Podcast Episode

Ep 24- Disney Christmas Wishes


On the news we talk:

EPCOT New Year’s Eve Dance Parties Returning, Preparations Underway. Fireworks have been announced but  No official announcement a on dance parties but stages are going up around world showcase. Disneyland Paris canceled new years eve parties. Disney World Seeking Stunt Actors With Trampoline Experience. Disney Cruise Line Half-Off Deposit Offer. The Disney Cruise Line Half-Off Deposit Offer is now available when you book select cruises sailing between June 18, 2022 and May 31, 2023. Usually 20%. Get in touch for details! (shameless plug). Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade does not mention Galactic Star Cruiser. Not even a little. Sadface

On trivia Just actually gets them all right this time! Which is the first time that has happened, despite what he may say. Warning, this segment contains a bad french accent.

Then we talk about some personal Disney wishes. What do we want from Disney? What do we want Disney to be? Listen and find out!







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