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Ep 61- Genie+ Price Changes, Tips, and Strategy, Is Genie Plus “Fair”?


Here on Easy Diz It, We share ideas on staying happy and healthy in the parks. And we have some fun with news games and trivia.

Highly Suspect Headlines (Disney News Game)

Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar Coming to Disney World

  • The pumpkin spice craze seems to get crazier every year. What started out as a few fall flavors to mix up menus at restaurants, has turned into a competition who can create the craziest pumpkin spice food. Disney World is trying to cash in on the pumpkin spice madness with a brand new Pumpkin Spice Mickey Ice Cream Bar.

Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure attendance numbers surge ahead of ¾ Disney World Parks

Genie+ pricing switched to a variable, date based pricing structure

  • $20 first day friday, $22 second day saturday
  • Disney says it will be $15 and up for the rest of October

Three tips from a nerd focuses Genie+ and Lightning Lanes. How to use them, and some strategy tips too!

Save money- purchase for MK or HS only, or skip all together and opt for early entry and a touring plan. Skip the Individual Lightning Lane purchases and rope drop these attractions if you want to ride them. 

Avoid hassle- phone time and refreshing can be quite a hassle.

  • Employ a stacking strategy from the resort if you’re not an early riser.
  • Plan ahead with a priority list, reducing day of decision making
  • Get in touch with if you want some help figuring out your priority list.

Have more fun- Check out the Disney Photopass lenses

  • Select Disney PhotoPass Lenses are accessible only within designated areas of Walt Disney Resort. 

A stumps J (Disney Trivia) is Jungle Book

Hey Eeeeeasy Diz it

We talk Genie plus, lightning lanes and the reality of a corporate enterprise in modern America. Justin uncharacteristically defends capitalism :O


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