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Ep- 59 Strollin the Castle pt.2: Frontierland, Figment is Getting a Movie!


Here on Easy Diz It, We share ideas on staying happy and healthy in the parks. And we have some fun with news games and trivia.

NEW SEGMENT- 3 Tips from a nerd

Save money- Bring in snacks. Food at Disney is expensive. Snacks can run $6-10. Quick Service meal averages around $15

  • Bring in tasty morsels, make it good stuff you usually don’t get.
  • Remember things melt in the Florida heat.
  • Keeping your blood sugar from dropping will prevent those impulse food purchases

Avoid hassle- Travel in September, October, the beginning of December, the end of January. Lines are better.

  • Especially good for first time visitors who want to experience a lot without a ton of planning
  • Trade off might be additional attraction closures for refurbishment.
  • Look at the crowd calendar on or

Have more fun- Hidden mickeys

  • Silhouettes of mickey mouse found in ride queues, on buildings
  • Make it a competition with your family
  • Originated in Epcot (Barret, HiddenMickeyGuy)

A Stumps J- Disney plus trivia

Highly Suspect Headlines- True or False News Game

  1. Disney Is Making a Figment Movie Produced By Seth Rogen
  2. Disney closes 3 days for hurricane Ian.
  3. In celebration of Epcot’s 40th Anniversary, Justin from the Easy Diz It podcast purchased 2 tickets to Disney’s Hercules: The Mythical Musical Adventure.

Hey, Hey, Hey Easy Diz It!

We read a 1 star Magic Kingdom review, discussing some of the ins and outs of Lightning Lanes and Memory Maker/ Photo Pass.

Strollin’ the Kingdom with Tommy

Tommy from The Cheesy Mouse Podcast ( ) and myself continue our stroll through the Magic Kingdom park. This week we visit Frontierland. Here’s the link to the Kidney stone story: Told you so, true!

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