Podcast Episode

Ep 47- Princess Tiana’s Splash Mountain Remodel Extravaganza


Everything this week is Princess Tiana!


Date announced for the Princess Tiana splash mountain retheme, February 2023

  • Actually Late 2024

Title of the new attraction announced, Tiana and Naveen’s River Journey: A Bayou Adventure

  • “In many ways, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a love letter to New Orleans. Like the musical city that inspired this attraction, Tiana’s second act is about a community working in harmony to achieve something extraordinary. She reminds us of an immutable truth we can all relate to: ‘If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way.’ And that’s a melody we can all sing along to!” said Charita Carter, the executive producer of relevancy activations at Walt Disney Imagineering, in a statement.

Princess Tiana will sport a new ornate gown during the ride

Amid #SaveSplashMountain debate, Jim Cummings refuses to voice Raymond. Steve Guttenburg steps in to replace.

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Justin: [00:00:00] Hello there, my friends and welcome to the Easy Diz It podcast. This is a podcast, all about Disney travel, planning and entertainment through the lens of mindfulness, behavioral health, and humor. My name is Justin. I am a hyper nerd travel planner,

Autumn: and my name is Autumn I’m a new Disney enthusiast as well as a clinical social worker.

Justin: So, what we do here on the Easy Diz It podcasts is we talk Disney, we talk universal and all that stuff. So I think you’re gonna enjoy the show today. I hope you do. Please tell your Disney friends about us.

Maybe they’ll give us a listen. Also tell. tell your Disney enemies about us too. Right? And then send us an email or write a review. Let me know your enemy’s name and I’ll just call ’em out on the podcast. I’ll burn. ’em real.

Today. We’re gonna talk about some news. This is a big, this is the princess Tiana extravaganza.

Autumn: This is a special cuz we were really gonna be away and we’re unsure if we were gonna be able to do an episode, but we’re like, no,

Justin: we just can’t

Autumn: do something. Do an episode. So we are like just three hours on from a vacation.

Three hours away. Mm-hmm [00:01:00] and we are doing a Tiana special for all of you, because we love you that much. We love you that

Justin: much. We love princess Tiana and we, we got some great news and some great Trivia lined up. Yep. You wanna get right into it? Autumn. I think we should. All right, let’s get right into it.

All right. Let’s start with some headlines. Mm-hmm we’re gonna do the news first and here on the Easy Diz It Podcast, we do news a little differently. We do highly suspect headlines. So these are headlines, not just like regular open up a newspaper headlines. These are like, these are headlines. That may be true.

Maybe false. They’re highly suspect. , that’s why we call it that. And Autumn’s gonna figure out which ones are true, which ones are false. And I encourage you the listener at home or in the car or at the gym, wherever you may be to do the same. Yes. Yes.

Autumn: That makes it fun.

Justin: Yes. Use your your media literacy skills to determine whether I’m I’m lying or I’m telling the truth.

There we go. All right. Are you ready? Autumn? These are all princess Tiana headlines.

Autumn: Mm. Well, it’s funny cuz I have all princess Tiana trivia for you. So this is we’re going hard, [00:02:00] hard princess Tiana hard today. Yes, I’m ready. Okay. Number

Justin: one, date announced for the princess Tiana splash mountain re theme, February, 2023.

why do you say

Autumn: false? And date’s announced for the repeat the sentence.

Justin: Yeah. Well, the, the headline is date announced for the princess ti slash mountain re theme, February, 2023. Okay.

Autumn: So it’s saying date for the re theme. Mm-hmm that could be when they’re starting it. No, this is when it’s. Okay. Well, I’m just thinking it was a little, a little vague you’re you’re thinking that this is when it will be complete by February of 2023.

That’s what the headline says. Well, splash mountains currently open.

Justin: anyway. You’re right. It is false. It’s false. it’s they’re going. The date they announced is late 2024. Ah,

Autumn: mm-hmm Ohhh late 2024 yeah. Oh yeah.

Justin: So we won’t be, we won’t see it for a 2023 trip, but you know, and they’re yeah.

Autumn: They assume they’re not gonna close splash mountain [00:03:00] for the summer.

Justin: The rumors are at the end of this summer, it’s gonna close. Those are rumors. Oh,

Autumn: maybe they will close it a little early. Yeah. Okay.

Justin: Yeah. And well, that gives them like what a year and a half, two years to, yeah. About a year and a half to do it. End of 2024. It’s gonna take some time, if it’s as extensive as some of the rumors say, they’re talking about enclosing, the loading area, enclosing some of the ride queue.

Autumn: So they’re saying it’s, they’re sorry. They’re saying it’s like the re themes plan to be done or

Justin: begin? Yes. Yes. Late 2024. It’ll be done. Oh, that’s what

Autumn: they’re saying. Okay. Okay. Late. Okay. So yeah, they might, they might close it then after the season for a bit. Yeah. Oh, okay.

Justin: Maybe. are you ready for the next

Autumn: headline?

Justin: All right. Here’s the second headline title of the new attraction announced Tiana and Naveen’s River Journey: A Bayou Adventure. Ooh.

Autumn: A river journey.

Justin: Tiana and Naveen’s River Journey. Oh, colon A Bayou Adventure. You know, Disney loves these long

Autumn: names. Yeah. Splash. Mountain’s pretty [00:04:00] short.

Justin: Yeah. But all the new rides it’s like cosmic rewinds. No, that sounds plausible. Yeah. Mission breakout. Guardians of the galaxy mission. Breakout mission

Autumn: breakout.

Yeah. I’m gonna say that’s true. It’s

Justin: false. did you make that up? I did make this up. Thank you very much. The, the, do you wanna hear the real title of the new ride? Yes, it’s actually just Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Oh yeah. And I just stretched it out to make it sound. You sound better actually.

Autumn: really? Yeah, that that’s a good name.

I like that. It’s. You get an idea of what you’re going. It’s an experience. And I think the biggest thing that differentiates Disney in the rides there is it’s an experience. It’s not just a ride story. So I loved that. I loved thought that was beautiful. Yeah. So you think

Justin: Disney ride name should be longer?

You don’t not all

Autumn: of them. I just, I think the one you came up with fit to Disney and sounded nice. Thank

Justin: you. I, I would, how do you feel about Naveen being in there? Do we need a male in the name of this? It’s not

Autumn: necessary, but it is. I mean, it’s taking off from, after they get married is what I’ve heard.

Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. [00:05:00] Yeah. So it makes sense, Tiana and Naveen’s oh, I like that. So, well, maybe they’ll change it. So it’s just, Tiana’s big

Justin: adventure. Tiana’s Bayou adventure. Bayou adventure.

Autumn: Oh,

Justin: okay. And so it’s gonna be her and Louis is another star character in this. Oh

Autumn: yes. The trumpeter.

Justin: So yeah.

You wanna hear a little bit from Disney Park’s blog? I would love to hear more details. Yeah, this, so this will be from Charita Carter, who is the executive producer of relevancy activations at Wal imagination. Oh,

Autumn: That is a

Autumn: Title. And I have no idea what it means, but I know that it’s

Autumn: probably because I don’t know what it means.

Justin: yeah. So relevancy, I think regarding like relevant to modern times. Yes. Yeah. Activations is what Disney, imagineering is now calling attractions. They’re calling them activations. It’s a new thing. It’s kind of. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. But yeah, Charita Carter. I don’t know if you, this name might ring a be to everyone out there.

She’s actually the lead art [00:06:00] director. I think it was. Or the lead producer for Mickey mini’s runaway railway. Oh, yep. Awesome. So I think she’ll have a big hand in this as well. All right from Charita, in many ways, Tiana’s Bayou. Adventure is a love letter to new Orleans. Like the musical city that inspired this attraction.

Tiana’s second act is about community working in harmony to achieve something extraordinary. She reminds us of an imutable truth that we can all relate to. If you do your best each and every day. Good things are sure to come your way. And that’s a melody. We can all sing along.

Autumn: it’s cheesy, but that’s good.

It’s cheesy. I like it. Alright. I’m curious to see, I’ve heard, right. This is gonna be this community, like, I’m curious to see like everybody, I guess how this unfolds, like what that means. What’s this adventure. Yeah.

Justin: I was watching some of the video from essence festival this past weekend. Yes. Where this was announced.

Yes. And they really they’ve been down there in new Orleans. absorbing the culture. They’re really the way they’re talking about it is they’re really trying to pull real new [00:07:00] Orleans into this ride. Oh, that’s awesome. Like a real authentic look.

Autumn: I would assume that maybe they’ll hire folks from new Orleans too. Like, you know, if they don’t have yeah. the artists and you know what I mean? That they would, they would, yeah,

Justin: they are working with I believe it’s, YWA, it’s a, it’s a youth art artist coalition. Oh. And they did, they commissioned one artist from there for some of the not the concept art, but some of like the inspirational artwork already.

So yeah, the, the way they’re talking about it is they’re pulling in community down there in new Orleans to, to inspire this ride.

Autumn: Ah, that’s exciting. I am. So I am just, I’m thrilled. I’m excited. It’s about time. Yeah.

Justin: Yeah. Yeah. Even, and it was Stella chase. So like we were talked about last week, how princess Tiana is based on like a real life person.

That’s Leah Chase from the Dookey Chase restaurant down there. Yes. Her daughter, Stella chase. She was on this panel. She was on a previous panel that they did a video for. And she’s definitely giving in her seal of approval in terms of like new Orleans culture.

Autumn: Oh [00:08:00] good. Yes. Let’s have a people that we’re trying to represent.

Be the main people creating. Hang on what it is that they represent. I am just, I’m so excited and we have this strip land for 23, so I’m a little bummed, but, but not, I knew it wasn’t gonna be at this point, you know, I knew it wasn’t happening. Yeah. Probably for our trip, unless they did like a super, they did a super quick, you know, shut down and release, but that’s okay because I will be there and I will see it and I will ride the ride.


Justin: right. all right. Ready for the third headline. Ready? Princess Tiana will sport a new ornate gown on the ride.

Autumn: Ooh,

does this make sense? Is this Disney to change a key feature?

Justin: She wore gown at the end of she

Autumn: has like, but to change it, they’re saying a new ornate gown. Mm-hmm so this would be mm-hmm maybe because if they’re saying this is, he basically takes place after the movie mm-hmm . Mm. [00:09:00] then it’s possible. I’m torn.

It’s possible.

Justin: Think about the title of the ride. Do you remember

Autumn: Gianna’s Bayou adventure, right?

Justin: Are you familiar with like the topography of a

Autumn: Bayou? Yeah. No, it doesn’t make sense, but, but also I, you know, maybe the entire thing isn’t a bayou. Maybe not. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off maybe. You said or Nate mm-hmm that?

That’s a little specific mm-hmm . Mm I’m gonna say no,

Justin: this is false. Okay. So they did show some character modeling for her new outfit. Would you like to see her?

Autumn: Ah, really. Ooh. Okay. Oh, I love that. That’s a little jungle cruise que.

Yes. That looks like what’s her name from the jungle cruise. It’s that kind of outlet.

Justin: Yeah. So she’s wearing trousers. Yeah. A jacket, a CVA. But she’s wearing like a flapper hat. I don’t know what kind of hat style that is, but you might see it on a 1920s flapper.

Autumn: I dig. I, but I hope there is some kind of like, I hope we, [00:10:00] I wanna see Tiana’s place.

Like I wanna see this restaurant here. I hope, I think so. Oh, I hope so. It should end. This is her whole thing is she has it. Right. You know, so it can’t all just be on. I’m gonna be disappointed if it’s like just this water stream and it’s not about like the life that she’s made for herself and the restaurant.

Like, no, I think the

Justin: ride is helping Louis find his trumpet. That’s like the rumor that I heard going back some. Oh, so it. But that’s just a rumor. Yeah, we’ll see. I

Autumn: hope, I know. I want like, Tiana’s place. Like we wanna go to this. I want there to be a Tiana’s Place.

Justin: Well, well, Disney cruise line. You can go to Tiana’s Place.

Autumn: Oh, that’s that’s where it is. That’s right. That’s right. There is a Tiana’s yes. PS,

Justin: if you want to go on sea Tianna’s place on a Disney cruise line, I could book that for you. Yeah. Justin could

Autumn: book that also. We’d love to join you

Justin: also. We’d love to join you. All right. Are you ready for the fourth headline?

Yes. Amid hashtag save splash, mountain debate, Jim, I’m sorry. Amid hashtag save splash. Mountain debate. [00:11:00] Jim Cumming refuses to voice Raymond for the ride. Steve Guttenberg steps in to replace.

Autumn: I’m gonna say this is false for right away for some reason.

Justin: Is it just every like Steve Guttenberg headline is gonna be

Autumn: false?

Not every, almost every one. I’m gonna say almost every one. I’m gonna say no.

Justin: All right. This is true. You’re right. This is false. Jim Cumings didn’t make any statement about this hashtag save splash mountain. Didn’t. We don’t even know if Raymond’s gonna be, Raymond is gonna be in the ride, but I hope so.

I hope so. Yeah.

Autumn: He’s kind of key.

Justin: He is. Yeah. And there’s a good scene. There’s

Autumn: like, it wouldn’t be hard to put him in there somewhere.

Justin: No, I could totally see him in all his his Firefly friends in the Laughing Place scene. It gets dark. Yeah. Right. I think that would be perfect.

Autumn: In Facilier, honestly, I’m really, I just think he’s like one of the coolest villains.

I hope that there’s he’s in there somewhere too. Yeah. In the movie. He’s the line in the, his lines and character and the music is just really, is really

Justin: awesome. He’s on the other [00:12:00] side. So we would have to go to the other side in order to say, or Dr. Felic


Autumn: back so he could be before. So Jess and I have talked a little bit about this where Felic could be either before.

The big drop. Yes. Yeah. Or

Justin: after, yeah. Like you’re either escaping the other side or narrowly. It can narrowly avoid that. Cool.

Autumn: Look, I got goosebumps. Look at this. I

Justin: got goosebumps about it. Goosebumps confirmed. .

Autumn: Oh, this is exciting. So

Justin: tho those are all the highly suspect headlines. My,

Autumn: okay. So I love pretty much all those headlines.

I could, I do love your name a little better. Okay. For the ride, maybe we should write into Disney and let them know that. And, and I guess I’m a little, the thing where I’m a little nervous about is that like, again, I fear that there’s not gonna be any like Tianna’s place or her in it, and it might just be it’s all her.

but is it is, but is it like, just gonna be, I don’t know, it would be cool if it’s something like finding the trumpet, but I also wanna make sure that, like, I don’t know [00:13:00] that you see the other characters and that her. Who she is. And the essence of who she is, is highlighted outside of just finding what’s his face is trumpet.

Let’s hope, you

Justin: know, let’s hope she’s not, she’s not just here to find a crocodile or an alligator’s trumpet. Yeah. You know, like there’s more to Tiana than trumpet finding. She’s more exactly. What else would highlight? What do you think? What should we highlight about Tiana?

Autumn: Her resilience?

Justin: Ooh,

Autumn: her perseverance.

Honestly. I, the thing I think was really unique that I haven’t seen anywhere is her friendship, her best friend. And I think, oh yeah, there’s a lot of dynamics in that relationship that were very normal and very. Highlighted in a, in a very healthy way. Yeah. Which you don’t often see between friends.

Yeah. Female identified friends and, and I was so I would love to see, I don’t know something about them or their relationship in there. Yeah. It was a

Justin: cool relationship cuz they [00:14:00] were across. Like they weren’t from the same class, not, not at all. And they actually, their relationship was a purely friendship.

There was a transactional to it too. Like her mother Tiana’s mother worked for her friend’s family. Yes. And then Tiana ended up working for her friend as well at the, the banquet making

Autumn: the beneits. Yeah. Yeah.

Justin: No, that is interesting. But they were still

Autumn: friends. Yes. Yeah. And both very different in ex in accepting.

And in the end you have this friend that has this very different life. Mm. Fully like supporting and genuinely being happy for Tiana, which is yet you don’t see that that’s not, unfortunately, you know, shown a

Justin: lot. So, yeah. All right. Well, I maybe we’ll get some of that in there. I mean, there’s gotta be resilient is a delighted characters, I guess, to survive a 60 foot plunge.

Right. maybe there’s a lesson in that

Autumn: maybe, maybe, but that relationship’s good. I mean, Raymond of course, Ray. I mean, Naveens cool, but like, I don’t, he’s not my, he’s not like a standout to me. And I think he’s kind of like

Justin: other, he was a [00:15:00] jerk that like his redeeming quality was he wasn’t a jerk at the end, right?

Yeah. Oh, great job. Not being

Autumn: a jerk. Yeah. Yeah. Like there’s far like all the other characters. I, I really love though. So I’m excited. I’m excited. I’m glad there’s some more tidbits. I’ve seen some images of what it could be like. That were just beautiful. Like I would love to print them and have them in the house.

They were really beautiful. Check ’em out online.

Justin: So before we finish up highly suspect headlines, can I just, can I just air a little bit of a grievance here? Oh, the yes. Related to the news. So when these bigger things happen at Disney. There’s like non.

Disney media coverage. Like the, the bigger outlets will cover it. So polygon covered it. And it there’s always a little cringe when these other outlets cover Disney, cuz they always get something wrong and it’s always like, oh God, oh, that’s not right. Like you couldn’t have got someone that that’s been to Disney world to do this.

Or like,

Autumn: like you clearly don’t know anything like this is yeah.

Justin: You break my heart. So, so here’s. This is [00:16:00] polygon. This isn’t their headline. This is a line from one of their stories. Cause I read 10 it’s official splash mountain. The popular roller coaster at Disneyland and Disney world is being renamed.

Tiana’s Bayou adventure. Disney announced Friday, autumn, what is wrong with this headline? And I’ve, you’ve made this mistake before and I forgive you because you’re not a reporter for polygon. Read

Autumn: it one more time. It was bomb.

Justin: Sorry. Splash mountain. The popular roller coaster at Disneyland and Disney world.

Autumn: It’s not a rollercoaster.

Justin: It’s personal. Say not a rollercoaster.

Autumn: I, you know, it is a flume ride. It does go fast. It’s a

Justin: flume ride. It is a flume. It is not a rollercoaster by any definition. There’s no roller. There’s no coasting. It’s there is a coasting there’s floating fluming. There’s flume there’s a floating

Autumn: bloom.

You’re coasting though.

Justin: You’re drifting

Autumn: on the coast. No, you can say you’re coasting, but there aren’t

Justin: wheels. I’m just gonna coast down the river with my friends. No. Yeah, I’m gonna float down the river with my. There’s no coasting. , [00:17:00] there’s no coasting. I want

Autumn: the definition by Disney, what they consider this ride, it’s probably called

Justin: like a thrill activation.

They you’re you’re

Autumn: this is a thrill, some money on the fact that Disney would not call this a rollercoaster.

Justin: They don’t call anything. They do at rollercoaster. There’s no roller coasters at any Disney park. There are

Autumn: thrill attractions technically, but they’re engineers technically right to they technically they could say this is yes, you

Justin: could.

If they wanna get fired on the spot or not. Kicked out by a mouse? No, they don’t use the words like rollercoaster at Disney. No, it’s too pedestrian.

Autumn: It’s way too pedestrian. Okay. All right. Well of course, non Disney folks reported the news incorrectly. Yeah. Frustrating.

Justin: It’s not like even like, do you, have you seen a picture of the ride?

oh my God. Have you seen a picture? Could you Google a picture of the ride please? You know what it is?

Autumn: I don’t, I think anything like that for me is a rollercoaster because I don’t often maybe it’s cause I hear other people call them rollercoaster. I don’t often just hear people refer to them as rides like, oh, that’s just a ride.

Mm-hmm like it’s, I’ve only heard you [00:18:00] call things

Justin: rides. That’s autumn. That’s completely reasonable. And I, I would forgive you a hundred percent for two reasons. One, I love you dearly. Number two, you’re not writing articles or theme park publication. Exactly. Exactly. I forgive you. It’s okay. Okay. For you.

It’s not okay for this poly gun writer. I’m not gonna call them out cuz I know Easy Diz It nation is huge and I don’t need this person to get a ton of hate mail. This is true. You know, they made a mistake. They need to fix it, but they made a mistake. They don’t deserve to be punished for it. No, all.

Autumn: Justin. Justin is a behavior analyst. Does not believe in punishment. No, no, we don’t do punishment here. How would we positively reinforce the correct behavior? Well, I

Justin: would provide corrective feedback, right. Okay. And then when she made the correction, I would provide social reinforcement. Oh. In, in the form of a very nice email.

Autumn: Oh, no, that’s solid. Yeah, I okay. I was unsure if you were gonna be able to come up with that. There we go. This is what I do for

Justin: a living. we’re not doing Disney Disney.

Autumn: Wow. Okay. So it’s happening like Disney has announced this [00:19:00] mm-hmm it’s with essence mm-hmm essence, sorry. Excuse me. Splash mountains becoming.

Tiana, Tianna’s Bayou adventure. Tianna’s Bayou adventure. Okay. So now I can prep for this being something I’m gonna do in my future. Yeah. Yeah. Now that it’s

Justin: like, I still think that there’s definitely some things in terms of themeing, they need to work out. And I think we’ve talked about this before. It makes sense in new Orleans square and Disneyland, but I don’t know how they’re gonna do it in Frontierland in Disney world.

Because of the time periods don’t line up frontier land is pre automobile and princess Tiana is clearly 1920s, you know? Oh, they’re definitely

Autumn: automobiles.

Justin: Yeah. So I don’t know. I don’t know how they’re gonna do it. And it’s kind of splash mountains, you know, right next to thunder mountain, right behind thunder.

So it’s not even like it’s a, well,

Autumn: I think it’s fine. Cause it’s value, right? I mean, it’s not, you’re not there’s, there’s probably not gonna be too much.

Justin: But they think you get away with it cause it’s water. Right. But there, this princess Tiana exists on a timeline frontier line exists on a timeline and they don’t line up.[00:20:00]

Maybe they could move all of frontier land forward, make it work, move frontier, land forward 40 years. Who’s gonna care. I mean, it’s still a frontier, right. It’s just a frontier with cars. Maybe not quite as, I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see what they

Autumn: do. Yeah. I mean, they’ve, I feel like they’ve, they’ve.

Done an amazing job with all of the changes and all their, what? Nine parks across the world. Yeah, no, they, so they have, they’ve already have the answer to that. Yeah. I assume I don’t I’ve up working that out. There’s some, I think plan is probably,

Justin: they’re saying some people say like, I’m thinking Jim Hill from that this has been an area of contention and that’s maybe why it’s taking some time.

This is something they’re trying to figure out and there’s disagreements.

Autumn: You could

Justin: change it though. You have to change something cuz Disney’s not the kind of company. Or that the imaginary aren’t the type of people that are like gonna just fudge. It seems, you know,

Autumn: no, they could really just do a really thorough job so that you don’t, you know what I mean?

So that at least on the [00:21:00] outside, you’re not, it’s not seeming like it’s out of yeah. Maybe outside. I think that kind of ride you can do. I don’t think it’s

Justin: impossible. Maybe the you’re saying like, so from the outside is still frontier, but when you step inside, you’re kind of jumping forward in. 70 years.

Yeah, maybe that’s why they’re in closing stuff. Da, there you go.

Autumn: I’m a genius. Hire me dis .

Okay. And now it’s time for a stumps J where I autumn like to stump my husband over here, me, Justin, with trivia related to all things Disney. And we hate this is a ti special ti Grabham with I’m so excited about. So the trivia today is gonna be related. Tiana princess and the frog what was the release date of princess and the frog?

Justin: I don’t know the release date. I know it too. Can you give

Autumn: me the month or the year? It was 2000. Oh, I will take that December 11th, correct? Answer 2009.

Yes . Yes. That’s exactly why I will take it. Okay. [00:22:00] how old is Tiana in the movie? Sorry, we moved to question number two. How old is Tiana in

Justin: the movie? Tiana she’ll she’s at she’s a young adult. Going to say Tiana is.

Autumn: I

Justin: feel like he’s gonna get a better, I think she’s got friends in school. I feel like she’s got friends in school, but she’s not in school.

Oh, was her, I’m gonna say she’s 22.

Autumn: Oh, close. Not correct. She is 1919, which makes her what? In relation to all the other princess. She’s the youngest

Justin: Disney princess. She’s the oldest Disney. Oh, oh, Disney. God. That is so sad.

Autumn: Disney walk that she is the oldest’s tied with Cinderella 19, like

Justin: little mermaid is 12.


Autumn: Yeah. Well, in my head, but you’re right. But I didn’t when you’re like, no, she must be older to know Tiana and Cinderella are tied for the oldest of 19. Wow.

Justin: Okay. [00:23:00] okay. .

Autumn: Okay. Ready for number three?

Yes. Okay. Is princess Tiana right-handed or lefthanded?

Justin: Well, it wouldn’t be interesting if she were right-handed that wouldn’t make good trivia. It might and we wouldn’t be talking about it. So I’m gonna say, oh, she’s lefthanded. She

Autumn: is. That is correct. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. And why is that? Why was the decision made for her to be lefthanded?

This is the real interesting part.

Justin: I don’t know, was, was Leah Chase lefthanded, Leah Chase, Leah Chase from Dookey chase.

Autumn: Nope. Nope. You’re in the right direction, but it wasn’t her. Hmm.

Justin: I don’t know. Why was she left handed?

Autumn: So the voice actress, Anika rose. Yeah. Yeah, they had talked about different features of her and she is lefthanded and she also has dimples. So Tiana she’s actually the second Disney princess to be lefthanded. And the only one with dimples what the

Justin: only

Autumn: one with dimples mm-hmm, the only princess with dimples and the second lefthanded Mullan is the first lefthanded.

[00:24:00] Huh? Which is interesting. I didn’t know, but if you go, but if you watch, if you see images from Mullan, she’s lefthanded weird. Cool. Right? Yeah. I thought it was great. you ready for number four?

Justin: Ready for number

Autumn: four. . Okay. So the princess and the frog was the first Disney movie to be hand drawn since what movie or what year?

Justin: Okay. Okay. So

it wasn’t, so the lion king was hand drawn, but was very successful. There was a movie that was less successful after this. And I believe that was the last hand drawn. What year was that? I cannot tell you the year, but I believe the name of the movie. Mm-hmm and I’m pausing here for dramatic effect.

Maybe our listeners it’s on the tip of your tongue.

Autumn: I think he’s gonna get this right.

Justin: Ladies and gentlemen, David spade. Emperor’s new

Autumn: groove, not correct. You were in the same time. It might even have come out in the same year as this . No, but not the right movie. [00:25:00] No home on the range. 2004. What

Justin: is that about?

on the range was not successful. I’ve never heard of this movie,

Autumn: that’s the point? Yeah. This was because a lot of the, the CG, yes. Things had come out and they left it CGS.

Justin: Doing great hand. Drawn is super expensive. Yes. Yes. When did emperor’s new groove came out? That was late nineties. I thought it was longer. That might have

Autumn: been 99 or 2000, 2000.

Say year we were in four years. Yeah, it’s around the same time. All right. What

Justin: is the name of the movie?

Autumn: The home Home on the Range, 2004 on the range. I remember this. I never saw it. We should go watch it. Yeah.

Justin: It’s a bunch of cows. It’s gonna make popcorn. I’m looking at it’s like some cows and some pigs.

Yeah. About them. The mom range. Mm-hmm it’s a good song. I’m a big fan of that song. At least the version of that song from Rescuers Down Under 2.

Autumn: Yes. Cause Justin was a big rescuers fan. I’m a big

Justin: fan of rescuers down under. Yeah. It’s a good movie.

Autumn: I’ve got a few more for you because it. [00:26:00] Tiana special. Okay. Tiana, hold on. Sorry.

Justin: Home on the Range features voices of Roseanne Barre, Judy Dench Jennifer Tilley, Cuba Gooding Jr. What? Randy Quaid and Steve. John Buschemi. Oh, you wanna see this? I do wanna

Autumn: see this. We not watching a bit.

Justin: Okay.

Autumn: we can like listen to a soundtrack,

Justin: All right.

Autumn: Sorry. Onto the next one. Okay. Tiana is the only Disney princess to blank.

Justin: Get a damn job. Yes.

Autumn: Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. So, and they, they wanna say in this, this fact that like, we don’t wanna discredit because Mulan works very hard. Yeah. But she doesn’t have a job.

Yeah. And

Justin: Cinderella Cinderella was like a domestic

Autumn: slave. That’s exactly. So that’s why they were like, she’s the third to like, do hard things. But she is the only Disney princess to have a job to make that. [00:27:00] That’s wh that’s wild. Well, princesses

Justin: wild in terms of like princess, I mean, why would you, you have money princess when you’re a princess, you,

Autumn: you have where, where, right.

In our view of what that is and what that means has, has changed bell. Didn’t

Justin: have a job bell didn’t have a job. She just read book all day. She just read book. Her dad worked mm-hmm . She helped out around the house though. I mean, that’s she was a good daughter. Yeah. That’s work. Wow. Mm

Autumn: I don’t know. All right, so this is very interesting.

Speaking of Tiana in controversy, mm-hmm what number is this? Five. So, yes, there’s six for today. All right. Tiana’s Special. The, yeah, the princess in the frog was originally going to be called what?

Justin: Tiana and Navine’s river journey, a Bayou adventure.

Autumn: Nope. Something was less flattering, but I’ll give you that

Justin: hint. Okay. Hard working [00:28:00] lady gets it done. dot com.

Autumn: No, in incorrect. I’m gonna give you the answer. So it was going to be called the frog princess. Oh yeah. And so there was a lot of controversy about this before the movie came out.

Hmm. And they were gonna name it that because that’s what the original fairytale was called the Frog princess, but a lot of critics and Disney animators were like, wait a minute. This implies. she’s like ugly and an an, you know what I mean? Like not human . Okay. Which is not what we’re trying to go for here with this message is what happened in the movie African, she does become a frog, right.

For a period of time for most of the

Justin: movie.

Autumn: Yeah. But which is why it was the frog princess. Right. But they were like, that’s, we’re not gonna, like, that’s not gonna be, we’re not call her the frog. We’re not leading with that. She’s the princess in the frog. Right. We’re that she becomes the frog, but she is not the frog.

Right. You know, is, is what they’re going with. So it wasn’t a great message. They ditched it. And so they changed it to the princess. And the frog princess in the frog [00:29:00] is

Justin: a better name. Right. And then it also looks you like, it’s not a spoiler cuz you don’t know if she’s turning into a frog. I didn’t know she was turning into a frog.


Autumn: no, no, no. Unless you know the original fairy tale, which I am curious, I haven’t read. But I’d be curious to see any similarities. Hmm. And so that is all for trivia. If you are listening, I would love to hear if you’re a princess and the frog or the frog princess fan. If you have any information or read the original fairytale.

Please chime in. Tell us about it. If you have any other details or information on the ride or, or just trivia or history about the movie. Yeah. I’d love to hear it.

Justin: I’d love to hear, I’d love to hear what your thoughts on this re theme. Yeah. Are you excited? Are you disappointed? Are you hopeful? And maybe if you’ve got any ideas that you think would be cool in this ride, please share them.

Yes. You’re a little you’re arm. chair, imagineering bring it. We want to hear

Autumn: yeah. Ideas. I, we love that the

Justin: @easydizit on Instagram or [00:30:00] That’s

Autumn: who you could find us all day mm-hmm anytime, anytime,

Justin: sign as message. .

Autumn: All right. We hope you enjoyed our vacation, Tiana special of the podcast.

Right in as always, if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas, and we will see you next week. Bye everyone.

Justin: Yeah, until next time easy diz it.

Autumn: Easy diz it

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