Podcast Episode

Ep 27- Marvel’s Eternals 2021 and Dan Kalwhite is SWAMP THING!


Today in the news we talk more about those wacky figment popcorn buckets, hiring bonuses for new employees, new strollers, and Josh Gad’s campaign to have Columbia join the EPCOT World Showcase. Let’s start a petition!

Justin got all the trivia correct, no surprise there! You can just skip that part of the show because now you know he got all the answers correct.

Justin and Dan talk about Eternals. Maybe it wasn’t the perfect movie but they enjoyed the acting and the visuals. Justin commits to watching Eternals 6 times in 2022.

Don’t miss Dan’s show this Friday at 10Selden in Woodbridge CT. Unless you live on the West Coast, then it’s ok to miss it. Find more Dan here:

Twitter: @Dannyboy3030

Instagram: @Dannyboy_3030








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