Podcast Episode

Ep-14 Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser Spectacular Extravaganza, Trip Report with Dave


The show today included news on Shrek. I’m not going to list anymore news items than that, because SHREK!

Autumn turned justin into a big fat stump. Did Dumbo really not talk? What did Wall-E say?

In our travel planning segment, Justin nerds out big time. Shoot us an email or send us a message to start prebooking your galactic voyage, or to talk about character or story development for your planned trip. Here’s the link on Dining aboard the Halcyon.

Next we talked to Dave about his recent trip to Disney World. Spoiler: He has a blast and Galaxy’s edge and Blizzard Beach are awesome. Great dining and touring advice too!

I said Megladon instead of Carnotaurus. Whoops! Dave and I share a lot of perspective on Disney. I enjoyed hearing Dave talk about experiencing Disney World with his adult daughter. It got me excited to have those experiences with my daughter when she is older!

Brave little tailor:






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