Podcast Episode

Ep 49- Food and Wine Couples Game: Who is the Better Spouse?


Highly Suspect Headlines CAUTION! Some of these may be lies!

Princess Tiana themed cookware revealed for EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival presented by Corkcicle

  • The collection includes kitchenware and apparel.

Free scavenger hunt at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival presented by Corkcicle, offers lenticular cups featuring Mickey and Tiana as prizes.

  • Actually $9.99 plus tax

Bluey Season 3 coming to Disney+ August 10th

  • The first will have 25 seven-minute episodes.The premiering episodes will “also include a range of home-based stories that reflect, in humorous and sometimes poignant detail, the usual and unexpected occurrences of everyday family life,” which is Bluey-speak for “at least one episode will make the grownups cry.”

Guy Ritchie to direct Live-action remake of Hercules

  • Gul Ritchie directed the Alladin remake, which grossed over 1 billion dollars.

Trivia was Epcot Food and Wine!

In the main segment we guessed each other’s choices for each Food and Wine booth.







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