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Do you love Disney, Universal, and maybe theme parks in general? If so, please join us as we talk about how to stay happy and healthy in the parks!

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Ep 58- Strollin the Castle Part 1, Adventureland

Summary We start off the show today discussing some of our most and least favorite Halloween movies, and make plans for October viewing. Tower of Terror starring Steve Guttenberg is featured. Trivia is all about Hocus Pocus, Justin is flawless. Don’t listen to this part. Just trust me, flawless. On highly suspect headlines we find […]

Ep 57- 1 star Crystal Palace review, Worst Service EVER? lets chat.

Summary Autumn does Mainstreet USA trivia. Justin presents some highly suspect headlines, some which include misleading information about “Disney losing it’s Magic” in the eyes of its fans. In the main segment we try something new! We read a 1 star Yelp review of Crystal Palace and try to talk the writer through the experience. […]

Ep- 56 D23 Expo HSH, Tommy Talks Volcano Bay and Universal Orlando

Summary Today on the show we do all Highly Suspect Headlines. Tune in to see if the following headlines are true or not: Next we talk to Tommy about Universal Studios, especially his favorite, Volcano Bay! We talk Tapu Tapu, VelociCoaster, Hagrid’s Motor Bike and more! Check out Tommy here: Facebook: Instagram: The […]


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Justin is a Disney nerd. Autumn is not. Together, they are Easy Diz It.

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