Podcast Episode

Ep- 35 Turning Red, Cheaper by the Dozen, News, Trivia and Heavy Breathing!


Autumn Rates Disney World:

Easy Diz It podcast makes it’s YouTube debut with Autumn Rates Disney World

  • Watch a Disney skeptic become a Disney enthusiast right before your eyes! She didn’t care for the movies, didn’t think the park was for her, not. a. fan. Till she went! Join us now, and see what happens 🙂
  • Find the link in the show notes or at

Cultural Representatives Returning to Disney World

  • Today, we’re thrilled to announce the Disney Cultural Representative program will return in phases and begin welcoming the first new participants in August. The Cultural Representatives play an important role in our storytelling by helping us create authentic, immersive experiences for our guests as they share their countries’ culture, heritage and traditions that have inspired our resorts, pavilions, and theme parks.
  • This effort began in the early 1980s and culminated in the Immigration Act of 1990 codifying EPCOT Center’s unique Fellowship Program via the Q-1 visa.
  • The Q-1 visa is better known as the “Disney visa”. In a normal year, there are a few thousand Q-1 visas issued, the majority of which are by the Walt Disney Company and the third parties that run World Showcase pavilions.

Minnie Vans Resuming Service at Disney World

  • reopens Soon
  • Suspended after closure
  • Info released through tik tok video
  • It was $15 + mileage fee around $3 a mile, trip cost around 30-35.
  • Airport trips were flat $150, expect this price to go up.
  • Non branded luxury minivan through Happy limo, at $216 roundtrip, plus $15 for each car seat

Steve Guttenberg rumored to have a Cameo in new Disney+ Series, Moon Knight








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