Ep7- Tiana’s Splash Mountain, Packing Your Park Bag, Sean is Meh about Disney


This week in the news we cover updates on Princess Tiana’s Splash Mountain! The Scarlett Johansson saga continues (with shockingly little info on the Guttenberg side of things). Finally, Disney Cruise Line vaccine requirement changes for Bahamas cruises. 

Disney Parks Blog – Princess and the Frog

Autumn stumps the crud out of Justin in Trivia. Links to referenced materials:

1968 Family Planning video (weirdly misogynistic) 

Mickey and Goofy Peddle Crank (overtly racist) 

In the travel planning segment we talk about what I put in the bag and how I choose those items. 

Finally, on Not My Thing, Sean joins us to postulate just what is inside that massive sphere in Epcot. 

All this and not much more on this weeks episode!

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