Podcast Episode

Ep 26- Figment Popcorn Bucket, Jiko is Back, and We Talk Vision Boards and Psuedoscience!


Today in the news we talk new discounts for Savi’s Workshop and the persistence of light sabers in plastic baggies on Batuu. We discuss our love for Jiko and it’s impending return. Purple dinosaur popcorn buckets are really popular. We love figment here we really do. But 7 hours? And Autumn recounts her close and personal encounter with Patricia Richardson and by extension, Tim Allen when we discuss the upcoming Sant Clause limited series on Disney+.

Our discussion on vision boards leads down an interesting path of The Secret, The Law of Attraction, pseudoscience, and research on how to effectively use visualization strategies to improve your life. We eventually get around to talking about our own vision boards for vacations and podcast goals. We talk a lot about YNAB, a great tool for zero-based budgeting. Here’s our referral link. We get a free month of YNAB if you sign up with this link:







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