Podcast Episode

Ep 25- Light Saber Baggies at Galaxy’s Edge and SMARTER Goal Setting


Happy New Year fam! We are coming in to 2022 hot with a month dedicated to goals and goal setting. We are so dang resolute!

On the news we talk about the new Pixar movie Turning Red going straight to Disney Plus. We talk about Oscar hope for the Encanto soundtrack. It seems as though everyone is talking about how We Don’t Talk About Bruno! But Oscar won’t likely be talking about Bruno either 😦 Light sabers at Galaxy’s Edge now come with custom clear plastic bags. Joe Rohde died of shock at the news, then immediately began spinning in his grave. They we talk about Brittany Charboneau who won all four races at the 2022 Walt DIsney World Marathon weekend. A pretty Dopey (and admirable) Challenge.

Insead of Autumn stumping Justin, she gives him a Buzzfeed style personality quiz. Let’s find out where Justin would work at Disney World. And spoiler, no it’s not spreading sawdust over protein spills.







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