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Ep 64- Theme Parks Solo? and some Universal Orlando Hype!


Here on Easy Diz It, We share ideas on staying happy and healthy in the parksAnd we have some fun with news games and trivia. This week we discussed among other things, vacationing solo in theme parks.

Highly Suspect Headlines (Disney News Game)

Disneyland’s Adventureland Treehouse re-theme revealed as the Encanto Treehouse

  • This was rumoured for a while as they have been working on it since 2021
  • Was Swiss Family originally, then re-themed to Tarzan in
  • New theme is inspired by the original Swiss Family Treehouse, but will be based on a new family.
  • Expanded ground level attractions kitchen, dining room, and Fathers art studio, that features sketches of the rooms above

Doctor Who coming to Disney+

  • Beginning in 2023, Disney will begin airing new Doctor Who episodes
  • Tenant is coming back!

Small World in Disneyland adds a mobility impaired character

  • Appeared when reopening with holiday overlay
  • “The dolls are participating inclusively alongside their non-disabled peers, which is something we want to see more of, instead of being depicted as limited or incapable because of a disability,” Houghton

Three tips from a nerd focuses on traveling solo

Save money- You can also save money by using the single rider lines instead of buying whatever skip the line product is available. At Disney World, there are only 4 attractions that have single rider: Millennium Falcon, Expedition Everest, Test Track, Rock n Roller coaster. Universal Studios has a ton of single riders. And most other theme parks have them too. Single rider lines are usually best when the ride vehicles seat 4 or 6 to a row. Two by two roller coaster usually aren’t that good. Expedition Everest being a huge exception.

Avoid hassle- Wait less for food and drink by sitting at the bar. Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium was my latest example. Fantastic restaurant, tough to get a seat. Bar seating was available on a Saturday night!

Have more fun- Strike up conversations in line.

If you’re like me, fun can go either way for this type of thing. Social initiations can be a lot of work and anxiety producing. So here are some things I do.

Opening line: Have you been on this yet?

If the answer is brief the conversation is over.

If the answer is enthusiastic either way, a follow up might be: Did you like it? or Have you heard anything about it?

At this point you’ve done your work for an initiation and the ball is in their court if they want to keep the conversation going.

Document the line experience. If you don’t want to talk to people, or you are socially drained: Pretend you are a theme park journalist or vlogger. It gives you something to do!

A stumps J

We talked about the Keys to the Kingdom Tour at Magic Kingdom. At $114 and 5 hours, this tour is somehow pricey but still feels like a good deal!


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