:00]

Autumn: but, but now, but he also does like a lot of parody of songs.

He does parody. I don’t think there was,

Justin: he’s not known for his original

Autumn: content. Right, right. But also.

Justin: he’s weird. Al don’t try and tell weird Al what’s he do.

Autumn: Yeah. And it’s a Lego movie, you know, that’s true. It’s not Hmm. I don’t remember nothing is sticking out that sounding weird Al to me in the movie.

So I’m gonna say no,

Justin: actually this is true. I, this didn’t stick out to me either. We listened to it and I’m like, oh, that’s weird Al you stick on. It was the Scarif beach party. really? Yeah. Yeah. It’s weird. I have to watch again. Yeah. So we watched this the other day. What did you think of it?

Autumn: I thought it was great.

I really, I was impressed. I loved, I loved it. I loved how they, they tied in this idea of like relaxation and vacation with the Star Wars characters. It was really like, you’re like. I, because I would think like, oh my that’s gonna be weird. Like, how are they gonna [00:32:00] do that? But it works.

Justin: They talked about a lot of the stuff we talk about, like making memories and how to make memories and how to let certain things go.

Yeah, it was, it was really, I thought it, and also it was a Halcyon on commercial,

Autumn: which it was a Halcyon commercial at times.

Justin: Yeah. So we’re talking about the, the, the two night galactic star cruiser experience. That’s the house Yon in this movie, they boarded the house Yon and they said like, they named.

The items like, oh, the engine room experience and oh, the Crown of Corellia or dining room and, oh, the dine around the Galaxy. They named like the features of it. Yeah.

Autumn: All the events you could do, like yeah. Which

Justin: I like, you know, cuz I like tie-ins but also it was it was a commercial, the commercially, but I liked it.

I thought it was a good commercial.

Autumn: It was no, it was good. It was good. It was much better than I would’ve anticipated rotten tomato

Justin: scores. , which is pretty good for like don’t

Autumn: that’s a high yeah. That’s yeah.

Justin: All right. You ready? For another highly suspect? Headline [00:33:00] ready? Splash mountain characters removed from Mickey’s boo to you.

Halloween parade. So the boo to you Halloween parade they just had the first one. They just had the first Mickey’s not so scary. Halloween party.

Autumn: They were moving the character. So this would be

Justin: like brere rabbit brer bear Fox never written the ride. No, it’s not a ride. It’s a.

Autumn: no, no, but the characters from the

Justin: oh, right.

I haven’t written so, right. So there is a bear in a Fox. They are the, the bad the, the, the villains. And they’re trying to get the hero the rabbit Brer rabbit, but all the characters removed from the, this Halloween parade.

Autumn: I’m gonna go with true because maybe they’re, they’re phasing them out as they redo the ride.

Justin: That is correct. They are phasing them out. Yeah. They, and they are not in this. Yep. Wow. So they already removed like the splash Mount in Diddy. That’s big from the entrance loop. That’s been done a while. Yeah. They’re slowly pulling that’s this IP out of the park.

Autumn: Wow, but that’s a, that’s a [00:34:00] big change.

That’s like, this is really happening then it’s changing.

Justin: Mm-hmm oh yeah. Hopefully it’ll get a release, like a real release date on that or something. D 23 is next month, September 9, 10, 11, I think. Okay. So hopefully we’ll have some more splash mountain news. Yeah. Right last one. Okay. I’m ready. New genie plus plus allows guests to schedule lightning lanes instead of picking the next available.


Autumn: so you could schedule it for four, instead of it telling you yeah.

Justin: Instead of like, here’s your window, you can buy it or not. You can pick, you can, if you purchase the plus, plus you can actually purchase, you can actually pick which hour you want for the lane. Like the individual

Autumn: lightning link. So’s like $15.

And now it’s gonna let you plug

Justin: in the test. Yeah. The genie plus plus is extra though. Ooh. It’s like another, how much extra I don’t have that info.

I’m gonna say it’s true. You think that Disney has a product called genie [00:35:00] plus plus do you wanna change?

Autumn: Oh, I guess

Justin: Sure. Yeah. So, okay. So why not? This is actually, this is actually false. This is the one, the one headline here. That’s not true. Ah, there is no genie plus plus and that hasn’t changed.

Okay. they did change something.

Autumn: Is there something that will let you schedule?

Justin: No. Well, they actually made it a little bit harder for park hopping. So we, I got, I got genie plus, right. For us, by the way, we spent the full amount you can on genie plus and individual lightning lane, we spent $45 each on during this day.

Yeah. And we got more lanes than we could have used. Anyway. Yeah. Let’s so what I was able to do is very early in the morning, start booking our two o’clock reservations. Right. Because if you book it before two o’clock, it just pushes it to two o’clock. Right. So we’re in animal kingdom and I’m booking things for Hollywood studios.

Then they all show up during this two o’clock three o’clock time window. Pretty cool. Pretty convenient [00:36:00] that you can’t do that anymore. This is what they changed. So now it just says you can’t book it, sorry, pal. Instead of, oh, you serious. Instead of pushing it to two o’clock and saying time has changed due to park hopping.

Now it just says this is not available.

Autumn: So you can’t book it until you’re you go to another park. Yeah.

Justin: So you can’t basically why the strategy for stacking lightning lanes later in the day at a different park is no longer. it’s a bummer. Wow. It’s a real bummer. Well, it’s not that it’s no longer valid.

It’s a little bit harder. You could wait until those windows book out to you later times, but it’s less advantageous. I mean like, so you could say if I was at, you know, animal kingdom, I probably could get slinky dog dash for after two. O’clock just cuz that one fills up. So. I

Autumn: wonder. So it sounds like they’re just, they’re trying, they don’t want people to park hop

they’re trying, don’t know to keep

Justin: people maybe, or maybe they’re trying to help out the people who aren’t park hopping a little bit. I, I don’t really know [00:37:00] because now we’re not tying up reservations for park hos

Autumn: and we’re saving the reservation. That’s what happened to right. Its like we weren’t was one of the things like you needed to be.

Oh, no, I’m thinking that was

Justin: for the individual lightning lane. No, that was for the virtual queue for cosmic rewind. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. You have to be in the park to use that. You have to be in the park. Oh boy. Wow. Or have you don’t have to be in the park. You have to for the 7:00 AM virtual queue for galactic rewind, you have to have a ticket for that day.

And then for the 1:00 PM you have to had already. Dinged into the gate

Autumn: at co right. So for our trip, when we just went mm-hmm we started an animal kingdom mm-hmm we left in a plan and be in Hollywood studios for two, which we did. Mm-hmm But with this new rule, we wouldn’t have been able to book anything fr Hollywood studios exactly.


Justin: So we had Mickey and mins ready to go at two smuggle that would changed our ready to go. A little bit after two, we wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Autumn: Yeah, no, it probably wouldn’t have gotten those rides

yeah, yeah. Entirely. Oh, that totally. Wow. We like just made it, [00:38:00] yeah. That would’ve. Yeah, completely backed our . Well, not

Justin: rec I mean, it was challenging. It was challenging scheduling everything, and this would’ve made it more challenging.

Autumn: We just would’ve had to ride whatever it was given to ride something. I don’t think we would’ve, I don’t think the ride specifically that we would’ve gone on because they’re so popular.

We would’ve, would’ve gotten in within a two hour window that we were

Justin: there. Yeah. It would’ve been a more challenging planning situation for sure. Wow.

Autumn: Yeah. Okay. Big news. So that’s

Justin: it for

Autumn: highly suspect. Wow. Oh, that’s right. So now it’s my turn. Now it’s your turn. So it’s time for A Stumps J where I I’ve missed this look at and find all sorts of trivia related to

Justin: Disney.

Autumn: Sometimes I have like random facts. Sometimes I’m am inspired by a specific name. I like,

Justin: I like the themes best.

I like it. When you do

Autumn: themes, I’m enjoying that. I’m and, and today we do have a theme. Oh, good. I’ve I’ve gotten more into the, the theme mode. Good. I like it. And I think that. Self sometimes is, is helpful. For Justin

Justin: hint wise, I don’t need help, but I do like the themes. [00:39:00]

Autumn: that’s hilarious. Okay. So the first one, our theme for today is.

Halloween and Disney. Ooh, that’s coming up. Oh, and this will be, I’ll tell you, this will be kind of a spread across park. So I’ll, I’ll let you know which park is this why you said it’s all like Disney world.

Justin: Is this why you said before we recorded that you wanna go to the Halloween party cuz you were doing research for

Autumn: no, no, no, that was before I, that was before, but then I was like, oh, that’s a good idea for it.

All right. Okay. So standing at 12 feet tall and four feet wide in Disney land, there’s a Jacko lantern at the heart of main street in Disneyland. Approximately how much does this Jack lantern weigh and what does it look like? All right. What are the dimensions again? 12 feet tall by 14 feet wide.

Justin: Okay. So 12 by 14. I mean, it’s probably wait. And what was the question? How much does it weigh and what does it, how much does

Autumn: it weigh and what is it of, what is the Jack lantern of who is on the Jacko? Landon. Okay.

Justin: I do not know. I, you know, I’ve never been to the Halloween party, I guess I haven’t [00:40:00] looked at too many pictures.

I know they just put up the stuff couple days ago. They did. It’s probably made a fiberglass, so I don’t think it has, it has to be too heavy, even at 12 by 14, but it’s also trivia. All right. So, okay. I’m gonna say it’s Mickey mouse. It’s a Mickey mouse. Jack Landard cause I, that is correct because I kind of see that in my head somewhere.

That’s correct. And let’s say it weighs 1200 pounds.

Autumn: all right, so incorrect on the second one. Okay. It actually weighs 3,400 pounds. Wow. And it has to be transported by a forklift.

Justin: Why is it so, oh, maybe it’s so heavy. Cuz if it were light, it would blow

Autumn: away. I think. Which is, and it’s really massive. Yeah.

It has to be transported by forklift, which is the entire length of the Disneyland parade route to be installed. Wow. Wow. And it is, it is of of Mickey mouse. Good old Mickey. There’s a, there’s a, oh yeah.

Justin: I’ve definitely seen that before.

Autumn: Alright, ready for trivia number two, trivia number two. Okay.

Both Disneyland and Disney. World’s Magic Kingdom are transformed for Halloween over what period of [00:41:00] time?

Justin: Oh, from August two October.

Autumn: So that’s the length of time Halloween at how long does it take to to transform the park from oh, overnight,

Justin: overnight, correct?

Autumn: Yeah. Very good.

Justin: Yeah. Their ops team is all right.

It’s cracker Jack

Autumn: ops team. It’s cracker Jack that’s two for two. Yeah. So starting at 11:00 PM the night before it kicks off. Yeah. Right in line with the resorts, which is pretty. all right. So thinking back to the, the first trivia question I asked you. So this is, this goes back to the, the Jack lantern is another fun fact here.

Okay. So thinking about the Jack lantern mm-hmm, in the big old one in Disneyland. Mm-hmm that’s put there with Mickey. what is, what is special about it from when you enter the park to when you leave the park? Oh, it

Justin: changes depending on what way you’re looking at it

Autumn: yeah. I don’t

Justin: know. Maybe he’s smiling when you. and, and sleeping when you leave [00:42:00] or scary when you

Autumn: leave. That’s a good, yeah. So I’m gonna give that to you. So smiling when you enter mm-hmm and winking, when you leave. Oh, Ooh. A

Justin: mysterious wink.

Autumn: Yeah. I that’s really cool. And there’s a, a cast member that worked in Disneyland for about six years and was like, this took me year. Like I didn’t like years to realize it which I just thought was really cool.

Alright, so you’re three outta three. Let’s see, we’ve got one more. You ready for the last

Justin: one? Justin? I’m ready for that last one. I’m ready to, to prove my medal

Autumn: here. Okay. In 1929, some history does, does history. I need you to, okay. Dig into I’m in Disney cartoons released the first of a legendary Halloween series.

Do you know the name of this, of. when. Wait, what? Yeah. So in 1929 Disney release the kind of their first a first set of Halloween films. Do you know the name of what this first film was? I feel like

Justin: I, I can see them. I know there’s like dancing skeletons. [00:43:00] Oh. But oh, okay.

Autumn: You’re very close but I

Justin: do not know what they’re called.

Yeah. It’s in your brain though. We’ll call it spooktacular something.

Autumn: Now start with where you


Justin: Oh, skeleton dancing, skeletons on our dancing.

Autumn: okay. I’m gonna give that to you. It’s the skeleton dance. The skeleton dance. Yeah. Yeah. Was a black and white cartoon directed by Walt and Ub.

Composer, Carl Starling or stalling. Sorry. Who later composed for Warner brothers wrote the melodies for the. but I just thought that was really cool. So that was like the one of the 1929 was one of the first Halloween inspired films. I’d never heard of that before. That’s really cool. Yeah.

Justin: It’s pretty janky.

It’s pretty easy is you can tell it’s made in the twenties. Okay.

Autumn: but it’s cool. Right. Really cool. All right, so you four to four. Yeah. Ray Stu stem stay today. Well, I crushed it as usual do well, the themes, the themes work well, and we got some mailbag this week. Oh, that’s.

Justin: So, yeah, we sent out the easy diz mail, right? We had just come back from Bush Gardens, [00:44:00] water country. It was super hot that week. We talked about that and we were going to Epcot. So I just sent out to the easy Dis mail asking, just soliciting some advice from our viewership, from our listenership. What’s the best way to, to cool off in the parks.

And actually Dave gave a great recommendation for us Uhhuh. We, we weren’t in the correct area to use it, but here, let me, let me read what Dave says. Okay. Hey, Justin, a great way to get cooled off is to check out the jumping water fountains or whatever they’re called outside of where honey, I shrunk the kid’s theater was, was I was in imagination area.

So you can tell Dave’s like an old Disney head. Yeah. Cause he’s given directions based on attractions that no longer exist.

Autumn: That’s. I love that though.

Justin: Don’t it’s kind of outta sight in almost a little hidden gem. So this is right outside the imagination pavilion, where it’s in the imagination pavilion any attach, some pictures and a screenshot, weird find it.

So thank you very much. That’s super helpful. That’s helpful. Oh, that’s great. I don’t know if you remember it. It is a cool little feature right after I’m trying to remember imagination pavilion figment. That’s we’re definitely gonna check it out next time with Darwyn. I [00:45:00] think she’s gonna love this.

Okay. But yeah. Yeah, I

Autumn: don’t, I don’t re do we even go near that?

Justin: Not this time. No, not this time. No. Like I don’t, we kind of flew through the future world. We, we did the world showcase and then we did future world hit club. Cool. And get out of there.

Autumn: That’s right. That’s right. Oh yes. Club. Cool. Great. You

Justin: saved it on that one.

I completely forgot about club. Cool. And you’re like, we were walking off cool around

Autumn: somewhere sort of didn’t that come back cuz they were gonna take it away and we’re like, oh, that was the last time. During our last trip.

Justin: And we filled our bellies with free sugar water. We did, we did and you got to try the Beverly for the first time I did.

All right. Well that finishes up mail bag.

Autumn: All right. So we talked about a lot this week. We did, it was a lot of Disney news, a lot of trivia, a lot to that we learned that’s right. And enjoyed on our trip. Yeah,

Justin: So, if you would like to plan a similar vacation or any kind of vacation, either to Disney universal, or maybe on a cruise, please get in touch. or you can [00:46:00] get right in touch with us at, @easydizit on Instagram. Yeah. Also check out our Instagram. We get some cool reels.

I’ve been working pretty hard on these reels. Come check him

Autumn: out. He’s been working very hard, myself. Awesome. We got some really cool, we had some cool experience. Some cool character experiences too. Yes. So definitely up on there. Check him

Justin: out. Yeah.

If you’re into Liver Lips McGrowl you should definitely be on our Instagram. You should, I’ve already got two videos up and I Pluto. I mean, there’s gonna be a lot of Liver Lips content so, so check it out. All right. Until next time

Autumn: easy diz it.

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