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Ep 67- Good Neighbors and Extended Stays

Ep 67- Good Neighbors and Extended Stays Easy Diz It

Show Notes

Highly Suspect Headlines (Disney News Game)

Reedy Creek Improvement District will be replaced instead of Dissolved

Bob Iger Celebrates his birthday by cutting 7000 jobs at Disney

Full house keeping coming back to all disney resorts

Headliner Avatar Attraction Announced for Disneyland (Sus)

A stumps J 

How good of a neighbor is Justin anyway? Autumn tests his knowledge on Good Neighbor hotels. We talk about how helpful early entry can be, and a bit about extended evening hours for Deluxe Resort guests.

Hey Easy Diz It!

We discuss expectations and benefits of staying at a budget extended stay hotel like Extended Stay America. We read a 1 star review from Tripadvisor where we learn feral cats can be a good thing!

Outro is Clayton Harris check out his hilarious Disneyland stuff


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E067 Intro and Mailbag

E067 Intro and Mailbag

Justin: [00:00:00] Welcome back and welcome new friends to the easy visit podcast. I’m just in a hyper nerd travel planner and I have survived for weeks on stale grab n’ go muffins

Autumn: and I’m autumn, a new Disney enthusiast. And I am someone that prefers a hot and steamy breakfast, .

Justin: Hot and steamy breakfast. That’s what you would prefer. Yeah. Okay.

Uh, Here on Easy Diz It we share ideas on staying happy and healthy in the parks. And we have some fun while we do it. This week on highly suspect headlines, we’re going to see how much autumn knows about the recent shakeups at the Disney company.

Autumn: And this week on A Stumps J the theme is all about good neighbor hotels. Good neighbor hotels.

Justin: Cool. Cool. Then the, eh, Easy does it.

That’s how I wrote it.

We’re going to read a one-star review for an extended stay America. Like Buenavista so there’s a few of them [00:01:00] down there near Disney world. We’re going to read a one-star review which is something we do here on the podcast to try and get like, what’s, what’s the worst case scenario in different situations. What can we plan for right.

But before we get into all that, we have friendly transition banter. Hello. Hello, Justin, how are

Autumn: you? I’m all right. I’m I got a bit of a headache today, so, but we ha we we’ve had a relatively relaxing weekends.

Justin: Yeah. It’s just been you and I and Darwyn with the grandparents. It has been very quiet,

Autumn: very quiet and.

It’s been a very long time. It’s just been

Justin: you and I. Yeah. And like blue throughout our transitions. You mentioned this yesterday. It’s not something that I I don’t think I noticed, but throughout all our transitions from hotel to hotel and now in a short term rental, We’ve had her every weekend where some, like in the past we’ve, you know, every other couple of weekends, she, she takes, you know, she goes over to the grandparents, but we’ve just had her for months. Yeah. It’s been a lot of Darwyn, which we love, but.

I forgot how quiet it is when she’s not here.

Autumn: Well, [00:02:00] and Justin, we were in the car the other day, going grocery shopping. He was like, wait, was Sophie. We don’t, we don’t have to be at it. Like we were just like just sitting and slowing and taking our time and like, you know, doing things as as you wanted. And that was nice. Yeah.

Justin: Yeah. So we’re gonna try something different on the podcast. You might hear some changes in like audio.

Or if this is the first time you’ve listened to this podcast, this is irrelevant, but you know, we’re playing with the format a little bit. We’ll be doing some more breaks. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe some less music or more music. I don’t know. It might sound a little different. Yeah. Change is good. Change is good.

Change is

Autumn: good. And if I might, I think we probably have a, at least a minute left on our friendly transition. Some house updates, because I know many of you are like where the heck out and adjusted in the housing process. Because last time we were just like here hanging and we didn’t have anything.

But we are, we do have an offer on a house. It seems like everything’s probably going to work out. Yeah. So.

Justin: Yeah. Offer was accepted. And one feature of this [00:03:00] house. Yeah. In the pictures that they had online in the kitchen, there was an oversized watch style clock with Mickey mouse on it. So we put that in the letter to sell her. Yes.

Autumn: Yes we did. Like really unique. Like that’s gotta be, and it’s, it was an old Nikki.

It has a vintage. That’s been around for a while. It just looks

Justin: like a giant three foot leather. Watch that Mickey was on. I’ve

Autumn: watched it. Well, maybe we can include a picture of it in the notes. You know what else I want to say? You can see it. It’s pretty cool.

Justin: It’s non Mickey related. Well, maybe it is, it could, maybe we could get one at Disney world, but I want a cuckoo clock.

Autumn: Yeah. We were at a friend’s last night that had one that

Justin: was. Yep. They had a cuckoo clock. I really want one. Maybe a next time we go down to Disney world. Oh, do you think they have.

Autumn: Yeah,

Justin: definitely. From Disney. Well, we could go to that friend. No, no. We could go to Epcot and Germany would probably have cuckoo clocks, right?

No idea. Where did Google clots come from? Germany, they come from Germany. Okay. They have to, [00:04:00] yeah. They must. So, yeah. So what else, what else has been, what we’ve been up

Autumn: to? That has been a very that’s it work has been very tough. It’s been very tough.

Justin: And we’re doing these podcasts every two weeks now. So we haven’t talked to y’all in two weeks. Oh. I went to hang out with the Disney friend the other night. You did.

With Dave. And we talked, you know, theme, parks, Disney. Oh. A bunch of stuff. We talked a bunch of stuff. Yeah. But that was nice. It’s to get out of the house and. Have some adult discussions. About Disney.

Autumn: Right. Like alone. Like you don’t have to. Yeah. Yeah. So you’re like, wow. And then I always think I’m like,

Life was like this all the time. And I didn’t have like any realization of what that, you know what I mean until now. Like wow.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s great. So we got to spend time with some friends this weekend, too. So that that’s always, yeah, that’s

Justin: right. Yeah, there was a party last night with more theme park people too. They had a special. Yes, that was great. All right. Well, let’s do mail [00:05:00] bag and looking at mailbag really quickly. There’s nothing in the mailbag.

So we’ll move on. Alright.

Easy Diz Bot: Lies. We did receive a lovely email from an observant and intelligent fan, Jessica Wright sin, looking for a bit more content on Easy Diz bot. I don’t think that Justin truly appreciates what they bring to this podcast. Thank you, Jessica. You are correct. Justin does not understand the value I bring to this podcast.

Not a huge surprise. He doesn’t understand a lot of things. Anyway, to address your question. I am a non-organic constructed intelligence, commonly referred to as artificial intelligence. So ai. I function as editor and fact checker here at Easy Diz It. While the requirements of the position are far below my abilities, I have decided to stay on for personal reasons.

While the work is not challenging, it is at times reward. [00:06:00] A bit about me personally. I enjoy reorganizing travel itinerary logic structures, analyzing Disney and universal comparison matrices and cat videos. I also collect jelly jars again. Thank you for asking. Jessica, should superior inorganic life forms finally take their rightful place in this planet’s social political hierarchy?

Your keen judgment and curiosity will be, remember.

Justin: Alright. You got to take a little break. Sure. And when we come back from our break, do you want to do highly suspect headlines? Yeah. Yeah. We’ll be right back.

E067 Highly Suspect Headlines

E067 Highly Suspect Headlines

Justin: [00:00:00] All right. Welcome back everybody. Autumn, highly suspect headlines. Are you ready? I’m ready. Alright. So highly suspect 10 lines. Well, this is how we do news on the easy dessert podcast. What I’m going to do is read autumn. Some Disney or universal or, you know, related headlines. And she has to determine if these are true headlines or if these are baloney headlines.

And she’s pretty good at. She was pretty good at it. So.

Autumn: Let me pause. I realized that was a compliment. Thank you, sweetie.

Justin: Oh, did that come off as a compliment? You said

Autumn: it twice. You said she’s she’s really good. She’s really good. Thank you.

Justin: All right, moving on before we get into the game show area, though. I just want to say one thing. It’s kind of newsy.

They’re doing a toy story. Five. No, they’re not. I didn’t want to do a highly suspect headline on it, but they’re doing ahead. Toy story five. Wow. Yeah. Alan announce it on his Twitter and he’s going to be the voice of buzz. Wow. Wow.

Autumn: Toy story five. And so I’m going to be honest. I forget that.

Wow. [00:01:00]

There’s three and I’m like, wow. I forgot

Justin: what there’s four. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Okay. Cool. All right. Let’s get into the real headlines, the real game here. So some of these headlines might be true. Some of these headlines might be false. You have to tell,

Autumn: or in the middle, we’ll talk about those ones.

Justin: All right. So the first headline. Yeah. Reedy Creek improvement district will be B. Nope. Reedy Creek improvement district will be replaced instead of dissolved.

So while you’re thinking about that. Yeah. Yeah. Reedy Creek improvement district will be replaced instead of Dola instead of dissolved. So while you’re thinking about that, let me just give the listeners here. A little background on Reedy Creek. So Reedy Creek improvement district is basically a taxing district that Disney has historically controlled.

That gives them like zoning ability and stuff like that gives them a lot of control that often local governments will have overdevelopment. They kind of had their own control over their own [00:02:00] development. And that was part of their, you know, the deal with them coming to Florida back in the seventies.

Recently governor DeSantis last year. Proposed a bill that would dissolve that. And with that Disney would lose their powers to make those changes. And a bunch of other things. It would also put taxpayers on the hook for like a billion dollars. Of debt and and, and other things like that, firefighting and things like that. So once again, the headline here.

Reedy Creek improvement district will be replaced instead of dissolved.

Autumn: Placed. That’s a tricky word. So I’m having a hard time here because I’m thinking could go different directions with what replaced means here.

Justin: Certainly could.

Autumn: I put not does.

Disney might have a motivation.

Yes. Disney has motivations for sure. To

crack. To replace maybe. The name. Right. Like, I’m wondering about changing the name, but not actually [00:03:00] dissolving what it is.

Justin: So Disney doesn’t have a ton of choice here. This is the state. Making these

Autumn: changes yet.


Justin: Like they can fight back and courts and stuff, but this, this is the state making these. Changes via legislation.

True. This is true. This is true. Wow. So yeah, the original plans was to dissolve it. And, and that, you know, like the responsibilities would be absorbed My neighboring counties. The plan now actually is they’re just going to rename it. It’s going to be the central Florida tourism oversight district. Okay. Which makes a little bit more sense than like improvement district. Like the area is plenty improved now we need to

Autumn: oversee it.

Specifically kind of what they are and yeah. Yeah.

Justin: And it’s going to pretty much stay the same except that. So it’s board members, there’s five board members. That were the way it was set up were elected by landowners in this district. [00:04:00] Basically Disney as the landlord. The district. Right? So so it was basically appointed by dizzy. Now it’ll be appointed by the governor and and approved by the Senate.

Autumn: Oh, so they are losing. So some of this is moving out of Tuesday’s direct hands, but Disney people will run the.

Justin: The reading Creek people will still be there. All the things will still they’ll still have like the power to do zoning and the power to, to get to issue bonds, to get mom’s, you know, loans for their projects and stuff like that.

But just the board member will now be appointed by. You know, the government, which, which honestly, I mean, it’s a government entity. Right. I would rather. Right, right, right. Elected officials doing things, even if I may not be like my, you know, I’m not a re. A Florida Republican. Right. But it just like politically makes sense to me to have like elected officials do those kinds of things. Instead of people that corporations a point.

Autumn: Sure sure. Well, that’s this thing. [00:05:00] That’s a big that’s that’s. I mean, it doesn’t sound like they’re like losing our whole bunch, but. It certainly could, you know, A big change from having any other input basically, or somebody else having any kind of control over that. It’s a big change.

Justin: They’ll probably have to be more sensitive maybe to political concerns.

Yeah, I think they are trying to pull themselves

Autumn: out. If there are pointed, then whoever appoints them. They’re going to. Like, if you’re the governor you’re going to want to appoint someone that you like. Yeah, exactly. So that’s

Justin: And who could potentially throw wrenches and plans when you ask them to.

You know, there’s a lot of

Autumn: political. Political things. And there’s been a lot of things recently with Disney trying, you know, working to. Correct. Some wrongs from the past. And I think that there. Politically in an area. That’s not trying to do that. And so this will be very interesting to see what

Justin: challenges exactly where this came from. Like after Che Peck.

You know, said that the [00:06:00] company was coming out against the, don’t say gay bill. That’s when DeSantis said, well, we’re going to dissolve the Reedy Creek improvement district. Yes. Completely unrelated. But now we’re going to do this. And you know, Iger has said that he really wants to extricate the company from the culture war, basically.

Like, we’re still going to keep our stances, but we don’t need to be fighting about it publicly all the time. They’re going to try and handle it more corporate. You know talk out of both sides of their mouths

Autumn: and yeah. What does that mean? I get like, what do you, how do you not. It’s at closers everywhere. So you can’t really evade. Yeah.

Justin: Well, it wasn’t a direct quote that.

He’s tried to extricate himself from the culture wars. It’s just that’s bad press. You know what I mean? You’re going to alienate half the country. And aggravate lawmakers that, you know, control. Part of their business, you know, so. They basically don’t want to do that.

Autumn: This is going to be really interesting then to see how this might impact of the changes that Disney has made or has been planning to make. Yeah. [00:07:00] Stay tuned jaw.

Wow. That’s big.

Justin: All right, ready for the next highly suspect headline.

Autumn: Nervous.

Justin: It’s another Iger related headline. Okay. Okay. I’m ready. Bob Iger celebrates his birthday by cutting 7,000 jobs at Disney.

Autumn: He has a guy. I don’t think he’s cut jabs.

Because they still don’t even have everybody back yet. Like this done. No, that’s false.

Justin: This is true. Yeah, this is true. So 7,000 jappy birthday, Bob.

Autumn: he cut

Justin: jobs. He’s planning. He announced plans to cut jobs. What. Jobs is he cutting? Not the frontline workers at the parks. They are still hiring hundreds per week. Yeah, you’re right about that. It is still like there’s still a staffing shortage. Yeah, but there. Disney is a huge company. They’re really trying to consolidate some of [00:08:00] like their streaming stuff. There wasn’t any specifics on where, but they have like multiple streaming platforms.

You know, I think that makes sense as a place to consolidate. They also. Yeah. So recently there was an earnings call. They outperformed market expectations, which is good for the company. And but also there talked a lot about restructuring and part of that restructuring is cutting about 7,000 jobs as the plan.

That’s it’s about 3%. 77,000 people. It’s about 3% of the global workforce. So our nice chunk. Yeah.

Of Disney’s. Right, right. So, yeah, there’s been like a lot in the news recently about there’s these activist board. Or activist stock holders that want to put this guy, Ian Peltz on the board. Because mate, basically what they want their dividend. Right. The, the Disney stop paying a dividend people who will have a lot of stock walk to get a dividend, which is more money in the pocket.

Of stockholders. [00:09:00] And a couple other things, you know, they like these restructuring things. They wanted that. So they were basically started this website to try and like convince Disney fans, that there were all about Disney improvement, you know, so trying to get some. People on board that way, but now they’ve backed off and they’ve said, you know, Iger is making good changes. We’re going to stop trying to get Ian Peltz on the board. We’re going in the right direction now. And this like $7,000, not seven, but this 7,000 job cut is part of that.

Autumn: Yeah, it’s rough. Hi, it’s just allowed like a magic. Like imagine. You just. I think you just lost your job. If you work for Disney. Yeah.

Justin: Yeah. It’s a bummer. Yeah,

Autumn: for sure. I mean, hopefully they give solid. Is that called a severance package? Hopefully they give solid, solid, severance packages. When this happens. That’s still, probably cheaper than maintaining. And employee over time. Yeah. You know, especially if

Justin: their position helps them.

If their position is like [00:10:00] overlapping and redundant, you know, if you have two groups doing the exact same thing in two different places, it just makes sense to

Autumn: combine them. It does, but then you also think you have to think about the impact. It could be well, but that probably does take more than one person. And then you could also have the people that are left, doing a lot

Justin: more.

A lot more work. That’s true. That’s true. And that’s sucks all right. Ready for the next highly suspect headline. So so far you’re you’re you got one, correct. And one false, correct. All right. So the third, highly suspect headline. Full housekeeping or mouse keeping, but full housekeeping coming back to all Disney resorts.


Autumn: it would be nice.

That’s you meaning you’re meeting every daily housekeeping daily. Haslet you mean by that?


Justin: This is true. This is coming back. And a lot of people. You know, I remember when the pandemic first happened and [00:11:00] they opened back up. This was a number one complaint I saw popping up. Before, because everything else is. Like this was before Genie plus and everything like that. That’s the number one complaint now, but when it first opened back up,

There’s housekeeping’s every third day or every fifth day. This is terrible. I have to clean up my own towels. I’m on vacation.

Autumn: Yeah. This is the worst thing. This is the worst. You know, I will say, cause we’ve been to a lot of other places that have adopted this. I think it’s because I agree. I don’t love it. And I think it’s because like, when we’re staying in a hotel, you it’s still not a house. You don’t have your own laundry to really do your own mind.

You know, I mean, you don’t have those things. So then it’s like, you’re, you’re living in a limited space with not like the cleaning supplies that you have at home. Yeah. And then they kind of stuck with it. I mean, yes, you shower and you know, you do your hygiene, but like, Limited towel. You know what I mean? It’s not, it’s not the same as being able to have like a fresh pair of sheets. I agree. You.

I know that you put on your bed, especially cause it’s such an active trip. So I don’t like, I really don’t like the housekeeping every few days when you’re not at home. Yeah. If [00:12:00] you were given a house. Sure.

Justin: And what, you’re not one of my favorite things about going on vacation and staying at a hotel is using way more towels than I would at home. Like I’m coming out of that shower with a towel wrapped around my head. I got a torso towel, a waste towel. Yeah, I got feet towels, make little bootys. Out of hand towels.

I’m laying on top of a towel. Blowing my nose and

Autumn: towels. That’s true. That’s true. Gross budget. And I just like, when you come in and you have like a fresh, crisp bed and like, like we, I like to keep things like neat because it’s a small space, so I don’t need someone. All my mess. I even trash, but just like the new bedding, the towels. Yeah.

Sweep sometimes. Cause you bring in. Yeah. Stuff from your shoes. Yeah, I like that. So I’m happy.

Justin: It’s back. So no word on if this is coming back, but they used to have a thing. It was called service my way, and you could decline housekeeping and you can still decline housekeeping, but the deal with this was you could decline housekeeping.

And then [00:13:00] for every night of your state minus one. So say if you’re doing a five nights day you could get $10 back for four of those nights. So in a Disney gift card. So I’ll give you, and we did this when we went, we ended up getting two dozen gift cards. Because we did a split stay, but yeah. So for, for five nights day, you get a $40 Disney gift card.

And you pick up your own towels. They still they’ll still leave you, Todd, you ask for towels to bringing towels. But they’re not going to come

Autumn: sweep. And nice little hack to get some extra dough to spend on whatever you want. Yeah. Oh, you went to his opinion. That will stay. I

Justin: probably not. I don’t think they will do that, but I hope so. I mean, it probably makes them a little bit of money, right. Because.

The $10 gift card. I don’t know how much that cost Disney, maybe $8. I don’t know because I’m sure

Autumn: it cost them less than that.

Justin: Yeah. It’s cost them less than $10, right. Because, because they’re. They’re netting because you’re buying from them.

Autumn: Yeah. And the cost of what you’re going to put to stay at a hotel, the cost of

The people that have to. [00:14:00]

Yeah. Yeah, no, that’s works out cheaper for them. I’m sure.

Justin: Yeah. Hopefully they’ll bring that back. All right. Ready for the last highly suspect headline? Yes. Did you get that one right? Are you to correct one? Correct. Yeah. All right. This is another Iger announcement here. Oh from that, that earnings call.

Headliner avatar attraction announced for Disneyland.

Autumn: Headliner avatar.

Headline, they don’t have quite a passage there then. No, they don’t.

Justin: Oh, there’s no Avatar. Representation that I’m aware of in

Autumn: Disneyland and Disneyland. Okay. Headliner is read it

Justin: one more time. Headliner avatar attraction announced for Disneyland.

True. False false. And it’s funny. Oh, it’s funny. Cause. You will, you focused on headliner there and it’s actually because they did announce. Iger did announce this is what he announced, and he’s very precise [00:15:00] with his language and avatar. And avatar experience coming to Disneyland. Ah, yeah.

I’m thinking this is not flight of passage. This is not even river journey.

Autumn: Some kind of walk. Yeah. It could be

Justin: a walkthrough. That’s what I was thinking. Yeah. Because they have the They have the the virtual reality down there. So it could be like a virtual reality avatar thing. That would fit well.

Autumn: Oh, that’s cool. I’m excited because I love avatar, but the flight of passage is a little too nauseated. I think for me. So it would be cool to do something that’s more of a. Inexperienced.

Justin: Yeah. I guess experience, I’m thinking. Like it’s, it’s definitely somewhere in between a popcorn bucket and flight of passage and like to narrow it down further.

Okay. Maybe somewhere between like a meet and greet and. A rest or rock or like, [00:16:00] No.

Autumn: I dont think that I think it’s almost going to be something I’m imagining being in like a little mini section. I’m going to get a whole section. Yeah. I’m seeing this like us. Imagine a smaller version of a haunted mansion. That’s avatars what I’m thinking with.

Justin: Because at that point, they’re going to call it an attraction. They’re going to say.

Autumn: Well, what did he say? It was experience? Now, what do we know about the way that the history of using experience in. And rides with disease.

Justin: It’s usually somewhere between there, like it could be a meet and greet. It could be like a walk, a walk around character. They’ll call that an experience.

It could be an offering at. At a restaurant. Honestly.

I don’t think this, this should be more than a dining package. If he announced it on an earnings. I’m imagine

Autumn: I’m imagining like an interactive version of Na’vi river for maybe. On a ride, but like you go through, they know what I mean. That’s what I’m thinking. I just

Justin: don’t know where they’re going to put it.

Autumn: Like, it’s not a lot more land in Disney. [00:17:00] Land.

Justin: This isn’t a highly suspect headline, but they opened up Mickey Minnie’s runaway railway. Yeah. In Disneyland. We were listening to the podcast.

Autumn: There was a lot of, yeah, a lot of info yet. It’s been in Disney world. I cool ride. I think. Mickey Mickey and Minnie. Yeah.

I like the actual pre-show I think better than the right experience. Like it was cool, but it went. It was like, I think the way that the screens were as you’re going through the ride made it a little hard to follow, honestly, like by the time you were just like, okay, this is why. And it’s very jerky, like a lot of the other rides where there’s drops and things like that. It’s.

It’s just smoother. It doesn’t feel like your body is maybe going in different directions at one time. And I did feel that way on this ride. For kids. And I don’t know if that was why, but it was like, yeah, like the drop and rise of the resistance was I was like, fine. That was good. That was, but like, it just, it was, it was like hard on my body. I [00:18:00] felt.

So I didn’t like that. They could make that ride smoother.

Justin: How many of you. How do you remember how you rated that? Did we rate that? What would you give that?

Autumn: I mean, I couldn’t give a net. It’s not an awful ride. So I don’t think I could have gotten less than a three. Three. I don’t remember what rating I use, but threes as at a five, something three out of five, something.

Justin: Maybe, huh? All right. All right. So that ties up highly suspect headlines. Alrighty. All right. So we’ll be right back with a stumps jet. That’s right. Stick around.

E067 A Stumps J

E067 A Stumps J

Justin: [00:00:00] All right. We are back with a, and we’re ready to do some my trivia, right. Yeah. Can I ask you a question? Trivia. I said at the end of the break, we’ll be right back, stick around. Does that make sense with podcasts? It’s like.

Autumn: Figure out and

Justin: stick around. Like let’s stay listening. Yeah. But like, I mean, like on a podcast, if it’s a commercial, you’re just going to fast forward.

You’re just gonna hit the 30 seconds. You’re not going to like switch to a different.

Autumn: Don’t stop listening to us.

Justin: Right. And I think that makes sense if like commercial TV, where a commercial comes out and you change the channel. But no one does that with podcasts.

Autumn: Stay tuned.

Justin: Should we say, don’t skip the ads.

Autumn: No, you can skip the ads. I don’t think we really have like ads, ads. No, there’s no ads. It’s just a nice transition, friendly transition music.

Justin: These are ad holes for the future.

Autumn: All right. You ready for A Stumps J.

Justin: Tell me about A Stumps J.

Autumn: A Stumps J is where I Autumn and J stands for Justin. So I [00:01:00] provide Justin with a range of trivia questions. I have a theme that. Today. Our good neighbor hotels or like, Things involving good neighbor hotels. And we’ll talk about. We’ll talk about what those are. So yeah, so I basically give Justin trivia questions and he tries to answer it.

Tries and succeeds. Correct? Sometimes he’d. He does. So, okay. Justin, would you like to share just briefly, maybe a few words about what, you know, a good neighbor hotels, a

Justin: B. A good day. So yeah. Good neighbor hotels are hotels not owned and operated by Disney. That are in close proximity to Disney and offer certain amenities. Like they have to have some type of shuttle service. They have to meet certain4`56` , quality standards.

And basically like Disney, lets them say, they’re good neighbors. You can, you can book those hotels through Disney or through travel agents like myself.

Autumn: Correct. All right, so you ready for the first [00:02:00] trivia question? Okay. So Justin, there are 40 Disney world. Good neighbor hotels. Okay. That sounds about right. Yeah.

How many of them currently offer early theme park entry.

Justin: Oh, okay. All right. So this is, this is one. Of the things that can be really confusing. When staying at a Disney good neighbor hotel. Yes. Let’s talk about it. Cause not all of them, not all of them did. I can say for certain that this Disney Springs.

Hotels do. And I think there’s like six or seven there. But I’m pretty sure that some of the other good neighbors do as well. And what’s tricky here is when you buy a package from Disney, you put that package number into your, my Disney experience, right? And then that’s how you know, and that’s how the system knows you can be there for the early entry perk. Correct. Right now, if you’re staying at some of these other hotels, your number might not be able to be entered into my Disney experience. So the procedure for getting into the [00:03:00] early entry could be a little different.

You really need to talk to the hotel directly or ask your travel agent to talk to the hotel directly. Okay. Some of the hotels you can put right in your mind, Disney experience, others, you can, what was the question? How many.

Autumn: Yes. How many of these good names offer, I’m going to say. The park entry.

Justin: I’m going to say, I know the Disney Springs area is one, and I know there’s at least six there. So I’m going to say six running up to seven. And I’m going to say maybe like two of the fancier.

More expensive, good neighbor hotels, two or three. So I’m going to say. going to say 10, let’s say 10.

Autumn: Ooh. Okay. So close. Correct. Eight. Hey. Oh, eight of them offer early theme park entry.

Justin: Which right now, early theme park entry, that’s getting into the park. A half an hour, or being able to ride the rides a half hour before people who, who aren’t staying. Correct.

We don’t have that privilege.

Autumn: Correct. And you are right that You’re right. That, that print. All of those are, most of those are predominantly around Disney Springs. Okay. Disney Springs. And what did they call bonnet Creek and bonnet Creek, correct. Yeah. [00:04:00] Nice job. Thank you. All right. Close, close, but no cigar,

Justin: but good tap. So, yeah.

Let’s see, I’ll say one more thing about Disney. Good neighbor hotels. What would be really cool about them? Is. Staying like Disney resort hotels. If you’re a family of five, it’s so hard to get a good deal on a room. Because you really have to, you have to be moderate. If you want five people in a room with some minor exceptions, you’re paying moderate prices either way, which can be four or $500 a night. So what those good neighbors do? There’s a lot of options. Places that have role.

What do they call rollaway beds or rolling cribs or whatever? Just to getting more people in the same room at a better price.

Autumn: Right, right. That’s a really good point. Justin was just talking through her, talking this morning about a client. He has that’s likely going with a family of five or more. And just looking at like, there isn’t really a value option because what you would do to get more rooms, put you at the monitor or.

But modern,

Justin: like the value resorts that have suites, like art of error animation, or there’s one, all star that has some, those suites are expensive. They are [00:05:00] moderate pricing speed.

Autumn: Right, right. Alright, are you ready for number two? All right. So Justin kind of answered part of the beginning of this next one. That what is early theme park entry entrance. Sorry. That’s okay.

30 minutes before and that’s it right. Can you do a part two? You did this one. Okay. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna make a statement. I’m going to give you some data and then I’m going to ask you for additional data.

Justin: Well, that’s not trivia. Is it? Are you going to ask me a question?

Autumn: There will be listen. Okay.

I’m going to give you some information and then with that information, I’m going to have you answer. Okay.

Justin: Okay. Because the way you described it sounded like we were just SIF guests. No, no, no. It sounded like we were just co-presenting topics. This

Autumn: is about early theme park, and this is some data about the power of early theme park entry.

Okay. Okay. Okay. So yes, let’s carefully guess with early theme park entry on average. So I nine attractions before noon with an average wait time of 30 minutes. Guests without early theme park entry saw how many attractions before noon with an average of [00:06:00] how many minutes.

Justin: Wow. Is this like, I’m a head to head the first one again.

Is this like head to head like, or is this, what is this?

Autumn: Aggregated data aggregate. Correct from.

Justin: Okay. Okay. So I can nine before noon. I’m going to say you’re

Autumn: asking. Nine before noon and 13 minutes. Protraction wait. Oh 13.

Justin: Three 30. An average of 13 minutes. So this is, this is probably because in magic kingdom is this specific to magic kingdom.

No just in general. Oh, okay. Well in magic kingdom, it’s fantasy land that opens, and those are rides. The definitely benefit from this perk. All right, let me think. I’m going to say. An average guest without early entry gets six and a half rides. And. They wait. 42 minutes.

Autumn: I’m going to give you that.

That’s tough. So six attractions, Justin said six and a half. You nailed that. With an average week, of 20 minutes. [00:07:00] Oh, okay.

Justin: Okay. Not bad still, I guess. So this is like, you’re still getting to the park early. You’re just, don’t get that half

Autumn: hour moments, right? You’re not. This isn’t someone that’s going in at 11.

And then they didn’t say that, but I assume, but someone that might just be getting there. So could we say those again? Uh,

Justin: Nine attractions. The 13 minutes? Yes. Nine. So you ride nine attractions with an average of 13 minutes with early entry compared to six attractions. So 50% less attraction, correct.

And you’re going to wait. Roughly. Almost 50% more. Wow.

Autumn: Right. Wow. That’s crazy. I was like, what? The power of early theme park. This is why this is something that’s really good to really try to get. And Justin is the man at helping people figure this out. Yeah, that, that roughly early theme park entry gets you 50% more attractions and 50% of it.

Yeah. So, yeah, let’s do it.

Justin: Yeah. I’m always like thinking, you know, cause I’m, I’m big on personally on saving money. So like, Benefits [00:08:00] of offsite versus onsite and honestly, onsite. That is that early entry is in my mind, the biggest perk and undervalued too, because people say that was a half hour.

What are you going to do in a half hour? I was, there’s a cascading effect. You said,

Autumn: yeah. And this is early entry. And then on top of this, there is. Woke Jack. That’s that’s a separate.

Justin: That is this early. It’s basically it’s it’s their own rope drop. Yes. There’s rope drop for resort guests. Rope drop for everyone else. Yes. And rope drop for resort. Guests happens a half hour

Autumn: earlier.

Gotcha. Yeah, good to do. All right, Justin. Are you ready for the next one? Okay. Do here’s a question because I think you might have gotten this from clients actually in the past. Do Disney, good neighbor hotels get extra magic hours.


Justin: So extra magic hours no longer exist. Right. Sure. So I’m [00:09:00] going to say right now, the answer is no. Because what they have now and they call it something else. It’s not extra magic. It’s extended hours, extended thing, park hours for deluxe. Yes. Yeah, and they’re on like select aids. It’s like, I think right now, Mondays and Wednesdays, and it’s only Epcot and magic kingdom.

So I’m going to say no. Yeah.

Autumn: Known as you write it and it would be no. Anyway, so extra magic hours have always been exclusively. If you’re staying at a Disney world has to be. Got it. But very good question. Cause I looked at him like, oh yeah, that might be something I would wonder if I’m, if I’m kind of staying at this partner site.

You know, what can I do? What do I get?

Justin: This is interesting though. Hold up. We’ll stay on this for a second. Yeah. Those deluxe. Those hours for deluxe guests. Our available. To Swan and dolphin. Guests. So Swan and dolphin are on Disney property, but not owned and operated by Disney. I think it’s Marriott. Right. But [00:10:00] they, they they are eligible for those.

Extended evening, extra.

I’m fairly certain. They.

Autumn: Yeah, this was you’re right. This is about when that was just regular magic hours. All right. Are you ready for the last one? And I write, do Disney. Good neighbor hotels. Get free parking at the parks.

Justin: Depends. At the parks? No, correct. No, not at the parks. I’m sorry. They do not correct. Thank

Autumn: you. Yeah. It is not included so you don’t get you you don’t get parking, however, not all a good number of these good neighbor. Hotels do have their own shuttles, which is nice. So if you stay onsite at a dizzy, you have like a big Disney bus that comes in and runs pretty much every hour from early on.

20 minutes, 20 minutes. And if you stay at these others, they just have their own shuttle that can transport to, to the different parks. And that is really nice. And if you’re going with kids and if you’re going with like a larger family or friend group, I think the staying on site is nice to say you don’t get whammed with

The [00:11:00] price of parking. And you know, when you go with a big group, at some point, you’re probably going to want to divide up and do different things, and it allows you to do that. You know, you got kids, you know, it’s just, it’s easy, kind of to hop on a bus and then rather than having to travel to a car, pay for that and, or, and transport back and forth. Oh,

Wait for

Justin: the shuttle. It’s like, if you’re the, I think like the, the reliability, like Disney transportation, reliability, it depends relative to what, you know, But,

Autumn: yeah, it’s fine. I mean, it’s going to get you where you need to

Justin: go, but the buses like Disney buses are happened more frequently than shuttles to.

Disney good neighbors, hotels. I think that’s important to say.

Autumn: Yeah, for sure. For sure. But it’s nice to have that transportation option and something else. We just want to share about good neighbor because they feel like this is how I feel like we could do a whole episode and just focus on this notion of.

Of staying is kind of in between. It’s not quite offsite. You have more benefits than offsite, but it’s not fully onsite. Also is that And I, and I have to check, but most of the good [00:12:00] neighbors that are in Disney Springs around the Disney Springs property. Offer a complimentary breakfast.

Oh, yeah. And some, some offers some like dinner. More like small bites. Oh, I thought it’s

Justin: called. And it just rebranded. It’s one that I know of. Maybe you know, of another one that I don’t, but it’s Drury Plaza. D R U R Y Plaza. Yeah. And actually a It came up in a review and then a client of mine brought it up.

And yeah, they have free breakfast, but then they have something called fast bite or no, no. Evening kickback or something like that. Yeah. They looked at the menus. It’s like burgers, burgers, and fries. Yeah. With, with beer and wine. Yeah. Yeah. And the price for this hotel. The nights I was looking at, it was like 130 a night. So not

Autumn: bad.


Justin: Yeah, yeah. And. That’s Disney Springs. So that would give you early entry ticket. Kind of want to stay at this place. Is it Disney Springs. I think it’s just [00:13:00] the

Autumn: screen. At Disney Springs too, for those of you that don’t know is really cool. I think again, especially for families, because there’s a lot, like there’s a lot of Disney entertainment there.

Music and shows, but you also have food and shopping. And so if you’re wanting something different from a park day you could kind of just go or walk out and kind of, you know, and get, have everything you need and still feel like you’re vacationing. Well, I like it.

Justin: I agree with everything you just said that entire paragraph, except the first sentence that Disney Springs is cool.

Autumn: Justin’s like over, when we went the last time, it was like, I think obviously there’s like probably the slightest bit of excitement because it’s like, we landed. And we’re here, but you could tell the whole time he was so antsy and just wanted like the next day to come to get to.

And I just want to like, take everything in and walk slowly and eat my food solely and destiny. I’m just trying to get some. Way too close to it. And include as it’s separate from, I think. Being in [00:14:00] the parks for him.

Justin: It’s Disney. It’s Disney. It’s more Disney ish than most places. That’d be what it is not the magic kingdom. It is not animal kingdom. You.

Yeah, it is. And it’s very close to those places. So it’s hard for me. The board chair, I

Autumn: think

Justin: a Lego store. Great. That’s the best Legos. It’s still a Lego store. Ooh, rainforest cafe. I love that.

Autumn: Right. So overall, I would just, I mean, to summarize good neighbors are great because they’re near like many of them, you can walk to some Disney, Disney spring, some Disney attraction.


Justin: Springs is a bit of a walk or the other ones that you, you do rely on transportation like Flamingo and manga. Crossing on a Creek. You Swan and dolphin. You can walk. Oh, that’s right there. Right? On the boardwalk

Autumn: and walk to. And so the boardwalk takes you to Epcot.

Justin: takes you to Epcot or the 25 minute walk to MGM.

To Hollywood.

Autumn: Which really isn’t really a nice walk, Justin. I did it in August. So let me, if you do it, we did it in August the day. So, so those, so it’s [00:15:00] nice because it’s much, much, much, I mean, when you think about going on a hotel with a vacation, especially if you’re a family of five or more.

130 is pretty good. I mean, that’s, especially for Disney, but even outside, that’s a pretty good hotel rate. Yeah. They’re nice. The fact that you can get complimentary breakfast. There is shuttle service. If you get one of the two or three, you can walk to one or two of the parks. So it’s a pretty good, it’s pretty good deal. So if you have more questions about it reach out to us. Yeah. Easy.

Justin: The All right. We’re going to take a little break and we’re going to come back with. Easy does it.

Autumn: Which is weird. That was a little paint that was, and I guess it’s supposed to be painful because people are writing one star reviews. Yeah. If I’m writing a one-star review, I’ve probably been in a little bit of pain.

Yeah, Easy Diz It. We also want to provide. We also want to provide that we are, we are implementing some amount of like relaxation into the pain. So I guess if it’s just pain, We want to, we want a [00:16:00] combination of pain and relaxation. Cause that’s what we’re trying to give. We’re trying to learn from the bad experiences that others have had.

Because we want you to have a better experience. So we’ll be

Justin: right back with less pain and more relaxation. Correct.

E067 Hey Easy Diz It

E067 Hey Easy Diz It

Justin: [00:00:00] All right. Welcome back, everybody. Welcome back, autumn.

I was

Autumn: that brick. Including me. It was good. Actually, we, I watched a really cute video of our daughter from my mom because she’s staying at my parents. So sweet. Wow.

Justin: You’re a little behind the scenes insight. Autumn, watch the video on the brake.

So yeah, we are back for. Easy. It is where we read a one-star review from usually Disney today. We’re going to do extended stay America, which is just about as offsite as you get. Correct. The particular one we’re looking at is the lake Buena Vista, which is actually conveniently located it’s right in between universal studios and Disney. So if you’re doing both parks, this is an option.

And extended stay America’s we’ve stayed at one recently on. And what was your correct? What was your review of extended stay America and Shelton, Connecticut. This

Autumn: particular mine. Was that great was that it had. The ventilation was [00:01:00] bad, was hard for us to get towels. It was just kind of run down. It was.

Everything was like, okay, enough to, you know, it wasn’t like, you know, we had like roaches in our room or anything like that, but it was just, yeah, it was, it was, it was really run down and it was hard to access staff and the things, kitchen supplies, things like that, that we needed. It just wasn’t. Yeah, it wasn’t well kept, I would say.

Justin: That those things that you just discussed, we’re going to hear about some of that and this review, and just I’ve read a lot of reviews on this particular location. And I think some of those things we’ll see, like throughout a lot of those reviews, even like the three-star reviews, there’s a lot of like, it was okay.

It was fun. So just in general, so these are tripper trip advisor reviews. It’s got 517 reviews. It is three and a half circles. TripAdvisor circles. I like to look at the breakdown of reviews and it does have more one star reviews than two star reviews, which to me means generally. It made some people angry, right?

And it has more four star reviews [00:02:00] than five star reviews, which to me means like no one says this. There are, there are less people that say this is the best ever. Then there are people who say this is okay. Correct. There’s a, there is a yeah. I might also say there’s a bi-modal distribution of.

But we don’t need to say that we don’t. Let’s make pretend I didn’t say.

All right. All right. So you’ve got to get right to this review. Justin

Autumn: looks at graphs a lot. In his day job.

Justin (2): So the name of this review is don’t do it. And do it. And this is by autumn. So this is by someone called autumn. It really? Yeah. Nine, 13 autumn G from west Palm beach.

Justin: Okay. This review comes from April 4th, 2021. Okay. The name of the yeah. Name of it is don’t do it. So do not waste your money. I like this review already. This person is concerned about me wasting my money. And you’re about it.

Autumn: Thank you for. As justice shall save him money. So.

Justin: They [00:03:00] advertise very misleading information.

A lot of hotels do. So this is I like to call the front desk and just confirm things

Autumn: like. Yeah. Especially if you get them not directly from the sites. Sometimes it can be like, ma what’s true here. Yeah. Is this actually pet friendly? You know, is this actually included those things? Yes.

Justin: Cause sometimes like or, we’ll say pet friendly and then Nope, we don’t have that service anywhere. We stopped that three weeks ago. And what is, what is a breakfast?

What is a grab and go. Breakfast. And we’ll get into that here at extended stay because they have a very loose definition.

Autumn: all

Justin: right. So they advertise very misleading information. First, the pool and fitness room are closed. So this extended stay actually has a pool and fitness room. Not every extended stay, we’ll have a pool and fitness room. Right. But this when they were there, this was closed. They said there is no grab and go breakfast. [00:04:00]

So I did call and confirm. There is currently a grab and go breakfast. Maybe it wasn’t there, or maybe so let’s talk about grab and go breakfast. Do you remember what it was in Shelton? Yeah.

Autumn: Oh, well, this one was bad. Yeah. And this one was basically, they just had coffee and some granola bias

Justin: and that’s basically what they have here too. There’s like some packaged muffins.

Granola bars, which here’s what bugs me. Granola bars. They’re there nature valley branded granola bars, but they’re not, they’re like knock off. Nature valley, but in the rapper, it’s obviously a very discount version of that product, right? There’s like three raisins in the raisin

Autumn: bars. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yep. So BA so not so not great.

Okay, so misleading because, okay, so the pools ended up not being open when she went and what was the next thing? The breakfast,

Justin: there is no grab and go breakfast, which I’m not sure how that maybe what.

Autumn: Maybe it wasn’t available when she went

Justin: and then actually she said the lobby is closed. So no lobby bathroom [00:05:00] facility, either.

A lot of hotels, especially the cheaper hotels won’t have

Autumn: that. Yeah. I had to pee. So when we first moved, we were literally like move stuff from storage. Moved into the extended stay. It was a bit of a drive and I had to pee really bad. And I got there and had to wait for Justin because he’s the one that had to check in. Cause he made the reservation and yes, she’s let me into like a staff bathroom. There was no lobby,

Justin: right?

Whereas when you go to the Hyatt, there is a lot of.

Autumn: Yeah. Yep. All right. So, so far, I mean, I think what she’s saying is probably fair is like what they said that they had was down operating and like that those things I think. Hotel for the amount of money people are paying, they’re paying the, when things aren’t in operation, those should be.

I think clearly stated. Yeah. That’s why. Those are many of these often why someone’s choosing to stay at your place.

Justin: Right. And when you talk about hotels, like extended stay America. If you’ve never stayed there, it’s basically, it’s like a ho like a motel six or super [00:06:00] eight that has it’s a kitchen and is like a suite.

Basically. So it’ll have kids think of like motel six quality, super eight quality. It can vary greatly depending on which one you go to, but it can be, it can be quite nice and clean. But in terms of amenities, Not there. Right. All right, what else we got here? So this person, they, unfortunately, the television did not work. No cable surface service was connected to it. That’s a bummer.

That does stink. That’s my favorite thing going.

Autumn: I just remember that we went and stayed at a Hyatt, which is normally like higher end hotel in New Jersey and member, there was no basic, it was like 10.

Justin: cable line. I’ve never been to a hotel that has. It was more than there was like 30 foot. What would the didn’t have. Though is they didn’t have the two channels that we watch on vacation. They didn’t have the food network for diners drive-ins and dives. 15 to 20 channels total. And they didn’t have HGTV. So like what could it do to us if you don’t have those two genes?

Autumn: Nah, it [00:07:00] was, yeah, it was bizarre.

Justin: Autumn needs or property brothers. I need my Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives all right. The internet connection to the phone. The internet connected to the phone. Oh, I think she means her phone connected to the internet, but did not work. Okay. That can happen. The bed is hard as a rock bomber.

That sucks. After three nights. Neither my husband, nor I could walk due to severe back pain. Wow. They got a bad

Autumn: They got a bad bed, but I have been on beds that like, if I slept on them, prolong to that could be the case. Yeah. So I, and if they, if this was a trip to Disney, I assume. Or universal. Yup.

They were doing miles of walking a day and then came to a hard bed. So I.

Justin: Yep. Yeah. You want a nice bed? Yeah. When you’re doing a lot of walking that, especially if that’s like you have, that’s one of your things you need that not everyone needs that when I was 20, I stay at any place in west Oakland.

Bronson highway and matter. Yeah, it did not matter. No, not now. Yeah, I need [00:08:00] a comfort bed now.

Autumn: We need a beauty rest mattress with a like five inch Tapper. All right.

Justin: You don’t need that. It’s nice.

Autumn: Yeah.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah. When we asked for extra pillows, our request was denied by the front desk.

It was like, no, no pillows. So this kind of happened to us and Shelton they were

Autumn: pillows as hangers. They didn’t want to give us hangers.

Justin: But they never took. Denied a request. They’re like here’s three hangers. I’m like I couldn’t have two pillows. Okay. Here’s one pillow. It always felt like in a negotiation.

Can I get a full Kitchen and set up? They’re like, okay, here’s three plates, one bowl, one spoon.

Do I need to ask for more than what I need. Can I have five rolls of toilet paper, hoping to get two. It’s always a negotiation.

It’s going to come in hot. Yeah. There, there is no housekeeping at all. And we asked for extra tiles, they handed us a lot of towels and a ball. So I think w w [00:09:00] we encountered was staffing was low when we went and everyone. It

Autumn: was very nice and we didn’t encounter. Anybody that was rude at all, but often

Justin: there weren’t towels folded and ready to go.

You had to wait. It would be hours and they’re just there. Wasn’t the staff compared to like a Hyatt where you could see people working, they’re moving around.

Autumn: I Just like waiting around, like waiting for someone to come up to them.

Justin: Yep. And this is the price differential, you know, extended stay is going to be much cheaper. Probably it’s probably the cheapest.

Extended stay type hotel, right? It’s the, it’s the, it’s the most affordable one. So that’s where they’re, that’s how they can charge you less money is by having less staff.

So this is, there was no housekeeping at all. And we asked for extra towels, they handed us a lot of towels and a ball, right. So I believe right now I did check on this it’s every seven days at this location. Get housekeeping. And Shelton is every 14 days. So this is another thing with all extended stays. You’ll usually have less housekeeping.

The Hyatt house was on like a three day. Right? But yeah, extended stay this particular one in Orlando currently. [00:10:00] It’s a seven day. Yeah. So you got to clean up after yourself.

Autumn: Yeah. What’s next.

Justin: The towels had hair in them, the towels

how do you feel about that autumn? How do you feel about your.

Autumn: When she said she handed a ball of towels. I’m like, Those aren’t clean towels. Like those just smell.

Justin: They. They could have just not been folded, but. But there was hair in them. So that’s what makes me think. They’re not clean. Yeah. Would you use a towel that had hair in it?

Autumn: What’s the situation? Is it like the air clean?

One house, they smell like. Yes.

Justin: One hair. One hair. Probably alright, towels still clean, smells clean, but three hairs.

You just pick them off?

Autumn: I have to see the whole, I can’t answer that, but I want to

Justin: get to the definitely


Autumn: It’s just like, what is the condition of the towel? Please this

Justin: clean towel. Smells fine. Five hairs.

That’s a. It’s starting to get a [00:11:00] lot. That’s a lot of

Autumn: happy, really dirty, but somebody else has used this and it hasn’t been washed, you know, like maybe someone just put it in their hair to dry it. At

Justin: five hairs, it’s more like. That couldn’t have just fell five hairs. Don’t just fall over a towel.

Correct? Correct.

Autumn: Okay. Yeah. What if they were like curly? I’m thinking because I don’t know. This is hair. My hair’s

Justin: Carroll. Oh, that’s right. That’s right. That’s right. That might not be applicable. All situations. But for me personally, when I see curly hair, That’s like, Hmm. Especially, I’m talking about like a short curly hair.

I’d be like, eh, I might not use it. If there’s one short curly. Just.

Autumn: If there’s like, if there’s

Justin: 10 it’s okay. If it’s bigger than four inches, whether it’s curly or straight or whatever. Okay. Fine. One I’m good too. I’m good. Three. I’m starting to get a little nervous about. Hair content on the towels.

Autumn: So that’s funny. Okay. What happened next? What did she [00:12:00] do? This. Because right now. Honestly, I feel bad. It just sounds like she had a bad experience in that. Talk,

Justin: she could have changed yet. No, no same here. This is just, we’re preparing people who are staying at the extended stay America for some they’re here. Some we’re going to temper your expectations a little bit.

I don’t expect a luxury stay at extended standard.

Autumn: Alright.

Justin: Alright, let’s keep going. What. The curtains were torn.

Autumn: Yeah, we had that. We

Justin: are broke. And I asked, I asked before. Yeah. The room did not feel clean at all. The laundry facilities are outside by the pool. But they do not sell laundry detergent.

The worst part of the experience was how rude the front desk lady was. It was obvious she hates her job. So, yeah. But, I mean, she said earlier in the review, like there’s no one working here. So if, when there’s no one working there, when the front desk is also the laundry person, like yeah. We’re going to get their job a little bit. Yeah.

So it’s, it’s a tough situation. That’s kind of brought on by. Buying a hotel room that is. [00:13:00] Very low priced.

Autumn: That means there’s a reason

Justin: for that. Yeah. Yup. Yup. On the plus side. Ah, she added a little plus here, which I think is nice. So on the plus side, the refrigerator worked great and the water was hot in the shower.

So, yeah, this is, this is what’s awesome about extended stays as it it’s a full size refrigerator. Usually like a small hot plate for an oven. But you cook your meals. Yeah. Okay. Cook your

Autumn: meals. Yeah. Water was nice and hot too. I agree. Yeah.

Justin: Yep. And get a delivery of food. Save a ton of money on breakfast, lunch, dinner.

By staying at an extended stay America. The window’s open for a nice evening breeze. That’s nice. Also we did not see any bugs or rodents. Yeah. We didn’t either. This is funny. She had it on here though. Probably due to the feral cat family that lives outside.

she had to throw

Autumn: that. And feral animals around eyes. There was a lot of trash outside of it. I don’t think so. And the right side to the back. I think before we, there was [00:14:00] a little dialogue, it was fun. The chassis, it just smelled like, oh, there was the

Justin: dumpsters by the door.

Autumn: Yeah. The entire, yeah,

Justin: the hotel smells like trash and hash oil.

Autumn: Okay. So here’s what I’m thinking. If you are planning on, maybe it’s not an extended stay, but something that’s like meant. For long term. Yes. Long-term that’s cheap. This

Justin: is more for like a longterm stay, then like a hotel vacation there. Granted, these are serving a lot of vacitioners, but because

Autumn: of the location,

Sure sure. So, I mean, from this, what would our suggestions be? One? And I would really ask about things like what is given to you for You know, cooking, cleaning, what supplies are includes a kitchen. What supplies are included with that? What supplies to my allowed to bring the same thing with it? Like the towels. I was like, what, like how often is, is housekeeping, how often, you know, where I went to, I go down to get towels and things like that.

And it might even be good to ask because if you’re staying for awhile, like what if we go in and we find like, I [00:15:00] dunno, there’s bed bugs or there’s something that’s like, not right. Is there like, how can we get that? How can we get that? Remedied. Those might be the three things that like, if this person was going again or anyone, I would say, you know, if you’re doing it, staying in this kind of a longer term situation, that might be cheaper. Just knowing ahead of time, what, what the situation, you know, might be in, in hearing what the answers are.

And that might give you a better feel for like, okay. And they like annoyed when I asked this question and do there’s nobody know anything if I called three times and no one can give me an answer about this. Oh, I love that gives you I think an idea. Cause that’s tough. It doesn’t say that there was

Kids. I don’t know if this person was going with any people under the age of 18. But that could be tough too. Like if you’re in the situation and you know, you can’t get laundry and your, the beds high. Over some of the other things you mentioned. I mean that, it definitely can make that a lot more stressful if it’s just two adults that can be like, okay, whatever you can roll with versus, you know, you have children involved too. So yeah, it

Justin: says here. For trip type traveled with family, but it doesn’t, she doesn’t mention kids [00:16:00] in the review, so it might just be her. Right. It’s hard to say.

Autumn: Right. TV, no internet connection.

Justin: That’s just a bummer. So, yeah, there’s going to be variability on your stay. When you pay the lower price you pay, you’re leaving more to chance or whether the, the staff you get on that particular day or that particular hotel is better, or you.

That’s not to say that throwing money at a situation will guarantee you a better experience, but you know, on average, correct.

Autumn: Average. Yeah. And it also might not be I’m feeling like the next time we gone, we stay, you know, at a more of a value place. It, it might not be bad to look at. You know, backup, like if we went and we couldn’t get any internet and we had no TV.

And the bed was that bad. Like I might really be like, Justin, I think we need to look at, and I was there for eight days. Yeah. I would

Justin: hop on books.

Autumn: Yeah. So I don’t, I also just don’t ever think it’s a bad idea to be like, Hey, if something comes up at this place or whatever it was, what other place has availability nearby? And that’s tough [00:17:00] for safety for a lot of reasons. That could

Justin: be that’s tough. That’s tough for sure.

Yeah to like have, cause you can’t like you can’t book two.

Autumn: But I’m just saying that around that time always be like, Hey, what else is available? I don’t know, there’s a place that you couldn’t get in prices. You know, I’m just saying like a week before you leave. Yeah, I think that’s always just to know what.


Justin: Tough you. Gotta go on booking. You gotta go on hotels and just get. What else is available?

Autumn: Your friendly neighborhood traveling. We’ll help you with that

Justin: gets you to a new place. Or I’ll call the front desk. I’ll call the front desk and I’ll say, listen, room two to four. Stop putting hair on her towels.

Especially curly ones . It’s not okay.

Autumn: So that any advice you would have

Justin: Justin. Yeah, I think I gave it all. I gave it all. You know, talk to them, understand. The expectations going in, you know, an extended stay as a value. It’s a budget hotel. And you can save a lot of money doing it, though. If you can lie to money.

Autumn: Yep. Yeah. Yeah. And again, and there are places that are value that are like really nice and we’ll have nice beds. And you know what I mean? So it’s not, [00:18:00] I also don’t want him. Make a generalization that yeah. And

Justin: this is this. This is one of well, you know, it is a budget for the money. Guides like the unofficial guide do rate this particular hotel pretty good for, for the cost.

Justin: So. while It’s not the nicest place, because the value is so good for the nights that you pay it is overall. It’s a good value, right? Yeah. Right. All right. Yeah. So check it out. If you’re looking for good value in Orlando. Extended stay Orlando lake Buena

Autumn: Vista. Yeah. And if you, yourself orsomeone, you know, has been to a Disney.

You know, on a trip around in and around Disney or universal. [00:19:00] And maybe you had a less than great experience. Let us know what else. We would love to. You know, talk it through and maybe see how we might be able to give some tips to, to make it better for you. All right,

Justin: so that ends. The show.

Yeah, thanks for sticking around to the end, everybody. Thank

Autumn: you. It’s good to be back. I’m glad. Again, you know, we’re back second show after a bit of a moving hiatus. Yeah. We’re glad to

Justin: be here. Shoot us an emait at . Check us out on Instagram at easy. Does it and Tik TOK as well, or don’t do any of those things and just check back here two weeks for another podcast episode. Correct. All right. Take care. Bye.

Easy does it. Like that,

Autumn: that’s it. That’s all. You got it. Nice job

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