Podcast Episode

Ep 58- Strollin the Castle Part 1, Adventureland


We start off the show today discussing some of our most and least favorite Halloween movies, and make plans for October viewing. Tower of Terror starring Steve Guttenberg is featured.

Trivia is all about Hocus Pocus, Justin is flawless. Don’t listen to this part. Just trust me, flawless.

On highly suspect headlines we find out if Epcot is getting moving sidewalks, if Tiana’s Mom is getting her own dress shop in a Disney park, Haunted Mansion release date details, and if Bob Iger shall henceforth be named as “Sir Bob Iger of Anaheim Rodentia”

On the main segment Tommy and I talk a walk around Adventureland as part of our new segment, Strolling the Castle. A little bit of history, our own personal experiences and perspectives and a couple fun facts sprinkled in here and there.

The Cheesy Mouse Podcast:


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