Podcast Episode

Ep- 31 Genie Plus Lightning Lane Strategy Guide, Exciting Star Wars News!


Today in the news we talk about:

  • Encanto goes back to the theater after huge success on Disney+
  • President day crowd levels at Disney World
  • Recent Ticket prices increases
  • Recent media releases on Starwars Galactic Starcruiser

Autumn loves Social Work Scrapbook:

Disney trivia Proud Family Trivia to round off black history month. Check out the series reboot on Disney+

Check out the Cheesy Mouse Podcast for a fun family Disney podcast:

For the Genie+ segment. Thanks to Disney Tourist Blog for providing an excellent resource.

Here is a link to the blog entry on Touring Plans that will help you decide if Genie+ is worth it for your travel party.

We discuss stacking strategy and back to back strategy for booking lightnig lanes with genie plus. We discussed an oversimplified method for determining if Genie+ is “worth it” for your group.

  1. Calculate the cost of Genie+ per day
  2. Pick the first 4 rides from the graph in the Touring Plans Blog post above that your family has to ride. Add up the average wait times.
  3. Thought experiment: Imagine Mickey calls you the night before your park day to make a deal. Pay the dollar amount from #1 above to save the amount of time from #2. Do you take it?








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