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Ep 37- Disney Restaurant Reviews with Tommy and Dina Shaw (Brought to you by Honey and Wine Festival 2022)


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Encanto projection show coming to it’s a small world attraction.

  • Starts April 11
  • Tiles will move around like Casita
  • Encanto is also coming to Main Street Electrical parade April 22nd

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind on track to open May 27th

  • Cast member registration opens April 11
  • Passholder preview registrations are filled up
  • Countdown on the attraction page and special effect to MDE

Disney plus subscriber discounts released for late summer/fall. Save 10-25% depending on where you stay

Toy Story Hotel opens in Tokyo Disney.


Forget about the trivia, no Trivia this week!

Main Segment

Then we talk restaurants and Rise of the Resistance with Tommy and Dina Shaw. The Boathouse and Enzo’s Tunnel Hideaway at Disney springs, Space 220 and Katsura Grill in Epcot, Prime Time Cafe and Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater at Hollywood Studios. Loaded Tater Tots at Friars Nook! They even all went to Kona Cafe to check out Tonga Toast. Did they love it?! Overall they give The Garden Grill at Epcot as their top recommendation in terms of character dining. We’ll definitely be checking a lot of these places out next time we are down there!

Get in touch with Tommy when you want to book your next Disney or Universal vacation:


Transcribed by Google, not edited

Cold open

I’ve got another challenge for you.


think of someone that you went to school with that you just did not get along with maybe they bullied you they teased you.

Got it!

got that person in your head? all right think of someone that you’ve worked with that you just did not get along the made your work day just a…

Got that!

you got it. okay now think of your dentist. yes. the three of you…

mhmm… in the park all day. the ticket is free but you cannot leave their side. you have to do bathroom trips together. you have to eat together.

and I can only hang out with them?

yeah you have to stay with them the entire time.


No?! a free ticket to Walt Disney World.

I don’t think I enjoy Disney more than I do the people I would be with.

Oh, okay. fair enough.

It’s not that kind of thing for me.

imagine though that you had to go with these three people. okay. how do you think that would go?

well I don’t know I guess I tried my best hope would be the dentist out of the three.

no but you’ll have to stay together.

I can’t, the two people in my head I can’t I can’t I would not do it I can’t

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Highly Suspect Headlines, A stumps J, Mailbag


Hello there. My friends, Welcome to the Easy Desert Podcast, a podcast, all about travel planning, and Disney entertainment through the lens of mindfulness, behavioral, health and humor. I’m Justin a hyper nerd travel planner and a behavior analyst. And I’m Autumn a new Disney enthusiast, as well, as a clinical social worker.


And if you like this show, go and raise your hand, My hands raised. Well, thank you Autumn and everyone out there with their, your hand raised. Now put it a little bit higher in the air. Now, bring it back down. Grab your smartphone, Navigate to Apple Podcasts and rate us five stars.


You’ve done it. Thank you, You. Thank you very much. So, on the show today we’re going to talk to a new friend, Tommy Shaw about his experience, at Disney World, that should be fun. He went to a bunch of restaurants, we’re gonna have a conversation about that and he’s got an exciting rise of the resistance story.


Oh, that’s right. They went and came back. I was thinking, I don’t know, I was thinking. They didn’t do that trip yet. No, they went to Disney World, they’re going to universal in the summer. That’s right, that’s right. Yeah, but first, we’ve got news trivia and mail back with the initial choice for the fairy godmother and Hammerstein Cinderella Autumn haha.


Thank you. Can I ask how you came up with that? What can I ask you? Why did you turn that job down? You know, I didn’t want to make Whitney Houston feel bad, so she has a lot of like self-esteem issues. Yeah, yeah. And so I said, you know what, I’m gonna take one for the team here.


Team Ottoman. Wh that’s good for you and I was given to Whitney. Yeah, career-wise. I think that worked out for both of you that look yes. Yeah that was very well for me. You were nine. So I wasn’t, I mean I could have been a child star. Yeah, I had been a chance.


I could add a whole lot more money and if any nine-year-old could have pulled off a fairy godmother, I would have been me. Yeah, I would have been me. Yeah, but but I have to say Whitney, you did an excellent job. RIP we love you. We love you winning.


All right. You want to hop right into his highly suspect headlines? I am feeling the headlines. Yes. Yeah, I’d like to okay. All right. Let’s go right into him. So, on the easy distance podcast, when we talk about news headlines, we do it a little bit differently. What I do is I do some truthful headlines and I do some fake headlines and autumn has to determine, which are, which I do, and she does.


All right, let’s get started first headline. Hmm, characters from Encanto, to be added to the Disneyland version of. It’s a small world. Oh So I the right after we saw that movie for the first time, I was like, there needs to be an encanto ride and there needs to be characters immediately like not immediately.


Oh, small world ride. That’s interesting. Yes, this, it’s a small world in Disneyland has actually has Disney characters in it, like, Alice from Alice in Wonderland that must be a different. Yeah. Because I don’t think that would, they don’t have that at Disney World, but Disneyland does access characters.


So, okay, so the ride’s a little different than like, yeah, they’re going for. It’s a little different rides. Very much different. I was way better in Disneyland. Yeah, I’m gonna say yes. Then false. Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s conceivable. It might happen at some point but it was not announced this week.


Okay. But what was announced this week? Yes. Is they’re going to do a Encanto projection show on the it’s a small world facade. Oh interesting. Okay so in Disney World in Disneyland. Okay so in Disneyland the facade is all outdoor. You know how it’s all indoor Disney World. You kind of go in there.


Yeah, it’s all outdoor. It’s totally different in Disneyland and they’re gonna do a projection show right there. That’s cool. Yeah. Starts April 11th that’s Monday. Yeah. Oh wow. That’s really that’ll be today for a lot of listeners for our day. One listeners. We love you day one. That’s right, day one.


That’s right. So if you’re yeah, you’re listening to this. We didn’t releases. That’s today. That’s exciting. Don’t go to have a hot pizza, a press. Don’t tell the day to and free listeners. But we like you best day one. Yeah, they’re gonna like the tiles will move around like Casita.


I think that’s gonna be. Yeah cool to see on the outdoor facade. Okay, I hope that they encounter needs its own right. I mean, needs its own right place for it. I agree my account. Yeah, we need a Brazil, paville Columbia, but we need a Brazil pavilion. We need a whole lot of other countries But Columbia would be the fitting one for Incanto.


Yes. So they’re bringing the electric. The main street electric parade. Back to Disneyland. Yeah, that’s gonna be cool. That’s great. And then Kanto’s getting a float. They’re getting the finishing float in that. That’s gonna be really, really good. Oh, that’s exciting. I’ve got some more Park news here. This related to Disney World.


Okay. Switching gears switchers That was your best. Sounds like you. We look. I’m gonna look at her. I’m gonna look at their box. Oh, 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was my first car and I feel like that’s where my brain is. I’m in 1996 all the time. Yeah, it sounded like a turn of the century.


Trolley. Wait well, okay. So then what would a 96 Jeep Grand? Cherokee sound like and then it’s smoking. I remember correctly. That’s what it is. That is what it did at a point. Yeah, that’s true. All right. Ready for the next one? I am ready. Guardians of the Galaxy opening date pushed back.


Three additional months due to catastrophic track failure False. Yeah, that this one’s false and I just want to reiterate, this is false in case Disney is going to try and sue me. If they’re listening no roller coasters broke Also Disney. If you’re listening, thank you. And and please read our podcast Disney World.


We’d appreciate it if you rated, and if you read it, I mean, Disney World. We will read your review on the easy dizzit podcast. We want to know a lot to ask where we’re passionate. We’re interested, we’re newbies. But in the sake of equity, we totally appreciate it. I think it’d be a good PR move for you, Disney World.


You know, people are saying always they’re reading the easy digit podcast positively. Maybe this company is not such a bad. That’s maybe they’re good people over there. Just so yeah. What do you think about that having? Oh you said false already and you are correct. Oh yeah, there’s still on track.


Actually, for May 27th will be the, the grand opening. That’s your sister’s birthday. It is and Memorial Day weekend. Yes, often the coincide. Oh, what’s busy memorial day? We can, huh? I’m thinking it’s not like a long. I mean, it’s a day, but it’s not like a long weekend like President’s Day Thanksgiving.


My sister’s birthday is the 25th. She listens. So I need to get this birthday, right? Oh, well, first of all, it’s because I was thinking. It’s a 27th. Maybe Jeff, they’re like two days apart. Jeff is 327. He’s 31. Yeah. Oh, so Jess isn’t 25. And if their social security numbers, interestingly enough.


So, I don’t know if any winters out there. Know my sister’s birthday. Please write it. Wait a minute. It’s just the 3, So about the 28th. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I and I didn’t know this before, I had children. I knew your siblings birthdays. Guardians of the Galaxy opening is coming on the 27th.


Cast member registration for previews opens up on Monday. April 11th. Oh that’s cool. The passholder preview registration. So like passholders can get early access that’s already sold out. That’s already filled up. Wow. Yeah. Okay. But they did they added like a countdown to the attraction page on the website?


I’m excited. I’m conflicted about this ride and I might, I think I mentioned it before, but I’ll share. Why? Tell us why I love. Guardians of the Galaxy. I love granted a galaxy. I can’t handle that kind of ride, so it’s upsetting. It’s upsetting that like the theming and the characters and they love but like I will vomtrom in might have a heart attack, it’s now, it’s definite, it’s there’s definite thing but it’s it’s just as frustrating because I’m like, I really want to go on it.


Yeah, I want to experience I love that movie. Well, I would recommend me to try once and if you vomitrom never do it again. But even if you you get you I think the worst experience you’re gonna have on this ride is still you’re still be glad you did it.


Hmm, you know, is that wrong? Maybe there’s excited. But is there only one way to find out there? It’s alright. There you go. There is a Sure. All right, are you ready for the third headline? Yes. Disney plus subscriber. Discounts released for late summer fall. Walt Disney World Resort.


Oh, oh, the discount for Rose. I’m sorry, I was reading just subscriber discounts. Okay. A true. This is true. Yeah that time of year works. Yeah. Well, then so Disney Plus subscribers will get a discount from 10 to 25% on select rooms, So that’s us. No, this summer, and fall, we’re unless you want to go this summer in Florida.


I’m saying we but we’re just Always need to at least. Look at that. We could look at it. I mean, so the 25% that’s gonna be at the deluxe resorts and the 10% is that, I think the campground is 10% and it’s like, 15% at value. I don’t know them off the top of my head, but I think that’s about it.


Okay. Yeah, it’s a little, it’s a nice. That is more of a discounted Disney has ever broadly done, that’s that’s typical range. They usually say up to 25% like the last one, it’s like you can save up the $400 during your stay and they but what they’re talking about is deluxe days and then value and moderate resorts will get a lesser discount, interesting?


Okay. Yeah, I know it’s worth checking out. That’s a nice time to go. Yeah, crowdwise. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And that’s why they’re offering a discount because they want to be a capacity if they can all the time, you know? Right. The goal. Right. Right. Yeah, I know, just tonight we always talk about.


We have worked in schools and at first were like, oh, this is great. It is in a lot of ways. It’s, it really is a great schedule. I’m not complaining about it. But I also will say, in terms of vacations in particularly Disney. Now it’s tough because we want to go, but the times that we have off are this super like the busiest times as opposed to like we didn’t work in schools, then you can take vacation whenever yeah.


And that’s why this business time because all kids are out of school. And yeah. Alrighty, you ready for the fourth headline, I’m ready. Let’s, I guess. I think This is his food related. It is not food. I had a feeling. Okay, I was wrong. I had a feeling this food related.


Okay? That’s it. That’s gonna say I wanted to guess the genre of the question the new feature on highly suspect headlines. Yeah. All right. For the fourth one. We’re going international on this one. Oh okay. Toy Story Hotel opens in Disneyland Tokyo. That’s the whole headline. Okay. Is our date.


There’s no date. It’s open. Oh it’s opened. Yeah, like past. Yeah. This past weekends, True? It’s true. Yeah, we don’t remember the timeline for that. Yeah, we talked about this, you know, a little while ago. Yeah, it looks really cool. The themeing looks really cool. I will have to check out.


We’ll have to see videos on that because I bet, I mean, the themeing in general, because it’s Disney and then it being it’s Tokyo. You said, yeah, I just feel like there’s a whole other level there. Yeah, I would love to see that We watched some Disneyland Tokyo videos recently but I think we started watching Tim and Jen from the tracker go and we watched some ride attraction.


It looks so great. It looks yeah, it’s just beautiful. There’s really a beauty to it. We watch some of the what was it called? The D not debunked defunct. Land Defunct land. I’m at different fake Disney park that that Amara land. Oh, one was, there was a few we watched, but one was, was narrow land.


That was set to be a Disney park and then but it just fascinates me. Like, I want there to be a book on Naroland and I want to read it like this, there’s something like, I don’t know if it’s like mystery. I love mystery and things that are like, abandoned are interesting to me.


Got to be a great setting for a story. Yeah, So that’s all the headlines. Autumn. Yes. What’s next? Well damp, it’s time for a stop. Stay. Everybody’s favorite segments. I mean we get mailbag all the time. I got how it’s a last segment of mail back about he stumps Jay.


And now a lot of people like, well, your segments, you know, about 30 minutes for the entire news trivia mailbag. Why don’t you do 25 of Ace? Comes J and just have Justin open it. Yeah yeah. And he leaves, and then it’s just autumn. Yeah, we get that message a lot.


It’s weird. Yeah, so east, I’m Shay. So, this is where I try very hard to get new and exciting and rare trivia related to all things Disney and I presented to Justin and see if he knows his stuff is he has intelligent on Disney facts, etc. As he says that he is and we’ll find out on this episode.


Well, I think it’s clean previously. Then when was heard this term a segment knows that I don’t get them wrong. It’s sometimes you’ll ask a bad question but that’s not your fault. I think. Oh yeah, that’s right. That’s right. We’ll see today, I think today we’ll put you to the test.


All right, let’s see. Are you ready for the first question admission? Prices at Magic Kingdom have increased annually with the exception of three years. What were these years? Okay, awesome. Well, you know a lot about you’ve read a lot of books. Think about, like, where Disney was a different times.


You’ll probably actually I do have some of this still have an idea. So when Eisner came in, that’s there were a lot of ticket price increases starting then. And I think Roger Miller, I think if I’m getting the name right, his idea was let’s hold the ticket price constant.


So I’m gonna I’m gonna try and three years. Are they consecutive years? Two of them are consecutive years. All right. So let’s say 19. Oh yeah. And then maybe we put it right during the recession from the and the 80s. So like, was it like 85 and 86 close.


There’s three. Did I did I hit any of the? You are. You are very, very, very, very close-7 and 88. You got one, right? 88 1988 is one. What are the other two years? All right, so that it’s gonna be 89. 88, 89, the third year, you going in the wrong direction?


Oh, Alex. 87. I said Now 88 right? Okay, 88 is right. Oh, that was the single, the other two consecutive. Okay, got it. You don’t really well though. I mean that’s I don’t know, which account. So into the 90s, the economy started improving especially like 1992. Yeah, let’s say 1991, think again I said you said when you said 88 you started to go to 89 and said you’re going in the wrong.


Oh yeah. Okay. 83, 84 Incorrect. So you got 88 right? The other two years was 76 and 77, okay? These are the years that directly followed a recession as a stock market, crashes, of 73 and 74 led to economic problems in the United States until 75. And then a similar situation occurred in 87 leaving to the prices remaining the same 88.


Got it. Okay. Yeah. So in 2002-2003 they just offered discounts. Yeah? Right. All right. You ready for number, two? Ready for number. Three, what was Walt Disney himself’s? First film, first feature full-length film or first like, cartoon short animations. His first one was, you know, prior to Mickey, wait himself, you mean like as himself?


Because he had a couple different not him. Know that I’m saying when I saying what I’m not talking about. So that I’m talking about licensing agreement, I’m gonna guess here that it’s probably not. But Oswald rabbit something with Oswald. No, no, it’s probably don’t. Take another guess. Now, it’s really all I got.


I don’t know if it’s not personal for short film animation. You’re gonna talk about Steamboat Willie. No, no. That’s that was his first Mickey that’s his first Mickey not animation. Yeah. Now, I really don’t know Alice in Wonderland Mrs short. No, yes, it was during the earlier stages of read this to you of his career Walt Disney concentrated on creating short animations.


He later decided to become more adventurous in this creations and wanted to create a short film that combined animation with real actress. The first short film created by Walt Disney himself when he founded, the company was Alice with was Alice’s Wonderland, I’m sorry, what child actress? Virginia Davis start as Alice in the short film in which he interacted with a range of animated characters.


Yeah. But that can’t be before his animated shorts. That’s a film. That’s a film. So maybe that’s consideration short film short. But yeah, it was right here. Was that in Alice’s Wonderland was a 12 and a half minute. One real film. That was completed too late to save Laffogram Studio which went into bankruptcy in 1923.


Are you ready for number three? I’m ready for number three. Okay, what are Disney’s five highest grossing films? Are you got this? You’ve talked about all these you know all right? Sure easy. Okay. Well like I got to get harder with these, you know, I’m trying. So as of what year 21 and is this Disney animation or Disney just Disney?


Highest grossing films, are they all Disney animation films on this list? Some of them are animated, some of them are not highest person films. Always. This is tough. Okay. I was gonna give you the harder version of this question. I want to put in his gross. Is it box office?


Or like total revenue, the all-time highest grossing films. Yeah, I’m gonna I think it’s gotta be revenue. All right, Lion King is that on there? No, Wow. Yeah, I was surprised that that that’s been beaten out. No, this is foreign condo and not including Pixar is up on there.


No, I mean, they, when did they obtain Pixar 2016? The Pixar’s still a separate, it still separate production. So if you like saying Disney films. So yeah, I think some of the no, some of these are Pixar but they’re Disney. Combine them is one because I’m completely blinking. All right, what are you think of Disney?


And some of the highest most popular movies that’s what I was trying to do. But I’m just blinking. I know, you know, three of them like, right off the bat, you know, three of them. But are the really popular movies, popular. Oh look. It also have right Frozen. Yes, Frozen’s on their way.


What I’m gonna be honest I was gorge. What number say that? I was gorgeous that frozen made. This in Lion King was on here. Was like you serious? Yes, so frozen is on there. What else? What number is frozen? That’s one. Oh it’s not, it’s just names the five, it doesn’t element order.


You don’t worry about the order Beauty. And the Beast. No, think of, like, popular move. What are the popular made? Was also really big at the time, too. But there’s just so much time has passed since highest. Yeah. Think about like, what movies are the highest grossing these? Most of these are not older movies.


Yeah, or not. Like, I wonder if it accounts for installation. I really that’s, I got nothing. Yeah, nothing. Okay. I’m gonna tell you. Alright, so you’re correct with frozen The Avengers. Really Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man. I was like, So Avengers is Marvel though, but that’s Disney Disney on the size so that’s what I’m saying.


As of 2021 this income that’s such a broad broad question, you’re basically. Yeah. When you said Pixar I’m like I know there’s a pixar movie on here but so it’s Avengers pirates. Frozen Toy Story 3 and Iron Man 3. Oh okay. Which is interesting because only two out of those are animated movies.


Yeah that was that was a quote. That was actually the way that the original question was phrased, so I thought that was that was interesting. Okay. You ready for the fourth one? The original question that you wrote last night while you were up late putting these together, Correct? Okay, ready.


All right. So, since 1991 hint hint Disney’s annual revenue has decreased only twice with years. Probably 2001. Oh, that’s so close. 2002 down the year. After two years, it was. Alright, what’s the idea what other mass was going on? Was the other will be the next year? Oh well, the COVID, 2019.


Oh, cuz Disney Plus save their butt that year. Yeah, no, you’re in the right range. Keeping that range 2006. Nope, one more. Yes. 2009 2002 and 2009 though two years we are the revenue for Disney as a whole decreased. I’m so in 2002 revenues dip slightly. After the company they had to slash a lot of operating and filmmaking and all of that and then in 2009 revenues fell four percent and they cited the economic downturn.


That’s when all the mess went down with the banks. So, yeah. So there was a lot lost then yeah, excellent. Those that was great. And that’s it for a stumps. J. Would you think today? Those were some tough ones. Those were some, I apologize. But I also like, alright, let’s, let’s get this.


I love John with the dates and the years because you’re not think ice I you know, I approach that challenge and I overcame it just I mean I got all of them right. No one’s really surprised. Well it’s interesting, I can say the movie one I thought was one you pretty much were.


I was like maybe one or two. He won’t think of but I thought you were gonna have that one and then you were closer on the ones. I didn’t think you were gonna go near. It was very interesting ended. Questions are tough to like, you know, to those categorical questions.


Like, that’s right name, seven fruits, you know, I can do that. I can name seven, fruits, just orange apples. Oranges apples, oranges oranges oranges. That’s basically what he is. I mean, not to, I get like, frozen is popular. I have to say, I don’t understand why. I think I could still name a lot of other movies that I think just are, I don’t know.


I didn’t just a better movie, so it’s interesting. It perplexes me a little bit that I’m, like, the highest grossing Disney movies, when you think of all of the movies that they’ve put out, but it is what it is. Like, another Lion King, is it on there? You serious?


Yeah, I tried watching for happy for happy feet isn’t Disney. That’s very happy feet. Is something else. So for mailbag this week, we actually have kind of a video submission Autumn, and it’s actually for you. That’s cool. I was directed to show this to you. I’m just gonna go ahead and play it for you really.


That’s maybe you can just describe what you see. Well squirrels. Oh, this is squirrels like last week. The question, he’s got our water skiing.


Okay, so they’re singing in squirrel. Water, skis, Okay, Country music song. So, after having seen this, as your mind changed at all on Squirrel Fest Now that you’ve seen like this is like proof of concepts. No, they’re adorable. I would love to attend a fest with some squirrels. Yes.


Okay. And you would swim with the squirrels. I would swim off the squirrels and you would pay $50. I would pay $50. Yes, that’s legally binding. So you are a customer now it’s girlfriend. Okay. 22 right. Thank you very much, Tommy Shaw actually, for sending him that video mailbag submission, Tommy.


Thanks and the song is our Brad. Pailey’s Riverbank. That’s it. If you want to see this, this in action, you can also, I David Letterman used to have a gag where he showed a squirrel water skiing as well. Yeah. Oh, that’s funny. I know that country singer but I couldn’t think of his name.


So thank you for saying it. Yeah, absolutely. So I had an idea, I loved, who can you shout out to the what was a podcast? We’re listening to today, that I like they’re talking about Tara Tara and Ryan’s Princess Diaries, Tara and Ryan I can I just love the episode, your talk.


We’re listening to the one. We’re talking about Turner in Hooch. Yeah, and my daughter loves dogs. So we have been, we haven’t watched the old, the original one with her that Justin, I have seen, but the new show and loves it and just listening to you today, I was like, oh my gosh as soon as we get home, I want to watch the original.


I just really appreciated and loved the way you were talking about it, and in the points that you brought up and it sparked, I’m like, hey, how could it be? Like, I don’t know in a way, like, talk about our analyze different movies and things like that, from all from that lens, you know, or like talking about, like the characters and the tropes and the, yeah, you know, those teeth, that’s exactly what I did.


I could diagnose some of these characters I’m telling you. Some of them have a lot of DSM diagnosis. And that might be fun. Yeah, it’s a a podcast. They’ve got me to watch a few things that I wouldn’t have watched like DuckTales. I went back and watched a couple of DuckTales episodes and cool runnings.


I went back and watched that after listening to this. Oh, they’re trying to do like every Disney movie. I love it. Please keep it up. I love it. I love it. And it’s inspired me to like think I’m like I felt like invigorated. Like, oh, I love this and like it just got my just as flowing about all different ideas in regards to Disney like movies and shows.


So thank you. Yes thank you very much for that. All right, stick around, we’re gonna be talking to Tommy about his experience at Disney World, recently a particularly the restaurants and some rise of the resistance excitement. That’s great. I’m so excited to hear about the trip and to hear how housing especially about rise of the Resistance because I have not done that.


Justin has done that and Disneyland. So thank you all for listening.

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Disney World Reviews with Tommy and Dina Shaw





Where that’s usually our go-to. But this time, we really decided that we were gonna push the envelope. Yep. And try something different. I love it. We usually with the kids we just quick service. Everything, you know? So this time we wanted to make, we wanted to make more time and actually explore, because we’ve been getting so many recommendations and stuff that we’ve never tried before.


Yeah, yeah. So, how many were in your travel party? There was four for it was myself. Dina. Yep. In the two kids. Yep. And how old are your kids? Kids are six and 17 six and 17. Yes. 17. So that also can pose a challenge too because, you know, to get the younger and, and the older end and find something that they can both do collectively.


You know, that’s is poses a challenge for us. So do they have different like tasting food? Well, yeah, it’s Mickey waffles and chicken nuggets and then the older one is now starting to try way more food. Yeah. He’s ever had adventurous now, so he really liked the Epcot like he was trying all the different kiosks around the world and he had a blast doing it.


Oh, that that’s what’s cool about. Epcot, right there are, there’s a lot of options close together. Yeah, so you it lends itself well, to that. Yeah, it was fantastic. Yep, we love it every time. So you, you did some dining in Disney Springs too, right? Yes, we did the boat house.


That is a must-do for us. Every time we have a relative down there that lives in Florida, and he meets us at the boat house. Every single time, we never stray away do we? It’s like, we it’s a confident every time our favorites, the ambience, being on the water, and being in that in that whole setting is just, it’s gorgeous.


And the food’s fantastic. Do you both like seafood? Oh this is a matter of controver. You more about the seafood than he is. But they do have some regular I guess non seafood options you know, so you can kind of add those. Oh, there’s steak looks great. The steak was great.


The burger which I usually get every time is fantastic. It was a was a bacon. Blue burger. Yeah. And I do get the firecracker shrimp. I do like spice. Yes. So that I do venture, I’m not the typical Rhode Islander but yeah, you venture up, I was gonna say, I don’t think I heard the question.


Oh, do you eat seafood until I moved out of Rhode Island? Yes, but see here, the person from Rhode Island, who doesn’t care for seafood is still eating shrimp. So, I mean, that’s a good sign, right? Yeah. What at the boathouse? Yeah. Dina had, what did you have like really stars Rockefeller this time?


And it honestly, we we joke about this because I took one bite of this and said, this is the best thing that I’ve literally ever put in my mouth where these oysters Rockefeller? Just absolutely delicious. That’s a baked oyster, right? With like bacon and it has like a red sauce kind of factor to it or like a tomato.


We tomato garlic. There might have been some spinach in there. It was. Wow, just don’t look at me for help. I was running the other way. That was that? I got some break too much. Yeah, I would highly recommend that anybody that wants to go that level and and try something like that.


It was definitely worth worth the bite so yeah, I will definitely check that out. I don’t do I’ve like tried raw oysters but not my thing, cooked oysters. Oh baked fried oysters, love them. Yeah. And I’ve done both but the cooked ones in this case were definitely the way to go.


Awesome. And so Enzo’s, you checked out insos that’s a really interesting restaurant. It looked like you have to go through a tunnel or something like that. There is a little secret tunnel around the style of secret but yeah it feels that what makes you feel that. That’s how Disney does it you know and right it was old school.


Italy. In there was beautiful. Rick’s The boots that were built into the bricks. It was so cool. Inside the food was fantastic. It’s tough to find good, Italian food down in Florida. Mm-hmm. That totally hit the spot. That is what we get from around here, that’s for sure. It’s another thing that Rhode Island does quite well, it going to other states.


It can kind of be a disappointment sometimes, but that was that was another treat. That was a great place. We would definitely go there again. Yep. What do we have the lasagna and stuffed shells? I think. Yeah, I did the lasagnostic. Yeah, yeah. It very classic fair, but they managed just spice it up a little and that was great.


The ambience in there. So, yeah. What did the six-year-old? Get at Enzo’s? And he’s kind of a straight pasta guy, a pasta and muscles, kind of. Yeah. If you could just meatball, he would take that. Yeah. Which he has more, I think that Uncle Tony’s. So there is, you know, there is stuff that kind of caters to every taste I guess or I should say different levels, right?


Basic to do a little grander. Yeah, that was good. Yep. So Epcot, what was, what was your favorite at Epcot? I’d have to go with space, 220. I mean, we’ve heard so much about it. Yeah, we and we only started booking this trip. Maybe three weeks in advance of going really, how are you able to get a reservation?


Well, but even that I mean, that’s something to talk about too. He utilized one of those mouse dining. Oh you use mouse tiny? Yes, I think it’s like five dollars a month and that you just had them, text me. It goes through a lot quicker because if you waiting for the email, sometimes the emails get held up.


So by the time the link comes through and you click on it the reservations already gone, right? But if you’re getting text, it’s pretty much instantaneous and you go right into and click that link and you can usually get most of the dining that does pop up there. That’s a cool little travel agent trick tried so many times.


Yeah. And we finally got in and I would definitely say that something like that is worth it. If you have a place that you want to be your go-to restaurant and you say, I really want to make sure we get to that on this trip. The most dining really was fantastic Worth the money to do because it’s a lot of aggravation trying to or you could let just Tommy take care of the dining for you.


Tom is a travel agent. Let him do the mouse diet, I am a travel. Yeah. Sexual mentioning that just let him pay the five dollars a month and he’ll do it for free. Just So so okay. So you got a space 20 to 20. I want to say 2020.


I know it’s space 220, but I want to say 2020, you got a space, 220 reservation. How was it? Tell me about the experience? Yes, it was absolutely fantastic. You walked right up who was the Mars? It’s attached to the missions. The mission space, okay? It’s to the right.


As you’re going up, you’re going take the same walkway and then it splits up it. Divides at the Ohio State to the right, go to space. 220, we walked in, they gave us a boarding pass which kids wanted to take off. This was so cool. I mean, just from just from the get-go, it was it was dark numbers.


Yeah. In the experience, absolutely top notch. So they give us a boarding pass. We had to wait by the elevator and then the elevator opens up they lead you in and then there’s almost like I want to say it’s like a glass bottom boat. Okay. It’s like a porthole in the bottom of the elevator.


Okay, so as the elevators going up, it goes slow. But it makes it look like you’re leaving. Epcot almost like, if a Google Earth type thing. Just yeah, zoom out. When you see the ball slowly getting smaller and now you’re going to space and then it shows you locking up with the actual restaurant above you.


So then you feel the elevator lock up, that’s if you’re going to board the star cruiser, it was great. Yes. And then when you walk in there, they take you down to your seats. Full ring was, I don’t, how would you, how would you state? It was multiple windows across.


So it’s kind of this horizon view where the entire back wall of restaurants is these jumbo windows. As if you’re looking out into space, oh, wow, and the whole outline of Earth is kind of what covers these windows. It goes from left to right, where you’re looking at the globe.


It’s essentially you know they the outline of that. How cool just this so immersive. They had astronauts floating by spaced dogs. They had star cruises coming and going it was beautiful. How was the quality of like the image? Did it look pretty convincing? Yes. Very convincing. Especially earth. Like when you walked in you swear you’re up there and our six-year-old actually said he Dad.


I don’t how come my voice isn’t changing. I mean, we’re 220 miles it. Yeah. Don’t you feel a little different? I feel a little different. No, I know. This is. Why are we so high? And I’m not like my voice is still the same. Super cute. He really took it all in.


Yeah. Oh wow. Disney’s great for that. Yes, they are. So how was, how is the food in the service? The service was top notch, This service was great. The waitress we had was so interactive with us and the kids and just really I feel like as, as crowded as I feel like the place was, you know, there was not an empty table or chair in the place, but you didn’t feel like they were rushing you through and that’s one thing to note is that, you know, the whole experience does take a little while.


Yeah. So you kind of oh really, you know, I mean it was probably two hours just wow. Um, and so, that’s again, just something to kind of keep in mind because if you’re trying to get in and out of there quick or planet in between some other stuff, you may have.


Yes, that’s some time aside. Yeah. And it’s it’s worth it. It’s worth it. But the food was fantastic. Yeah, they all had different, you know, space names. Of course. Right. Food was fantastic. The only thing I wouldn’t want is they had boots right down next to the window itself and look, young literally right on top of it.


Now we were one a few steps up in the like the next time always there. So layer nice. Yeah, I’ve heard those are the better seats if you can get them, much better seats. Yeah, I thought that was, I was thinking about the people down by the windows itself and you’re gonna lose out, right?


Because you’re too action, you know you can’t really see everything going on, right? That’s a little too. I’m not that you get to pick, you see. But yeah so we had what did you have? You had the starry calamari. Yeah, he lover you. The adult Andreas came with an appetizer and your entree itself like a fixed price deal, right?


Yeah. So when you were ordering it kind of came that way, whereas for the six-year-old, it was the entree and a dessert. Okay. And that’s how they factored the kids supernova. Sweet. Yes. Yes. Supernova sweet. That’s good. They know how to do it. Yeah I love Kitch like that’s my favorite thing on vacation is trying to find like the kitchen kind of jokey stuff and that this really hits that note for me.


It’s space to 20, That’s fantastic. I mean, it’s very pricey. Um, or yeah, it’s the higher end of it’s definitely the higher end. Yeah, well, I mean, it takes a lot of, you know, energy to ship all that food, 220 miles into space. Exactly. Sure. That’s what you, that’s what Ryan thinks and yeah.


So that was, that was great. That was probably one we’re gonna do probably every time. Oh you do it again. Oh yeah yes this is this is one of those experiences maybe the next time. Maybe if the server wasn’t as good, maybe would be a little differently. I would be interested to do it again, just to see if it was that new first experience thing that made us like it so much, or was it something that’s just consistently, you know, they can kind of sell you on and, and keep providing that same level of excitement.


There is a lighter option. You can go into the lounge section, okay? Thank the reservation for that which you can just order, appetizers. So you don’t have to get the full entree. Nice, you know Cab, you can break it down further but it’s further away from the action too, but okay, you know, that might be worth for some people.


Yeah. Yes. I think we’re yes. You can see the whole thing, right? Yeah. You could still see everything. You might have to stand up and look over people. But if they definitely, they allow anybody to walk down to the windows. They take pictures of you guys right in front of the, you know.


Yeah. So that’s very, oh, that’s well done. They did a great. I’m definitely gonna have to check that out. Definitely check that out. Put it on the list. So another place you checked out in Epcot cat, Sarah Grill, and this is another one I haven’t been to, but I’ve seen pictures, it really looks beautiful as unbel, the atmosphere up, there was gorgeous.


Yeah, bonsai trees. This is one as many times as I feel like we’ve been to Epcot, it’s really tucked in the back. It’s not very mercy. Yeah. And when we sat there, it was at night and it was a nice night and you it really feels very private. You would never know that you’re in the middle of Epcot.


Yeah. What when you’re sitting with all these lanterns and yeah, and the way it’s situated, it’s just it’s a nice spot that once you find I can definitely see people making it a point to to go back there and just just kind of hang out and have your little quiet time.


That’s a nice private spot. Yeah, that’s it. Sounds like a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle. Yeah, the oldest one loves ramen. Yes. He huge ramen fan. Yes. He had the time katsu comment up there with our noodles. Yes. And so we just got a gigantic bowl of that.


We all just ate. It’s that pork broth. It’s nice. Yes. Okay. It was so good, but it was nice. Like, the whole ambience of the whole place up there. It’s just, we’ll definitely go back there and do. Even if it just to sit, relax, take it all in, you know?


And it has beautiful. Yep. So, you went to Hollywood studios and you checked out both of the cool ones there the the primetime cafe, and the sci-fi diamond theater. Yes, can we go with the one? We like better first? Yeah. Which one do you like better? Sci-fi? The sci-fi was awesome.


Bunch of cars. All looking at old movies and our car was turned sideways. It was like a table. You know, the whole place is set up to be like a drive-in right where all the cars are, you know, kind of facing the screen and that maybe one thing to know about that, like if you’re going with a party of four or a party of most of the time, you’re sitting one in front of the other.


So the cars are set up where it’s like two people in the front seat, two people in the second row, let’s say and two people in the third row, got it. So you’re not necessarily gonna have group conversations. Got it? You’re not face-to-face. You’re not face to face. Yeah.


Where this particular table? We had we hadn’t planned for it, but we got there a little earlier than our reservation and they took us early. No, and we ended up sitting more across from each other. Got it. And that first time we had ever done that and it just gives you more of a chance to it’s not the cool car per se.


Okay, right. You know, as far as being able to converse with other people, there’s more interaction that way, Got it. So it’s not shaped this particular table is not shaped like a car but it lets you sit face to face. Is that right? Or had the front of the car and had the tail of the car, but it was a table, got it.


Okay, most of the one set up in there, I would say 80% of them probably are by growth four and six password and six passenger cars where you’re sitting in your row. So I guess it would be nice for a parent you know. But but they get up front and they can have their little talk time and not have to worry.


They’re sitting right there but they have their own space. So it’s kind of nice too and it’s a lighting in there. Is beautiful the old movies, you get a such a kick out of. So did you find that the old movies were holding the kids attention? They’re quick. Yeah, not one movie.


You’re watching. So it’s commercials and it’s you know scenes from creatures from the lost lagoon or about that kind of okay but it’s it’s fairly quick things, you know? And will have intermission break or popcorn break or something like that. Yeah, something fun will pop up. I think it was enough, you know, it’s it’s enough of something to fix their attention.


Cool. You know. Cool. And you definitely would go there for the ambience, the food I think is average, it’s okay, you know, burgers and fries which, you know, everyone wants that once. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. But if you go there you’re definitely going for the ambience and our server was great there.


Yeah, he was that night too huh? More than the food is. It is what it is. Now you mentioned server. So from what I understand the servers that primetime cafe are part of the attraction there too. That’s the whole disappointment to me. Oh no I heard so much about this from so many people that like they crush the kids.


They kicked the elbows up the table. They put down there. Well they walkie talkies instead of their phones and we didn’t get one bit of it. We said it’s up fail so perfectly. We said, all right, let’s let’s sit down. Here’s your phone, here’s your phone, we’re on the table.


I want, I was so disappointed. Justin and now I did go there once before but it was probably like 15 years ago. And even I remember it being way, more of an attraction I said, oh love this, you’re gonna love the banter. That goes back and the server. It’s not to say he didn’t try, but he had the same spiel for every table that came in so much.


He never changed it up. Got it. So now once you’ve been sitting for, you know, kind of three quarters of your meal and starting to hear the same thing. Yeah. There was just never just lost deviation from it. Yeah. Really. He never really attacked the kids one bit. Which frustrated that I literally tried to step them up the bell that failed and again, I don’t know.


It was just our server, you know? I’m not sure. I I think I had a similar experience at Skippers canteen. I was really excited for the interaction there and I thought it was gonna be just like having your own skipper at the table and it was, it was I was disappointed.


I was a little let down, I think, you know it, it’s who you get and on what night, you know. Yeah, exactly. So I mean, that was a little bit of a disappointment. The food was fine. The food was was good, you know. Yeah. But all in all. Yeah, they do.


Like what there. Yeah. What did I get? I got a home cooking. I had like a whole smorgas. Momma’s favorite? Like I had the fried chicken the meatloaf and the pork loin or something nice. It was like a tasty trio or something. Yeah, Lacy’s or whatever. But I mean, everyone enjoyed that meal, but feel that let down.


I’m not I’m probably not gonna go back. Well, the funny thing was I had my father’s fire department shirt on that day, The people behind us. So already goes oh you’re on the fire department like oh no. My father was a chief and Cranston and then he goes, well, I’m a fireman, I’m fireman from Williamson.


He’s no Bristol or Pawtucket. Yeah, another Rhode Island. Next to him was another person from Massachusetts, right over the line here. Like this is gonna be the Northeast room, they’re all coming down because it’s, you know, snowing in freezing back home. That’s right. So, that was the best part of that whole thing was just in the neighbors over there.


That’s awesome. That’s awesome. It’s funny when you can go to somewhere place. So far away from home and just kind of randomly run into people from just a couple towns over. Yeah, that’s why I bring that t-shirt with me. You know I mean I don’t respect for him, none of these past but just I did just drums up conversation.


Yeah, just I want to talk to all the Rhode Island people. That are every I wear Hampshire. I wear it everywhere. Yeah That’s another Rhode Island thing too. When you find out that someone is from Rhode Island, you start asking? Well do you know this person’s supposed to know?


Everybody’s t-shirt? Yeah. Do you remember Benny’s? Oh absolutely up going to Benny’s. Oh yeah. So for the listeners Benny’s was kind of a, how would you just grab it? It’s like not a department store but like a variety store. Yeah, it had. Yeah. Right from the hardware shovel. A tires to yes, everything.


Yeah, everything. Yeah. So you did a little bit less dining at the Magic Kingdom but you had to check out what go ahead. The loaded tater tots at the prior nook. Friars. No, I’ve heard about them. Tell me about them. Tell me about the loaded tater tots at Friars nook.


Hey, are we kind of stumbled on them? Because it was one of those in between meals things and we’re starving. But, you know, we didn’t really want to sit down for, even a quick serve at that point. He said, oh, let’s go, let’s go check out what’s here. And sure enough it’s loaded tater tots, which is again, tater tots family, favorite smothered, tank around and sour cream and chives and bacons and bacon.


Yeah. Oh, bacon too. Yes. Just the snack will slow you down. You don’t really want to slow down a magic kingdom, but it was worth it and you just take it sit on the sidewall and people watch. Yeah. And they go so what would it be? Would it be the loaded tater tots of the Rockefeller?


See but now that’s two totally different things. It’s not totally different. They both have bacon, I would say there is no reason to miss these tater tots, if you are. That’s my girl. That’s, that’s the way to go. Don’t sleep on the Friars, not loaded tater tots. All right.


That is a must. The only other thing that well, that our favorite thing to do whether it’s eat or you know, it’s the garden grill at Epcot. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the garden grill at I have not but it is. It’s on my short list because it rotates a breakfast.


Stop every time. Yeah. Okay. Land pavilion. Yeah, it’s it’s so good. It’s it’s a revolving restaurant right over the land and you’ve got me sold right there. I so badly, want to eat in a restaurant. That’s slowly. You know, rotates like that’s just what I want. So cool. And then you get a, take a picture with farmer Mickey, the banship now.


Yeah, you got farmer Mickey Chippendale and my favorite Pluto. So you have yeah a plethora of hey not do it this time because their character breakfast were not bad available. Yeah, running yet. But if we had to recommend a character breakfast, when it does come back in service, the grill, is the way to go.


So, we did make it to the Kona. That was the last stop. Yes, the colon cafe. Now, that’s at the Polynesian, right? The Polynesian. That’s probably my favorite location. How was how was that? It was. Well, we all were in, and I’m sure you’re very well aware of the pangit test.


Oh, yes, yes. I know about Tonga Toast. I have my Tonga shirt on. I was all ready to go. We all re-order of Tonga Toes. You had a Tonga toast shirt on? Yes, I had teen tongue on. Oh, did you get a discount? You should get a discount for that at least 10% forever.


It’s just oh, they won’t acknowledge him for some reason. I don’t know, but we’re repping Team Tonga? What time about it and telling everyone in line? You got to get the target toast and then we add it la. Oh yeah, super dry. It was dry. Super dry. I mean, we all, we had the strawberry compote that goes over it.


Yeah. Yeah. There wasn’t enough, bring more contracts. I don’t know if I want to tell Bruce but right I don’t know. I’m gonna have to say it’s a hard pass. Not hard pass. Oh wow. So I’m all about deep fried bread. I’m in. But the banana in the middle is what I can’t do.


Personally, I have a, I’m a trickly against bananas with you. We all a little, a little scary about the banana center, but I will tell you, I feel like it almost saved the yeah. Oh yes, it does save it because that moisture once you get to the middle. Yeah.


Got it. Yeah. So is it just compote or does it come with syrup too? There’s two different locations Kona comes with the compote. Okay, I think Captain Cooks, which is a quick service, one downstairs, just outside the pool area, comes with the syrup. Great info. But I got my bam, which, you know, not many people want to get spam.


I had the spam was better than the Tonga. Pretty sad. Oh, all right. So you’re not gonna try it again. You’re gonna give it another shot. I probably will at Captain Cooks? I got they go. Yeah, I’ll try with the syrup. That’s something I want to make at home.


I want to give it a shot at home. Something without banana, I haven’t figured out what I’m gonna put instead of banana but the shot, well, I will tell you the strawberry is a good option with the cinnamon of, of the toast. You know. It does have that crunchy kind of cinnamon outside, but it just it did not live up to our all the buildup.


I built this thing up three weeks as the greatest ever. That’s it. That’s the expectations, right? They you broke the expectation rule there. No, I did break it. I gotta go in with low and I went into extremely high. So now when I go get it, when I go get it, I’m gonna be expecting like cardboard and I’m gonna be blown away by it.


Yeah. See. And then you come and talk. You fine. Thank you, Tommy. Okay. All right. That’s that’s a lot of great meals. So you also you went to Disney World and you also visited some attractions as well. Right? We did. We had some in mind of one was definitely.


I’m a Star Wars fan. So I had to go to rise of the Resistance. Yes. And enjoy it. I loved it. And I know you like to have spoilers on your show. Yes, absolutely. Okay. That’s autumn’s not here. We can do sports. So we enter this ride and it’s you get on this one ship first and you kind of go through the motions.


You’re getting tractor, beamed up to. Yeah, the on blanking on it now too. The start, not the star cruiser, the and pair on my brothers would be so mad at me right now. The Imperial Star Destroyer. There we go. So that’s where we ended up and then you go through and then you when you first come out you’re you see all these stormtroopers standing in line and yeah you cannot prepare yourself for for having a versus movies and and having those doors open and you just see these stormtroopers just lined up in front of you.


Yeah. Yeah. And you see the space, what didn’t there’s things zooming by and Lightspeed and like this is unbelievable. Yeah, so much fun. So, we get through this part and then they load you on to the into like colors. It’s like one through six, you can only let. So so many go in when they were lining you up.


Yeah. How was the interaction there? Oh, they were, they were played the rules to a tee. I was for he was first order all the way. It was great. So he, he went through his whole spiel and he brought us into, it was an interrogation room. Now, we’ve been doing this park from sunup to sundown and I was exhausted.


I’m not a small guy. I needed to rest, okay. I went over to the sidewall, everyone’s in the middle, like good people. And not me. I’m leaning on this side wall and the wall starts the cave. Oh, that’s to push in. Oh, no. And I’m looking at Dina. I’m like, I think I just broke this wall, but I leaned on it again, and it went, he went in even further.


Now for people haven’t rode the ride before. That’s where the resistance kind of comes through that door, behave. You and launch you, you know, get you on to your little car and get away. But no I locked. It up. Can I can I study for a second? So you leaned into the wall and you kind of broke it and you thought next maybe I’ll lean into the little bit more.


Okay, first the process. Okay, okay, yeah, one of those. You know things where you lock it push it in and you push it in again to unlocks. So it. Yeah, so they ended up pulling us back out. So now there’s the first quarter guy is going interrogating. Every guy, every male I could have done this.


Exactly they must have known. I did it. I’m assuming when they just trashed everyone else, it was so funny. Oh, that’s great. Finally brush again about seven or eight minutes later in the resistance. Finally made it through the door this time. I don’t know if they said something like.


Oh, thanks for thanks. For opening the door. Helping the door open or something like that. It was pretty funny, but it was that was one of those rides that a fully immerse himself in the yes. Right? Experience. And the way I can, you know, if I have to break something to get more notice.


And that’s right. Oh no. No. Now listeners are gonna start pushing the wall at. I mean, I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to give it away, but there is See. And then they told us, oh, the second time you’re gonna stay in the middle of the room. So, Rise of the resistance is probably the least reliable ride at Hollywood Studios.


I think the stat, I heard the other day in the last few weeks, it was down an hour and 43 minutes out of the day on average. Yeah, I believe it. I mean, it’s that’s something to note too. Is that we never got the kilo, a version of the ride, a version and and B version I guess something does kind of malfunction shows I guess the a version shows like the ship collapsing on Kylo.


Oh yep. And he gets out of there but we didn’t see that at all. Yeah it’s okay version was the alternate the alternate for the alternate ending I guess you would say. Yeah kylo in his ship shooting at you. Oh son more of a video. Yeah a stroke interest a screen version instead of the the animatronic animatronic when you go up in the in the front bridge of the ship doing unbelievable.


Yes, it’s so human like the movement. Yeah, that entire ride. Just there’s a section where you ride through and you’re literally between the addets. Yeah, legs. Yes. And you’re, you’re just you kind of see this stuff over you and, and it’s just, you know, your mouth does drop. Even if you’re not, they did a such a good job was super Star Wars fan.


You know, you can still appreciate kind of the epic nature of the ride, really. If you’re any kind of Star Wars fan, you have to do it once. And that’s, I agree. That was one of the things because we had to pay for that one, that was a lightning.


Le Are you, you went for the lightning land on that? Yeah. Because I wanted to guarantee. Yep. And, you know guarantee, so I wrote that in Disneyland, when it was still the cue. Yeah. And I got to write it twice once by myself. Then, once with my friend Sean and they kind of, I was on a beam mode, the first, a kind of b-mode the first time, you know, there’s a point where you’re driving past the, the windows on the right.


Yeah. There’s like the battle and the guns are on the left. Yes, the guns weren’t moving the first time I went through, but the second time when I went through Sean with Sean, the guns were moving, which definitely adds something to definitely adds it. Yep. You feel like you’re really immersed in the battle and such a great job.


Yeah. It was beautiful that. And then the ratatouille one too. That was another first that we had to do that. We also paid for. Did you love it? A fantastic. Yeah. It was so, so good. I’m looking back. How many nation of cart movement and screen movement and having the actual kind of 3d effects around you with the screen interaction.


That was just, it’s tough to explain that one. Yeah, really have to, but it’s amazing how the cars run a little mice and they’re just all separate, but they’re not attached each other and either float. Right in and out of this room picking people up stopping at the exact location.


That’s amazing it I’m Chris imprecision too. Yeah we would. It sounds like you had a pretty good trip. But where would you rate this trip in terms of like the other trips that you’ve been on? It was probably one of our better trips. There’s no doubt especially because we got three extra days because of that blizzard.


Yeah, the weather and temperature did not cooperate with us. Yeah, it was way colder. Then we’ve ever kind of experienced when we’ve been there at that time of year, right? So that part I think was a little worse, but I think family interaction-wise. It’s given an eight. Yeah, I don’t know if there’s a perfect trip.


You know, they’re probably isn’t a perfect trap. Absolutely not. No, not my experience. Yeah. You know. And we probably won’t do as many restaurants next time we go, but we just wanted to do it this once so yeah. Oh, thank you. Thank you for, you know, coming on and sharing this experience with me and and everybody listening, I really appreciate it.


Yeah, thank you for having us. It was great. So, Tommy I mentioned before your travel agent, I am. So if the listeners out there wanted to book, level eight trip themselves. How can they get in touch with you? Well, they could email me at Tommy s, at unlocking, the


I’m also on Instagram at unlocking the magic travel underscore Shaw and then I’m on Facebook at unlocking, the magic travel with, Tommy Shaw. Awesome. Yeah, awesome. I’ve been booking a bunch trips. We’re having a great time. I love to talk vacations. I mean, Dina will tell you that that’s all I do.


Yes. Today I was just buying showing her a DPC points for yes. Kingdom, Lodge for November? Oh, that’s great. No, we’ve had it. We’ve had quite a few conversation. I’m always impressed with some of the ins and outs that, you know, that little little tidbit about the being able to go to the lounge at space 2020.


That’s, that’s a great tip. So, anyone out there, listening that, that wants to know some of the in and outs of Disney World. Give Tommy a call. I’ll put the info that he just shared will be in the show notes, as well. That’s great. Thank you, Justin. Now, thank you both so much for joining us today and just keep me in mind for the honey.


Heist, you go the honey, heist, it’s happening. Okay, guys. All right, take care. All right, good, very much say, I don’t want him for us, we’ll do. All right.

Commercial 3

The 2020.


Hey you, yeah you. it’s me, Winnie the Pooh. I hacked these easy diz it jerks and I’m broadcasting this audio on a bear only frequency. I’m gonna make this quick because I ain’t got a lot of time. I’m putting a crew together. I need the best of the best.
The strongest and the sharpest bear criminals. If that’s you, get in touch real soon. We’re gonna be taking a little trip to the honey and wine festivals of 2022. I hacked this fool’s website too. go to to sign up or just email the jerk at I got access.


Computer is acting up today I think I got hacked or something. Sorry if that affected the show at all Special, thanks to Tommy and Dina for coming on today and sharing their experience with Disney dining, get in touch with Tommy to help him plan your next Disney or Universal vacation, His contact info is in the show notes.
And yeah, if you want to play a fun Disney themed RPG with Autumn and Tommy drop me an email at easy digit podcast at, it’s gonna be a blast. All right, until next time, easy visit

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