Podcast Episode

Ep-18 Genie Plus Review and Touring Tips with Robyn from Unlocking The Magic Travel


Today in the news we discuss your new favorite corporate holiday, Disney+ Day! Gather round the blue glow box friends and family! We also discuss an upcoming Disney Metaverse, ride system patent lawsuits, and exactly what “virtually” means to Bob Chapek.

Ever wonder how much Spaceship Earth weighs? What famous author contributed to the attraction script? What is Autumn’s favorite spot in the World Showcase? Well you’ll find out these answers on A stumps J.

Then we talk to Robyn at Unlocking the Magic Travel. She tells us why she loves Disney and shares her experience with Genie itinerary service and accessing lightning lanes with Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selections. She’ll give some touring tips in the brave new world that is the Lightning Lane era.

Find Robyn here:


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