Podcast Episode

Ep 29- Practice to Prevent Tantrums at Disney with Visual Stories


Today in the news we talk about the upcoming Hocus Pocus 2. Release date confirmed! The first 12 Disney Wish sailings canceled due to COVID delays at the German shipyard. The maiden voyage of the Wish will be delayed from June 9th to July 14th. Step dancers perform in Harambe in the Animal Kingdom as part of Black History Month celebrations. Looks like Disney explored the impact of African dance on modern african american step dance culture. Check out the video we watched here:

In the travel planning segment we discussed the visual story for practicing accepting “no”, a super valuable social skill! It’s not a guaranteed way to eliminate tantrum behavior, but with practice you will see improvements. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like some help with this.

Accepting “No” Practice video with a 2 year old:

Bluey “Dance Mode”:

Katie, an excellent travel planner. Specializing in planning for families with special needs:

Quinn Harriss, a talented illustrator with a fun and unique style:








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